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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is this real? Trump, Russia, and a Facebook mystery

I haven't the time to write at length, but you'll definitely want to check out this thread on Democratic Underground. It concerns a couple of extraordinarily revealing Facebook posts allegedly written by Russian politician and Putin ally Konstantin Rykov. Basically, he says that the the conspiracy to elect Trump in America (and Marine Le Pen in France) began in 2012. 

Here are some excerpts -- and please understand that this text was probably washed through a Google machine translation:
What was our idea with Donald Trump?

In four years and two days.. It was necessary to get into the brain and capture all possible means of mass perception of reality. To Win Donald in the election of the president of the United States. After that, a political alliance between the United States, France, Russia (and other states) and a new world order will be established.
Donald has decided to invite the special science department at Cambridge University.

British scientists from Cambridge Analytica offered to make out of 5 thousand existing human psikhotipov - a "perfect image" of a possible supporter of trump. Then.. put this image back on all psikhotipy and thus find the universal key to each and every one.

The development ended up cost $ 5 million. But! He got his hands on a secret super weapon.

Who's doing a p.r. ad.. will know what that means.
It was further to upload these data into information flows and social networks. And we started looking for someone who could do better than others.

At the very beginning of Braves and romantic there was not much. Couple hacker factions, civil journalists from wikileaks and political strategist Михаил Kovalev.

The next step was to develop a system for the transfer of tasks and information so that no gebukha and nsa could burn it.

How can even people do not speak the language of each other, could exchange information quickly, understand each other with wise, feel trends and influence their development?

This system has been programmed for about a year. Another year went for tests and refinement. In the end. In a year with little, we set up "Mediafilʹtr" to everyone who was able to pull up our plot and on August 18, 2015 opened the trump-2016. Portal.
It all seems TOO good. Then again, I would have said the same of the DJT Jr. emails, if someone had sent me a transcript two weeks ago.

Let me emphasize: I am not saying that this material is real. To the contrary: I advise caution. I'm asking all interested parties to publicize and to research this matter, because the "group mind" can do what one person cannot. Perhaps these claimed Rykov posts are legit; perhaps they deserve to be tossed in the "fraud" bin.

Added note: The message from Rykov ends with these words:
August 19 In 9:00 I received a message from Vladimir Volfovich.
This is probably a reference to Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky, the infamous Russian fascist. He's a funny guy.
Dial that back to 2004. I have searched for the article but have been unable to find it. It lingers vividly in my memory now. V. Putin in an interview discussing Karl Rove's hacking the presidential election (particularly Ohio). I remember thinking, he's better informed than most of our citizens. Also, appears to have a decent understanding of probability and statistics.

Dial that back again to 1987. As detailed in the rather surprisingly gentle book Trumped!, about Trump's early days running casinos, Trump took an all expenses paid tour of the USSR. Two weeks w/ Ivana. Returned and was immediately bristling with political ambitions. Presidential even. Not one whisper about politics prior to this.

Question: who arranged the trip.*

*of note: Roy Cohn, his mentor, died of AIDS in 1986.
Why would a Putin crony post those things on Facebook? And why not a vKontakte?
Even Christopher Hitchens wrote about problems, at some length, with voting, and inaccurate voting machines in Ohio in 2004. Vanity Fair March 2005.

While this was somewhat known at the time, I don't think anyone considered outsourcing a possibility.
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