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Sunday, July 02, 2017

I am the very model of a modern Alex Jonesian

I am the very model of a modern paranoia fan
I peddle fear while swilling beer -- so much it could destroy a man.
God help you if you're subject to my infamous loquaciousness
I'll interrupt and interrupt with conscience-free audaciousness.

I batter all my enemies with arguments ad hominous
That's how I proved that rock and roll and Rachel Ray are ominous.
I say the flags are flying false if ever there's a shooting spree
The hypno-programmed killers and the cops all act colludingly.

For Marvel comics are a plot to topple Christianity
And global warming is a hoax; I saw it all on Hannity.
All scientists are socialists and murderous Malthusians.
As Lovecraft tried to warn us, they are really Cuh-thul-HOOsians

And Hillary's the bloody queen of her Masonic ritual
Her ceremonies sanguinistic have become habitual.
And when the witch is finally dead, no-one will know a hotter fate --
Except perhaps for Johnny Dean, who bears ALL blame for Watergate.

The flying saucers really come from bases antepodean
Which Hitler built deep underground, of which he's still custodian.
They went to Mars in '62, but kept it from the knavery
and now they've made the place a home for pederastic slavery.

The water flowing to your home will gay-ify amphibians
The Queen's a lizard pushing drugs and working for the Libiyans.
The plot to murder JFK was really quite a tangle, son
So blame Fidel or LBJ or anyone but Angleton.

They deify a massive owl inside a Grove Palladian.
Their power is unfettered and their ego is Arcadian.
And only I have eyes to see a plot so Skull and Bonesian --
I am the very model of a modern Alex Jonesian.
Nothing better than a little light opera to start the day :)

Meanwhile, the Qatari foreign minister is in Rome. The Saudi dictatorship and its friends are almost certainly seeking to stop the Qatari sheikhs' access to their money - probably hundreds of billions of USD - in Zurich, London, and elsewhere.

A threat has been issued by the UAE ambassador to Russia who said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (from which Qatar will probably soon be expelled) might refuse to do business with countries that do business with Qatar.

Yes, folks, it's like the 1973 oil crisis. Except this time it's pro-Israel, anti-Turkey, and anti-Iran. And the Arab sheikhs are fighting among themselves. And it's much bigger. The role of funny derivatives money is several orders of magnitude larger than it was 40 years ago. Major banks have been teetering on the edge of insolvency for some time.

A British angle? Britain - the country of 60 million people that balances on a square mile of international finance. The UAE guy also alleges that the Qataris raised money for financing terrorism using overseas investments, including in Britain. (One has to wonder at the site chosen for last month's London Bridge terrorist attack, practically in the shadow of the Qatari-owned "Shard", the tallest building in the EU.) Senior figures at Barclays bank have been charged with fraud in connection with the 2008 Qatari bailout.

The Dow is near its all-time high. Look at the graph and shiver.

The Saudi club or whatever we want to call it will deliver its second punch pretty soon.

Hold onto your hats!
More than ample return on my contribution. Thanks.
I am in awe.

Bravo, Joseph.
I have read your blog for over ten years & I've come to see that, yes, you are a great artist, & yes, the forays into esoterica are amazing - but this, o.m.g.
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