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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Trump: The opera

A few weeks ago, someone on DU asked people to name a great opera villain who closely resembles Donald Trump. At first, I was going to say that Donnie was one of the few real-life malefactors who could rank with Klingsor in Parsifal. On further reflection, I thought: "Nahhh. Trump wouldn't make the cut."

Added note: You have probably already heard about Donnie's latest twitter outrage, but let's note it anyways. After the London terror attacks, Trump offered these sage words:
Mr. Trump targeted Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, scorning him for trying to reassure his people. “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’” Mr. Trump wrote.
The Mayor was referring to the increased number of police on the street. He didn't want the public to be alarmed about that.

Breitbart turned to Nigel Farage for commentary, natch. Farage used the occasion to caterwaul about -- of all things, at this moment -- allegations of child sex abuse. If you have a particularly strong stomach, check out the comments appended to the above-linked story. Exposure to that level of raw hate can hit you like a whiff of pure ammonia.
Nigel Farage suggested that the core problem is, of course, political correctness. A ripple in time and the Trumpster's voice seasons everything. Unless the British government, Farage added, is willing to take 'real' action then the calls for a Muslim internment will reach a tipping point. Not that Farage agrees with internment (haha), he's merely throwing the idea out there, a cautionary note. Fox bobble-heads eat it up because . . . Freedom.

This is an on-going war. We should recognize by now that the terrorists are only part of it.

Off topic. In the news unnamed democrats want Hillary to leave the spot light. It seems to me inspite of her loss none of them can outshine her so they want her out. I find it curious that as the news of American aided the Russians in the hacking, some elements of our political system accelerated their attacks on her. Hmmm if I don't know better they look Damon guilty to me. When Hillary said that the way I heard it she wasn't talking about the Rd. Yes she said them but there was little hesitation as if she was going to say something else. I hope to God she never listen to them. It's what get her in this place .
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