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Friday, June 30, 2017

Trump is over! (says Louise Mensch)

Louise Mensch has just announced that our Trump problem is solved...
Off twitter most of today. Trump is  over now. While I will carry on reporting til he's formally out, work offline now priority
Later, she tweeted:
Russia and @PutinRF need to understand that removing Trump and his colluders was not the end of our work: it was the beginning
Past tense. The Orange Menace is already history, or so says Louise. Of course, weeks ago she was assuring us that Orrin Hatch was receiving security briefing to prepare him for his imminent ascent to the presidency.

And remember: If you dare to doubt her word, you must be part of "Team Deza."
I am going to say something extremely unpopular. Why do democrats(aka in some quarters as dumbcrats) want dump gone? I mean aside from the obvious. His removal one way or the other will not erase the fact that citizens of this country from both parties chose him over the better candidate. His humiliating behaviors after he took office will be in the history books and the minds of people of this planet forever. Now knowing what we know about them why would they want to subject themselves to a new form of hurdles and ultimate defeat. At least with his antics he serves as a fifth column in their fight with GOP. Democrats can't help themselves, they have to pick the wrong fight and target.
"(N)ot the end of our work: it was the beginning". :-) Is Louise Mensch touting for employment? Mind you, she came back after Obama didn't take her advice to bomb Russia.

Is she a drug casualty?
It's pretty to think so.

Thanks for a bit of comic relief.
In reply to anon 10:26.

It will also be a matter of record that the GOP was unified behind That Clown.

The Dems are missing a great opportunity to paint the whole Republican party and conservative movement with the stench of Trump the ignoble.
"The fake media tried to stop us. But I'm president, and they're not", writes Trump.

This man is mentally ill. For goodness sake invoke the 25th amendment. Don't wait until he provokes a nuclear war and a civil war. Don't wait until he juts out his jaw and says that despite "fake media" and "bleeding women", he has his finger on the nuclear button and his critics don't.

Perhaps a petition to Mike Pence and other cabinet members is in order?

You DO have the right to call someone mentally ill without waiting for a highly-paid "professional" to say it.

Remove this insane man from office and confine him for psychiatric care. Otherwise he will become ever more mentally conflicted and it is only a matter of time before he starts playing with megadeath weapons to show everyone he hasn't got small hands and that he can right the "wrong" that is done whenever he can't get what he wants.
We are currently the laughing stock of the world. We "elected" a buffoon for a president, a Russian spy, for Christ's sake, a stubby fingered nihilist who is going down and wants to take all of us with him. There is only one way to regain at least some of that respect is to take out the Puppet Master. How? I dunno, but our strongest weapon is economic and I suspect some carefully applied sanctions-to-the-scrotum would create the eventual dire effects. If we don't, well, shame us twice.....
Yes, we elected him and we are the laughing stock of th world. That's not going to change EVER. So removing him tomorrow or in a month or two isn't the greatest emergency facing us. As for him starting a nuclear war, it's unlikely. People who put him there may not monitor his tweets but sure as hell monitor that button. I wasn't be a bit surprised if it's not already disabled one way or the other. As for the shame and embarrassment, try to get over it because we have serious work to do.
The wrong fight? Really? Didn't we learn from the last year's damn election that divided energies to a clear threat produces the very disaster we're seeing? Complacency and casual indifference-- 'oh, let's just make the Republicans look bad"--are not options. Besides, the GOP is doing a fine job of digging their own graves.

We have a mentally ill impostor in the White House, a man who has the nuclear codes surrounded by 'burn-the-house-down' ideologues. We have a man who refuses to take steps to protect the country from continuing cyber-threats, who is now willing to strip healthcare from 33 million people and start a trade war. Yeah, let's have the economy tanked over a temper tantrum. The Trumpster's BFF Putin is loving this. Wonder why???

Resisting the madness, pushing back with our words, our actions, with our refusal to cooperate to destroy the country, to participate in the demise of the Republic is the only way forward. And the main goal? We need to support the investigations going forward 100% and do everything we can to flip the Congress in 2018.

We're going to be judged by future generations by what we do right now, right in this moment. Sitting around like mushrooms is not going to cut it!

Mr. Cannon and Cannonfire readers,

Maureen Dowd wrote an op-ed hit piece on President Trump. I say 'hit piece' because that's what it is, the thing is, President Trump totally deserved it. I applaud Ms. Dowd for it. President Trump is a bully and he may even be a sociopath. Putting aside the rationale for sending Tomahawk missiles up Syria's ass, photographs of dead children and scapegoating President Bashar al-Assad. I think that when don't tow the Party line, President Trump's Party line, he lacks the ability for empathy.

I'm not a fan or cult follower of Clinton (Bill or Hill) or Obama, and I hate the Democratic Party for changing from the de facto 'Party of Labor' to the 'Party of the Corporatocracy'. A change I see taking place in the early 1970ies, when the Democratic Party adopted the Powell Memorandum as it's new credo. Justice Lewis Powell Jr. greenlit the age of Neoliberal Capitalism, which has taken over the world. Having argued in “Attack on American Free Enterprise System" that Keynesianism is socialism by another name. Now we live in the nightmare machinations of Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, James McGill Buchanan, John Caldwell Calhoun and others like them.

And President Trump is only the product of a reactionary movement, a burgeoning culture, which considers cruelty to be king. To argue against cruelty or bullying, means being called an SJW or 'snowflake' or 'cuck' or 'libtard' or 'cancerous feminist', more simply, they may respond by simply saying 'kek' and waving their Hitlerite flags as if saying 'kek' is a victory worth flag waving. It is this reactionary movement, the Far Right (that is, 'far from being right about anything'), that is enabled by Justice Powell's 'free enterprise' and that is the result of 'late capitalism'.

"Fascism is what Capitalism does when it's under threat". Capitalism is failing worldwide, it is under threat in various places, under scrutiny and criticism, and the result will be strengthening the Far Right. Either the Far Right gets empowered, or capitalism itself will eat itself like the Ouroboros. Remember that Benito Mussolini, Il Duce, did not overthrow the government or monarchy. He was brought into power by King Victor Emmanuel III, who was fearful of a communist revolution that would abolish the monarchy (thus ending the Kingdom of Italy). There had already been an attempted communist coup, that failed, and yes, Mussolini's attempted fascist coup, which also failed. But with the second failure, King Emmanuel believed that Fascism could be a tool to preserve capitalism, hierarchy and monarchy. So yes, fascism is what capitalism does when it's under threat.

President 45 is a product of that. Not the source of it. He's really the perfect capstone for 'free enterprise'.

Cruella de Trump

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