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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is this real? Am I trapped in a nightmare? UPDATE: Twitter must delete Trump's account

I'm going to say something which may prompt some of you to bring up Godwin's Law. To hell with Godwin's Law. What I am about to say is absolutely accurate.

Adolf Hitler never made a public pronouncement as childish or as vicious as the words Donald Trump tweeted about Mika Brzezinski. Hitler was a monster without parallel, but at least he knew how to behave in a civilized fashion when interacting in the public sphere. Donald Trump does not have that ability.

People ask: Why impeach Trump? Won't Pence be as bad or even worse? I have no illusions about Pence: He would be a horrible president. But he is not an oaf; he is not an infant; he is not insane. He will not bring continual shame to this nation.

The current president of the United States is neither civilized nor sane. He is the quintessence of the repellent. Picture a giant, ambulatory tumor, filled with cancer and pus, embedded with a hundred thousand heroin needles and spewing toxic vomit from a gaping orifice at the top. That is Trump.

(And I say this as someone who has never cared for that show starring Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.)

Update: Trump referred to Brzezinski as "low IQ crazy." This, from a man who has repeatedly demonstrated his inability to construct a comprehensible and grammatically-correct sentence. Would the individual who wrote Trump's papers at the Wharton School please step forward?

Some of you may say that my likening of Trump to a tumor is as bad as anything he has ever tweeted about anyone. In response, I can only quote Marv in Sin City: "I love hit men. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad."

Update 2: A reader has suggested that Twitter should delete Trump's account. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel had the same idea. From the standpoint of partisan politics, the deletion of Trump's account will probably aid the GOP in the long run, since The Donald's maniacal tweet-storms have only done harm to the Republican cause. Nevertheless, I agree that deletion is justified.

Here is one petition to Twitter.

Here is another.
President Trump regularly uses Twitter to bypass diplomatic channels and broadcast to the world his dangerous and impulsive conduct. If allowed to continue, it could start a war.

The President can say what he wants and in whatever channel he chooses to speak, but no private media corporation is required to give him an outlet.

Twitter recently suspended the account of white supremacist David Duke, so there is no reason why they can't do the same to Donald Trump.

Our Message to Twitter C.E.O. Jack Dorsey:
What the President of the United States tweets has a real impact on world affairs. Donald Trump has abused his Twitter account to spread false information, harass and berate. Now that he is President, it threatens our standing in the world. Please remove his Twitter account.
He tries to sound like Larry King when he performs live and Joan Rivers when he tweets.
Twitter should delete his account IMO for the insinuation regarding her personal health record.
So what he said about Hillary during the campaign and names he called were not offensive enough for you people? Now he is over the top?
Anything he does or say about CNN or that crazy bitch doesn't affect me one bit bc they are the ones who put him there. Actually I am enjoying it.
If there is a mass response to Trump's latest action, the effect may be to damage the Republican party in the long run. And in any case, political calculations aside, as you say, Joe, this should not be allowed to stand.

What is it with Trump and women bleeding?

This is the true face of a misogynist psycho.

What was in the insane scumbag's mind when he thought of Mika Brzezinski was probably the same as when he referred to Megyn Kelly as "bleeding" - and similar to when he called Elizabeth Beck "disgusting" because she was breastfeeding.

Presumably he has no objection to face-lifts themselves, given that his wife and daughter have both had cosmetic surgery.

How about some clicktivism? Perhaps a petition demanding that Twitter bans Trump or faces a boycott? How about people start closing their Twitter accounts in protest?

Or, more than just clicktivism, there could be a crowdfunded campaign to back a lawsuit by Mika Brzezinski.
This can't be real. It must be some sort of nightmare! Oh wait...Donald Trump sent a tweet putting someone down and come to think of it, this is not new and exciting news (it might be here). I can cite many examples where this has happened many times in the past (even before he was the nominee). Left goes crazy and right gives him thumbs up for sticking up for himself. The fake right send out their fake outrage to cover their asses. Seen this before, we'll see it again.

To be clear, are you recommending #potus be deleted or #realdonaldtrump or Both ??

As far as non-emotional tech talk about this subject, there has been much but here is a brand new article:

All Twitter accounts Trump uses should be closed. Twitter isn't a public agency.

As for that article at, "non-emotional tech talk" my arse! Twitter can close any non-paying account it wants, for any reason it wants. A non-paying user of Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc. doesn't have any rights under contract. Nor do the company's "rules" alter its own right to close accounts. If I let you come into my house to watch adverts or to use my megaphone to communicate with other guests, I can require you to leave. And anyway, the lazy person who wrote that article probably didn't even read Twitter's "rules", which state that the company doesn't tolerate behaviour "that crosses the line into abuse". Legalistic interpretation of the text that follows is not necessary, because, as I said, they can shut down any non-paying account whenever they want.

Did you think we had the "right" to send tweets, use Google's equipment for searching the web, etc., so long as we obey company "rules"? We don't. And I can tell you that the guys who run Twitter and Google know that damned well.
How many shades od no longer care can there be? I know the latest criticism is that foreign governments get all this juicy profile material. But how much detail or depth can be gleaned from more of the same? Brittle narcissist, no brain, many mother-issues, misogynistic. LOVES to get his butt kissed: flattering billboards? Great!

The only worry is that his ability to drag down the rest of the GOP begins to lessen as even Hatch uses Trump's exploits to make himself look good (by comparison).

That a guy who claims to be hotelier to the elite would do this to a guest is the significant reveal.

Trump won't be impeached except in someone's happy wet dream. He wouldn't be convicted by the Senate, and that's why he won't be impeached: the Republicans in the House who vote to impeach will be annihilated (Latin for 'reduced to nothing'). Why are they there in the first place if not to reap fruits of their labors and multiply them?
Oh hell no, Trump's Twitter account needs to be kept open. In truth I believe opponents of Trump need to do everything they can to motivate him to keep expressing every crazy thought that comes across his deranged and delusional mind. I tend to hold the belief that you never stop your enemy from hanging themselves in public.

At some point even the idiots that support him will get the idea that he isn't going to help them. And if that fails, which it probably would given the Trump supporters I know, he will at least alienate the rest of the country.

As for Pence being a better president, yeah I agree. With his over the top religious nature he makes my skin crawl but he wouldn't destroy the country.
If Mike Godwin, author of Godwin's law, were to stand by how it is used by most of those who refer to it, then he would be crap at arguing and he should be embarrassed.

If I had £10 for every time a fool who doesn't even want to understand what I'm saying has referred to Godwin's law, I'd be rich. It remains LEGITIMATE to argue that your opponent's argument leads logically to a conclusion that you both agree is false. People are welcome, other things being equal, to argue that way against me.

I'm not surprised that Godwin is a "conservative libertarian", given his contribution to dumbing people down in this cesspit called the internet. However, I don't think he is as stupid or as bad-faith as most of his fans. He is quoted here as writing as follows:

"When I saw the photographs from Abu Ghraib, for example, I understood instantly the connection between the humiliations inflicted there and the ones the Nazis imposed upon death camp inmates—but I am the one person in the world least able to draw attention to that valid comparison."

A person is not, of course, always wholly responsible for how others use their writings. Still, in this case I believe Godwin does bear some responsibility and it is good that there is at least a hint of an apology in these words. I believe a fuller apology is in order.
Oh dear. I have now read that piece in the Daily Anarchist all the way to the end and it seems that I was a bit too kind to Mike Godwin. He appears to have got his stupid notion of the "reductio ad Hitlerum" from Leo Strauss!

There is a big difference between an argument based on the association fallacy and a proper logical argument that mentions Hitler.

Fuck Strauss! Fuck Godwin!
Every time The Donald tweets, an angel farts.
I agree with above commentator: For God sakes, don't close the account. These rambling, error infested (both grammatical & spelling) are the closest Trump's "administration" comes to transparency. His tweets are already a grotesque auto-da-fé so please God, give him more rope. Sure its scary but this is history. Real live history taking place now. And Trump is behaving like a securely hooked Marlin--fighting for his life but whose near term future includes being out of water, on the deck, feebly flopping around....dying.....
>>>As for that article at, "non-emotional tech talk" my arse!

I've come to agree with you after the Veritas videos. They clearly think everyone is an idiot for them to suck money from and they have no journalistic integrity. I wonder how far this spreads? What other Networks are exactly the same?
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