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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Vive la France

I was wrong. I am overjoyed to be wrong. Thank you, my friends, for once again choosing to resist.
Thank goddess!
It looks like France has learned from what happened to us.

Sadly, there were a few "vote for LePen even though I claim to be on the Left because I'm pissed off and I want to f**k everyone over" types, just like we had in the US last year. But it does seem that Wikileaks and Putin's plans have been foiled--actually, I should stand corrected since WL is part of Putin's plan.

Do you think if America was warned like France about interface the result would have different? I think so. So shame on Obama and Hillary's campaign for not making a huge fuss 24/7 about it.
Hillary's campaign made a huge deal about Russia, but of course, the media concluded it was all a distraction from EMAILS!

I find it notable that Macron didn’t merely win, he significantly outperformed his already sizable polling lead. Polls had him winning by 20, and he won by 33. That’s a huge rejection of Le Pen. Honestly, it’s what I thought would happen in the US, in that late deciding voters would all rally around Hillary, but her emails…
Le Pen never had the media on her side as Trump did in the US. There was only a single one-on-one TV debate between her and Macron. She absolutely wiped the floor with him, but the opinion channellers in the media unanimously agreed that actually he had crushed her and she was finally busted. From then on, it was all downhill for Le Pen.

Wikileaks is majority Russian-owned, yes - I said this before almost anybody, and I said it about Edward Snowden too - but there are two hugely powerful troll armies in this world, and only one of them is Russian. They cooperated to help Trump. In France? Well I think perhaps only one of them - the Russian one - helped Le Pen, at least in the run-up to the vote. There is a huge Arab population in France. You can be damned sure that if the Zionists had wanted another Bataclan or Nice to happen during the election campaign, they would have brought it about. Indeed even Wikileaks could have released the hacked material - not that there's much in it - at a more advantageous time. With the Friday night document dump it was as if someone was doing what they were paid to do but the high command had decided not to push ahead. It's not so easy to stand every 4chan and Reddit unit down once you've got them mobilised. The Caribbean bank account was a pretty good move, but far more than that that could have come out about Macron.

It's good to see the fascist candidate defeated, of course, but I'm suggesting that this may not be a time to rejoice too wildly.

Macron has had some serious help. He had his own political movement - "Les Jeunes avec Macron" - even while he was still a serving minister. Then after he resigned and became "independent" he got his own party off the ground in a big way, fast. That's unprecedented in France. And he has practically destroyed the Socialist Party. Have a look at this article in the Spectator.

If Macron's party En Marche win a majority in next month's national assembly election, you basically get a president who is governing with the assistance of a president's party.

Macron's friend and backer Patrick Drahi, an Iraeli billionaire, owns the BFMTV channel in France. When he was in the government, Macron helped Drahi a lot. Le Pen referred to this in the debate. Le Monde said it was bullshit, standing on some details, but you have to consider that Macron was the de facto vice-president.

And how come Hollande didn't stand again? Did someone have something on him? Every president of the Fifth Republic before him always tried for a second term.

Has the Israelis' boy just beaten the Russians' girl?

Sorry if I sound like the kind of supposed radical leftwinger who during the US election treated Hillary Clinton as if she were the main enemy. I don't mean to sound that way. It is good that Macron defeated Le Pen today.
Macron is no Hillary Clinton. His background, government record and political affiliation are nothing like hers. "Centrist" is bullshit. He is right wing and pro-business. He has practically destroyed the Socialist Party, the nearest French equivalent of the US Democrats.

2004 - Macron graduates from the ENA and joins the upper echelon of the civil service.

2008 - Macron buys himself out of his govt contract (€50,000) and joins Rothschilds as an investment banker.

2012 - Macron leaves Rothschild to become deputy secretary-general in the President's office

2014 - Hollande appoints Manuel Valls as prime minister with a deregulation remit, and Macron as economics minister

2015 - Macron's profile is heavily promoted in talk of "the Macron law": a massive programme of deregulation to help big business, involving the privatisation of public services and an increase in working hours ("flexibilisation"). This measure is forced through the National Assembly by decree, against opposition from Socialist deputies.

2015 - Macron openly develops his own agenda, often publicly disagreeing with Valls He operates way outside his remit, dominating the debate on European and welfare policy. He also attacks the wealth tax, a main plank of Socialist tax policy for nearly 30 years. It's like the guy is untouchable.

Jul 2015 - A mysterious movement appears called Les Jeunes avec Macron" (JAM - "Youth for Macron"). It quickly grows to number several thousand activists. They call themselves JAM, but let's refer to them as the JAMs.

This is right after the adoption of the "Macron" law, the shitty "ideals" of which the JAMs aim to promote all over the place. So as Macron's name is pushed in the major media, at the same time we get the rise of a curious and obviously well-funded movement to support him personally.

The JAMs have as their symbol a triple octagon. Today they claim 18000 members and 100 local groups, including in London and Bonn

You can read about the Macron law here. A "movement" to support such a law? What the fuck? Can anyone cite a parallel?

Sep 2015 - Macron goes to Israel and meets with his counterpart, economics minister Arye Deri (Shas party). He also meets Israeli Labour leadership candidate Erel Margalit. And he pals up with Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid party leader).

Margalit: "If Macron is elected, France will embark on an innovation economy and Israel will be at the center of its economic cooperation. Macron asked me how to build a start-up nation. He wanted advice on government policies that encourage innovation. I asked him to cooperate with Israel on cyber security, agriculture and food, communications and the Internet."

Mar 2016 - A think tank appears called "Free Left", apparently a front for the JAMs.

Apr 2016 - Macron founds his own political movement, not just for youth, called "En Marche!" ("Let’s Go!"). It has the same initials as his own. At first, it has "En Marche" written in Macron's handwriting, with outsized "E" and "M", as its logo.

Aug 2016 - Macron tours French holiday resorts promoting himself. Later that month, he resigns from the government.

Nov 2016 - Macron launches his presidential campaign.

1 Dec 2016 - President François announces on TV, in tears, that he will not run for second term. Such a decision is unprecedented in the Fifth Republic.
Wait, Macron is Israel's boy? I was happy that the anti-everybody LaPen lost, but now that Israel controls France I'm going to really celebrate!
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