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Friday, May 19, 2017


Once again, yesterday's post feels like last year's post. That's how fast things are moving.

Today, I think I'm going to wait until a bombshell or two has already dropped. I'm guessing that the first bombshell of the day should hit by 2 p.m. or so.
Seriously...Reuters is reporting 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians by the Trump camp last year. Lieberman has some conflicts of interest, too, but is being considered for head of FBI? And I haven't even looked at the news for 3 hours, so by now, who knows?
If Julian Assange leaves the embassy, will Britain arrest him and extradite him to the US?

The Swedish authorities' stated reasons for discontinuing their persecution are obviously mendacious: that by remaining in asylum in the embassy he has "evaded" the exercise of the European arrest warrant; that in Sweden a criminal investigation needs to be conducted "as quickly as possible" (actually the statute of limitation doesn't apply until 2020); and that Ecuador probably won't accept a role as Sweden's postman. Which leaves two possible real reasons for the Swedish action: a) they're following US orders, and b) they're telling the US to eat shit. Anyone who wants to investigate should look at whether the Swedish-based weapons manufacturer Bofors got a slice of the action in the recent US-Saudi arms deal.

Britain isn't answering when asked whether they've received a US request for indictment. That suggests that the British authorities are guilty and that the dirty bastards have indeed received a US request. Don't ever trust those fuckers.

Note that while failing to surrender to an English court (aka jumping bail) carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail (if the case is heard on indictment and not summarily), the Sentencing Council's guidance provides that "custody should not be imposed where a community order could provide sufficient restriction on an offender’s liberty (by way of punishment) while addressing the rehabilitation of the offender to prevent future crime".

Now if Sweden had definitively shut the case and said that CIA liar Anna Ardin's testimony against Assange was unreliable, then Julian Assange would have no charges in the offing relating to the arrest warrant that was before the English court and therefore the question of rehabilitation does not arise in relation to any other offence than jumping bail. However, Sweden hasn't done this. They've said they might continue with the case against Assange if he ever turns up in Sweden. Oh fucking dear.

Also recall that Chelsea Manning is now out of jail. "She" is a much smaller fish than Assange. Who has done what deal with whom is unclear. What remains clear is that Albion remains perfidious.

I was possibly the first person on the left to opine that Assange mostly belonged to Russia, which is pretty much common knowledge now, but whether or not he still does has no bearing on the fact that we should oppose a continuation of this man's persecution.
The big news is that a "source" claims that Pence didn't know that Flynn was under investigation while he was running the transition team. Ignoring that the source was Pence, or somebody close to him, it is clear that Pence knows that something serious is coming up and he wants to be somewhere else when the shit hits the fan. I think the shit is that Flynn was Trump's bag man getting money from Russia for his campaign. What Watergate was about was illegal campaign contributions to Nixon's reelection committee, ostensibly from Howard Hughes, and Nixon and his aides were worried the Democrats knew about it.
Don't know if you saw this, Joe. I caught it on my mobile feed but couldn't copy it. However, Democratic Underground was able to lift it for a post. Really made me laugh. A cheat sheet for POTUS from Ted Lieu, member of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Thank God for humor. Although in this case, the list is weirdly spot on.

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