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Friday, May 05, 2017

Is it time to get a chainsaw and cut off my right hand?

Folks, I could use your help. This is serious.

As some of you know, I used to earn money drawin' pitchers. Not long ago, I was tasked with drawing caricatures of a whole bunch of famous movie characters/actors. After days of frustration, I finally started to get my chops back -- or so I thought.

And then I showed this image to a couple of intimates, neither of whom could recognize a single face. Admittedly, the drawing is not finished -- no ink, no color, just pencils -- but I still thought that we had entered the recognizability zone.

My ladyfriend finally recognized just one of the faces...the guy on the far right at the back of the line, the least-famous of the bunch. This, despite the fact that she hasn't even seen that movie. And even then, with that clue, she couldn't hazard a guess as to who the other guys might be!

Have I really lost it completely? Be honest. If I have lost it, or if I never had it, then I can decide here and now to stop wasting what little time is left to me. Better to sell my art supplies and make some extra cash
Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton are actually really well-done. The Connery and Brosnan are okay, I couldn't make out which were Moore or Lazenby though. :(
Second from the left is Frank Sinatra, but a bit harsh on the bonelines.
One of the issues nowadays is the explosion of so much media. Even though the goal is to instantly know who these guys are, We still need context. Are these stars from 30 to 50 years ago, or are they in their prime now stars? Remember, graphics and words instantly help people understand any picture.
Oceans 11, the 1960 version. Frank Dinatra is 2nd from left but, so sorry, it seems like he's standing next to Quentin Tarantino.
L to R, 1. Humphrey Bogart? But he looks impish not gritty (if it's Bogart, his upper-lip scar should be prominent, and that lip should curl to show teeth). 2. Frank Sinatra? (too much Buddy Rich seeped in). 3. Kurt Russell? (The guy from Escape From New York & associated with Goldie Hawn) 4. Roger Moore? (or one of the Bonds) 5. Clint Eastwood? 6. I wouldn't know even if I saw his photograph.
No Joseph you have skills. Sure they might be rusty and I might be 100% wrong but as far as I can tell you have (L to R) Sean Connery, Daniel Criag, Pierce Brosan, Tmothy Dalton, George Lazenby(?), and Roger Moore.
left to right; connery,craig,brosnan,dalton,moore,lazenby
Iterations of James Bond? Connery on extreme left, then Daniel Craig? I didn't give a very thorough look, so I'm just shooting from the hip (pun) but I don't think you have to defenestrate just yet!

Love it, Craig is looking a bit aged though. :-) Almost makes me think of Paul Newman. Why a chainsaw though? It should be a razor trimmed bowler, but not yet.
Maybe I got one right, above? Are they all Bonds? First on left the first Bond (I've only seen the Sean Connery Bonds)? I saw Piers only in "The Greatest" with Sarandon and Mulligan. How many tries before our comments are blocked?
I recognized three to four of them ... Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton ... so I assume they are all actors who played 007.
All the James Bond actors? If so the roger Moore timothy Dalton and george lazenby are good. The rest need work. If they aren't James bonds ... Ummm ...
Hi Joseph,

Sorry, no. Since you ask, neither I nor my SO, who excels at face recognition, could recognize any of them. This could be a genre issue.
Hi Joseph,

Sorry, no. Since you ask, neither I nor my SO, who excels at face recognition, could recognize any of them. This could be a genre issue.
Bonds. Hence, chainsaw off your left hand instead and get a hook. For the sympathy.
Connery, Craig, somebody, somebody, Moore, somebody. Perhaps #4 is Dalton; perhaps #6 is Lazenby. If #3 is Brosnan I'm not seeing it.

Not meaning to rain on your parade. Just letting you know what I see.
Well, I don't know movies or movie stars much, but my wife said, "They're all James Bond-- there's Sean Connery and there's Pierce Brosnan."
Don't count on me....even if I recognize them, I don't know actors' names! btw, the Md film festival is in town, so if you and your lady friend are into, um, nuns gone wild, go see The Little Hours tonight at MICA....parking's pretty easy near there. Do NOT watch the has all the funniest parts and they are more hilarious the first time. Based on the Decameron.
Daniel Craig at 2, Roger Moore at 5.
Lessee: L to R: Martin Scorsese, Frank Sinatra, Heath Ledger, George Stephanopolous, Tom Brokaw, and Tony Bennett.

How'd I do?

Seriously, pretty damn good caricatures of the movie Bonds. Dalton and Craig are absolutely excellent. Lazenby is spot on. Connery's forehead is a little too high, but the facial expression is great.
I don't go to movies or watch TV so no idea - but if you do a few of Donnie pulling a train for Putin and a pack of bears dressed in GRU uniforms I'll buy a framed print.
Joseph, keep your damned hand! These are great--and I say this As an artist myself. Of course, I can't really see Pierce Brosnan in this but....I like these. They also give off a strong Mort Drucker vibe.

Believe me, I've been there when I've often wanted to just give up. But art will always require time and practice. Keep going.

PS--the link to my own online portfolio:
So do we get to se the finished version?
Well, I knew who they were right away....all Bond characters. I don't remember all their names so can't be too specific by I recognized Connery and Moore right away, along with the more recent guy whose name escapes me (the one with the big nose in your picture). So not bad, I would say. I think with context and a little spiffing up (coloring and so on), most people familiar with Bond films would be able to tell who they are.
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