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Friday, May 05, 2017

Creative writing challenge

Strained rationalization is my favorite form of humor, and I need a good laugh right now. So perhaps one or two of my readers will be kind enough to jot down a few thoughts in response to these posers:

If some version of Trumpcare passes (increasingly likely) and if it proves very unpopular (guaranteed), how will Republicans blame Hillary Clinton?

How will "liberals" of the Bernie persuasion blame Hillary Clinton?

How will non-Bernie liberals who read Kos and the NYT blame Hillary Clinton?

Advance word on the new "Wonder Woman" movie is iffy. If this movie fails to live up to expectations, what argument can we use to blame Hillary Clinton?

Why did Hillary Clinton sabotage the entire DC cinematic universe? (Seriously, I've tried about four times to sit through Suicide Squad and still haven't made it. What a mess. Damn you, Hillary!)

A few more questions have occurred to me, but these will have to do for now. My dog George just soiled the rug and I have to clean it up. One can't really blame the dog, of course. We all know who really did it.
The irony is that Hillary Clinton gets so much blame that the blame she should get just infuriates her supporters.
Hillary Clinton, is she a physically fit person, or not? She joked about going back into the woods, yet not once that I can recall during the campaign did she show off any type of physical fitness.
We did see her make a pretty fast recovery from all the loud sounds in that coffee shop, but to deflect away from her momentary spazz out, she raved about a sugary drink she had in her hand. And, I did not mind that at all, but, it should have sent a wake up call for her to basically shape up.
Yes, Trump is not very fit either, but he was able to sell the world that he only sleeps four hours a day and was a tireless campaigner going against 3 Clintons, Warren, Sanders, the Obama's and celebrities.
I cringe every time I hear that Hillary Clinton is giving another speech, getting another award, or, gasp, writing another book. For someone who championed healthcare, she does not appear to be healthy enough, nor does she seem concerned to the point where she is physically fit enough to show off her physical fitness. Just one interview with Hillary Clinton while she worked an elliptical for half an hour would have won her the election last year.
Going back to Nixon, either the more physically fit candidate won, or the less physically fit candidate was ousted after one term in office by a more physically fit / less clumsy successor from the opposing party.
Three things Hillary Clinton should be focused on, her health / physical fitness, using the power of the Clinton Foundation do personally be involved in helping those being hurt or who will be hurt by Trump's policies in the U.S., and starting a media channel.
I'm reading she may be starting a PAC, which I can put under the category of media channel, but barely. Will someone get Hillary Clinton off the lectern and off the microphone and back into society? She didn't deserve that sugary drink back then, and the fact she does not understand that disturbs me.
How is it none of you in the good ole' US of A can figure out the need for a published medical service price list, a single payer accounting system and a cap on drug costs - like the $5 drug cap in New Zealand.

You do realize every member of Congress has a full "Canadian" health plan for themselves don't you?
Right off the bat, here's your strained rationalization:

"The irony is that Hillary Clinton gets so much blame that the blame she should get just infuriates her supporters."

I'm sure the rest of the post is chock full of even more astonishing chuckles, but it's concern-troll length and I've grown used to twit-length.

Someone explained Instagram to me tonight: like Facebook, but with fewer words. They probably said "less" instead. These days, the fewer words the better, for the most part.
I cringe every time I read some man splain how Hillary should conduct herself; in this case how a woman renowned for her stamina and drive should work on her health and never indulge in a sweet drink.
Allesandro is oddly obsessed with Clinton's lack of physical fitness. There has not been an election in my lifetime that physical fitness was an issue. I suppose there was some issue on the right about her "fitness", but it had nothing to do with exercise......they thought she had dementia.

Now, perhaps physical fitness is an unconscious criteria that people look at when deciding on a candidate. If so, it's buried deep in the unconscious as no one I know (some of whom are very big on exercise and staying fit) has ever mentioned this as a factor in voting. As far as I know it never came up in the media (aside from the dementia discussions on the far right). So mansplaining aside, I just am not seeing the relevance. To suggest she would have won if America saw her working out is ridiculous and has absolutely nothing to do with why she lost, and on top of that ignores the real reasons she lost and leaves open the chance for the same thing to happen in 4 (or God forbid, 8) years time.
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