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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Another day, another disaster -- and another dim Dem response

Well, Trump managed to get Obamacare repealed in the House, a trick accomplished by caving in to the far rightists and breaking pretty much every promise he made while running. I don't think Trump cares -- in fact, I don't think he has even apprised himself of the contents of the new legislation. He probably secretly hopes that this bill never passes the Senate.

Trump doesn't want millions of people to lose their health insurance because of a bill bearing his name. What he wants is to be able to say: "I'm being stymied by the Democrats."

Not: "Stymied on health care." We all know that he likes to keep his statements vague. His line will be more like this: "There are all these things we need to do, but the Democrats, they block us every time, folks, believe me. We gotta get rid of then, gotta throw them out..."

Heretofore, he couldn't use that line. Well, he has tried to blame the Dems, but the sentiment would not stick because everyone knew that it was Republicans, not Democrats, who deep-sixed the first two attempts at Obamacare repeal.

Now he has precisely the situation he desires: The newly-popular Obamacare will probably remain law. (An initial report holds that the Senate won't even vote on the thing.) Donnie can now blame all of his woes on the Dems. He can pretend that intra-party squabbles among the Republicans never even existed.

That's why I cannot comprehend the triumphalist note being sounded over on the big D sites right. Here's an example from Kos: "House Takes One For Gipper! Will it Cost GOP the HOUSE?"
The House of Representatives took a big step toward accomplishing the impossible in 2018. Losing the House to the Democrats despite overwhelming gerrymandering when they, despite their obvious misgivings, voted for the unpopular, flawed, GOP AHCA, or Trumpcare so they can repeal the suddenly popular (now that it’s in danger) ACA or Obamacare. Republicans were in such a hurry to pass this while they had enough votes lined up that they didn’t take the time to get a CBO rating and analysis...
Oh, fer Chrissakes. Most voters in red districts don't even know what the CBO is. All they know is that Trump is the only one standing against the great Soros/Podesta/Clinton conspiracy to steal your guns and kidnap your children so that Bigfoot can rape and eat them.

The only way those voters will understand what's actually in the bill is for some version of the thing to pass the Senate. It's a long shot, but it could happen.

Billy-Bob and Cleetus won't have a "Hey, waitaminnit..." moment until people around them actually start to die. Until then, the massive problems with the new bill revealed here and here and here are just more Fake News as far as Billy-Bob and Cleetus are concerned. I'm sorry, but this is a situation where things really do have to get worse before they get better.

That's why part of me hopes that the Senate will cobble together its own (horrible) version of an Obamacare replacement law. Which is still quite possible.

And even then, even then, even if the Senate were to find a way to pass this thing and lead millions into misery, will Billy-Bob and Cleetus blame the right people?

History suggest otherwise. Republicans overwhelmingly supported the Iraq War vote; most of the opposition came from liberals. Republicans overwhelmingly supported the Patriot Act; the only opposition (such as it was) came from liberals. Yet when these things went sour, when overseas adventurism and draconian eavesdropping aroused populist anger, who benefited? Republicans did. Or at least the Alt Right did.

Side note: Remember when Ann Coulter was accusing anti-Iraq War liberals of being traitors? Now she supports Trump, who says (correctly) that the Iraq War was a terrible decision. Has she ever been asked to apologize for those "treason" allegations?
It's good to have you back. We missed you (at least I did).
Frankly, I hope they do pass it so the Trumpers can realize how badly they fucked themselves. I'm sorry, that's not the moral high ground but, oh well.
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