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Sunday, April 02, 2017

The sick and the strange

Several people have sent me important items to post, but I've been too angst-y to write, or even to read the latest news. Remember that episode of Bill Maher's show which aired just before the election? You could tell that Maher knew in his gut that disaster loomed, even though the polls favored Hillary. I felt the same way. And that's how I feel now.

Democrats are acting as though impeachment is a done deal. Months away. Maybe weeks.


Trump has a plan; he can survive; he can transfer his sins to his enemies, at least in the public mind. This piece by conservative columnist Byron York gives us an advance look at the propaganda blitz that will soon hit us. In York's view, Trump's Russian connection is the Great Unprovable, while Obama's alleged perfidy is presumed. Sean Spicer gave the same rap. So will every voice on the right.

The Trumpers are going to direct public outrage against the Democrats. They will smear Obama the same way they smeared Hillary -- through repetition, vehemence, and a violent conviction. Don't forget: Cambridge Analytica and the Russians still know how to rig Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other forms of social media. The army of bots and trolls remains undiminished. Nunes, being thoroughly under control, will soon convene the anti-Obama kangaroo court.

I predicted this outcome from Day One. Cannon's rules for political prognostication: 1. Imagine the worst. 2. Bet on that.

This is the part where you tell me that I'm worrying too much. People said the same words to me just before the election. I'll continue to feel sick to my stomach, thank you very much.

Saipan strangeness. I can't resist sharing the oddest of the stories that appeared in my inbox: Covert Book Report directs our attention to the bizarre case of the Trump-linked casino on Saipan which was recently raided. One of the owners: Former CIA Director (and notorious neocon) James Woolsey.
“Its board members include James Woolsey, who ran the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in the early 1990s and was among national-security advisers to Trump’s presidential campaign. Former FBI director Louis Freeh and Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor and Democratic National Committee chairman, sit on an advisory committee, as does Haley Barbour, the ex-Mississippi governor and Republican National Committee chairman who’s now a prominent lobbyist.”

According to The Borneo Post, the board also included Eugene Sullivan, President Nixon’s lawyer in the Watergate affair.
Forbes reports the CEO of the operation is Mark Brown, who formerly ran several Trump casinos:
“During three decades in the casino business, Brown has worked with seminal figures in the industry, including Las Vegas Sands’ Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, MGM’s Terry Lanni and a casino founder whose latest longshot bet appears to be paying off, Donald Trump.”

“I learned a lot from Donald Trump,” Brown says. “I learned a lot of how he operates, how he thinks, how he is in front of the camera, how he is behind the camera. So I know some is an act, some is the truth, some is spin. The guy doesn’t have billions by accident.”
There seem to be substantial indications that this casino was used for money laundering.
Saipan is one of the United States’ remotest territories, with around 40,000 tourists per year visiting its shores, a figure dwarfed by Macau’s annual tourist influx of 2.4 million.

And yet, as Bloomberg noted this week, the daily reported revenue for each of its VIP tables is almost eight times the average of Macau’s largest casinos.

The casino claims its impressive revenue stream is sustained by no more than 100 or so high rollers. But considering it reported $3.9 billion in bets at the casino in September alone, this would require each high-roller to wager an average of $39 million for the month.

These figures have certainly raised some eyebrows down at the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), which is believed to be investigating. And well it might.
Perhaps Woolsey will plead innocence, just like the piano player in the whorehouse who claims to know nothing about what's going on upstairs. Mein Name ist Hase, as the Germans say. Kompomat on Woolsey means that he will testify the way Trump desires.
Ed Rendell, that name rings a bell. Was he a big Hillary Clinton supporter back in 2008?
ah, joe; i fear your fears may be too well-founded. nixon's shaming was 'allowed' only because he shamed himself, not so much legally as behaviorally. but they were careful to keep all the focus on the monster at the top, and the rest got away to crime again, not just another day, but forever. iran-contra exposed how much worse this stranglehold got in just those few short years, not even a decade. hell, we then weren't even allowed to consider the bush/cheney outfit as the war criminals they were/are without risking all manner of fury.

still, as all the great leaders of resistance thought have stressed, we must yet resist, even in the face of certain defeat. it's only a battle, after all. the arc of history is, yes, quite long, but it does bend toward justice. i'll add this to that, but only as long as we exert moral gravity to history's bending, no matter the sacrifice.

tho your pessimistic scenario may well be the likely trend, it is still not inevitable. when confronted with sure death, the only reasonable and honorable response is a pure smile of hope.
Did you know that "Mein Name ist Hase" was the German title for the (dubbed) Bugs Bunny Show?
It seems that Bill Maher started his apology tour, let's see if trump accepts it. Meanwhile the burns and dumbs are getting closer. Only in America.
Rendell isn't any more closely associated with Clinton than with other Democrats, including Al Gore and John Kerry, and ultimately Obama (after his nomination). He chaired the DNC in 2000.
Enough with all the Anonymodes! All you have to do is go to the Name/URL box and MAKE UP a nym. It could be NYM. It could be Anonyme. You don't need an URL.

I'm guessing you're not creatives, but that's OK. Even your own distinct number, like 123, or 555, is better than a string of Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous.

I mean, I admire you can follow what Joseph is saying. I can't, except for the part about everyone thinking Trump is going to be impeached or resign when, in fact, it's going to get worse out there. But come on in with your own handle. The water's fine!
I have no doubt that there is going to be propaganda blitzkrieg to discredit the Russia stuff, and it will involve blaming it all on Obama/Hillary, but doesn't it seem like they just aren't good at covering up? That's what makes me cling to optimism. Try as they might, and they will try, but if they were good, the story wouldn't have gotten this far. And don't forget they need the MSM to validate their propaganda for it to work properly. This happened in the general election, but at least some of the MSM seems to have grown a spine since his inauguration.

Nixon was a master at covering up compared to Trump.
When you use a nym and say something that irks another person, they track your comments looking for consistency and identity clues and ultimately try to stalk and dox you. No thanks.
I personally don't think impeachment is remotely plausible until at least June 2019, assuming the Ds take the House majority in the mid-terms.

Resignation before then is more likely, but not likely either.

What some have said will cause resignation if it should happen is the subpoena by Congress of PDJT's tax returns. Which again, will almost certainly not occur before 2019 (if then).

Unless Russia herself decides that no more can be gained from a PDJT presidency, and their other and apparent first priority, further discrediting the US political system, is better served by putting out some proof. That, or PDJT declining to the lower 20%s in the polling, are the wild cards.


yeah, like I know wth "dox" means, anonparanoiac. Fail. Please.
"dox -- to search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent"

You should know how to use Google
I don't think the Russia stuff will amount to more than a few sternly worded letters to someone, but I think where Trump is still very vulnerable is his ties to Russian money laundering.

That's where my bet lies.
I feel a sense of dread too. The other day, I had the sensation of waking up in the middle of a chess game. We are all focused on the advancement of pawns. In the meantime, the egg is cracking. Soon, the whole miserable mess will gush out. Anarchy. I sense at least two agendas: Trump's is all $$$. He's amoral. He wants the handcuffs removed from the countries where he presently is prohibited from profiting ad nauseam. Bannon et al. pull Trump's strings both for profit and to upset/replace the deep state. Whatever is really going on, the chess pieces are advancing, and in the end, the Russia gotcha will be a joke on us. Sorry! So pessimistic here.
I take it back, anonparanoiac, regarding anonymodes not being creatives. Only a super creative would know that people can identify other writers by parsing their vocabulary. Not that very many people would know that AND know how to "dox." My point still stands. I could look up "dox" on google, but I, or the other people you annoy would first have to know it exists to look it up. And even then, probably could not do it. Are you projecting something you know how to employ that you have experience inflicting on others? If I'm annoying you, I'm right here in Bmore and good luck stalking me. My neighbors would spot you instantly. It's Peyton Place here.

nemdam, you give me hope! :)
The only way Trump would be impeached is if the GOP turns on him. Democrats aren't doing anything because the longer Trump is there, the better it is for them.
I agree the democrats will do nothing because that's all they are good for. But how exactly is Trump is good for democrats or anyone else for that matter.
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