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Sunday, April 16, 2017

How about a little treason in your Easter basket?

I hate blogging on Easter Sunday. The blood pouring out of my palms messes up the keyboard. Yet blog we must: Although I had given up on the idea of a rapid impeachment, there may be reason for hope.

Rudy. A couple of days ago, the big rumor was that Rudolph Giuliani was poised to testify to the FBI on Trump's mis-doings. The leading promulgator of the rumor was The Palmer Report.
We’ve seen weeks of headlines pointing to Rudy Giuliani coming under increasing legal fire for his antics with imprisoned alleged criminal Reza Zarrab, who has financial connections to Donald Trump. Now comes word from two consistently accurate sources that Giuliani is looking to make a deal with the FBI, but that James Comey doesn’t want or need Giuliani’s cooperation in order to move forward.

First came word from former Bill Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor, whose inside sources have tended to prove correct. He tweeted today that “Just spoke to a New York source and Rudy Giuliani is in legal jeopardy and is desperate to make a deal but James Comey is having none of it” (link). Then came confirmation from Jester, an online political pundit who also has a strong track record of calling these things correctly: “Rudy ‘Cyberman’ Giuliani is apparently in a legal quagmire and is desperate to ‘make a deal’. Comey isn’t interested” (link). This tells us quite a bit about just how far the FBI’s case against Trump and his associates has progressed.
So why wouldn’t James Comey want to cut a deal with Rudy Giuliani? For one thing, Giuliani appeared to have been instrumental in sabotaging the FBI during the election by leaking information he had obtained from one of its agents. So it’s unlikely Comey would be willing to give Giuliani any sort of leniency in his current legal troubles, unless his input was crucial to the overall case. And based on tonight’s parallel storyline that arrests in the Trump-Russia scandal could begin as soon as next week (link), the FBI appears to be far enough along that it simply doesn’t need Giuliani’s help.
We have a couple of problems here. First, placing all of our faith in Comey seems quite a stretch, considering what happened to Hillary. Second, all of this breathless talk of "Indictments soon! Any day now!" has become annoying. I don't know about you, but for me, "Boy-who-cried-Wolf" syndrome set in about a month ago.

That's one reason why I've retained a cynical attitude toward the whole spooks-against-Trump Twitterverse, where that kind of breathless talk is a constant, and where doubters are damned as infiltrators.

(Palmer also says that the first arrests in Russiagate may come next week. Nahhh.)

The Jester -- one of those aforementioned spooks-against-Trump -- also believes that Rudy has offered to testify against Trump. Alas, that claim is non-falsifiable (unless the FBI changes its "no comment" policy).

Did Russia hack the state voter databases? One writer within the spooks-against-Trump Twitterverse still commands my loyalty: Louise Mensch. I just can't quit her. You should check out her latest offering on Patribotics. (For some reason, she still refuses to sign her posts, even though everyone knows that she is the writer.)
As I previously reported in an exclusive story on this blog, the Trump server at Cendyn was communicating to Alfa Bank in Russia hacked data from state voter databases and the DNC’s own voter targeting engine, Vertica. The precise combination of these two databases allowed Cambridge Analytica and SCL both to create Russian-directed propaganda and target it at voting groups with extraordinary precision. Intelligence sources now tell me that SVB bank, the second bank named in the FISA warrant I exclusively reported on Nov 7th, was also involved in messaging Alfa Bank. There will be further explanation of that in another post.

The technology behind Cambridge Analytica’s targeting was stolen from Facebook by Alexander Kogan, who has gone to Singapore and renamed himself Alex Spectre.
This is true. In fact, Kogan now styles himself Dr. Spectre.

I'm not making this up. A mystery man calling himself Dr. Spectre helped to subvert American democracy, according to Louise Mensch. If you follow the link, you'll see that he's now studying "the biology and psychology of human kindness and well-being," which sounds rather ominous.

Back to Mensch:
In many ways, the Trump-Russia story begins and ends at Cambridge University. Dimtry Firtash, the corrupt Russian oligarch who is Paul Manafort’s patron, gave Cambridge £6 million pounds since 2010. With that money evidently came a large ring of Russian spies, probably including Kogan.
That's Mensch talking, not me. For legal purposes, let the record show that this blog has never accused the mysterious Dr. Spectre of being a Russian spy. If you can't trust a man who calls himself Dr. Spectre, who can you trust?

(Isn't it fun, living in a movie?)
Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, told the Financial Times that he and other British former spies had left a dining club at Cambridge – a club to which Flynn belonged – because of concerns about Russian intelligence penetrating it. General Flynn had been a regular attendee, the story said. It added that British intelligence was extremely concerned about some ‘startups’ in Cambridge being Russian intelligence, notably Veruscript.
Sir Richard and his colleagues suspect that Veruscript — a newly established digital publishing house that has provided funding to set up a new journal of intelligence and to cover some of the seminar’s costs — may be acting as a front for the Russian intelligence services
Here is the Wiki entry on Veruscript. 
In December 2016, Veruscript was the subject of allegations that it was involved in Russian attempts to influence the UK intelligence community via the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar.
Let us now interrupt our perusal of the Mensch piece to take a look at what the Cambridge student newspaper has to say about Veruscript and its links to Russian spying.
Following the unforeseen resignations of senior experts from the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS), questions have been raised over the forum's alleged links with Kremlin operatives and alleged threats from the Russian intelligence services.

The CIS is an academic forum for visiting speakers to discuss innovative intelligence research in progress.

The resigned posts were held by former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who has previously held the position of Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, former policy adviser at the White House Stefan Halper, and historian Peter Martland.

According to reports, the Kremlin is allegedly behind a newly-established intelligence journal, which also provides funding to the group.

The new London-based digital publishing house Veruscript, which helps cover some of the CIS’s costs, is also alleged to be acting as a front for the Russian intelligence services.

The CIS was set up by official MI5 historian Professor Christopher Andrew. The weekly seminars, which take place on Fridays at the university's Corpus Christi College, are advertised on the University website.

Previous attendees include Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser to the US, and Dr Paul Martin, the ex-director of parliamentary security.
American newspapers completely ignored this important story. I wonder why?

And now we return to the Mensch piece in Patribotics:
The Guardian followed this up with a story about a probable woman FSB agent or asset at Cambridge, to whom General Flynn, who is as vain as he is stupid, had signed billets-doux marked “General Misha”, the Russian word for Mike.

In Cambridge, intelligence sources say, Flynn was meeting with not only those who had coded the technology but Russian spies talking about the propaganda it should distribute.

However, Flynn did not stop there. With the full knowledge of both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, “General Misha” continued his Nazi “tour of Europe”, with meetings both in Europe and of the EU far right at Trump Tower, discussing how the Russian propaganda of SCL could be targeted directly in their countries in order to swing their elections. Notably, Flynn was caught with the head of the far-right party in Austria. This man was then invited by Donald Trump to the inauguration. Other far-right Russian allies invited to the inauguration, or who came to meet Trump Russia associates at Trump tower, and who were assisted by the Russian botnet and Russian propaganda, include Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage.
Mensch goes on to discuss one Peter Chayanov, whom she describes as "the hacking villain" of this whole affair. Chayanov, says Mensch, was the Putin/Assange go-between who allowed the Russian services to see the IP addresses of anyone using Wikileaks. (Lots of blackmail potential there, if this claim is correct.)

All of which brings us to the part I consider most important: The possibility of actual election rigging. As some of you know, I have argued in favor of this idea all along, despite the many poohs that have been poohed by the usual pooh-poohers.
I further reported, based on intelligence sources that it was Chayanov’s company Hostkey that US intelligence determined hacked the state voter databases (named in their October 7th statement as ‘a Russian company’). Because the USIC named Wikileaks as a Russian government actor in that same statement, and because Chayanov holds Wikileaks SSL keys and servers, USIC now knows, if it did not before, that the Russian government hacked the state voter databases.
We know from other sources that the Russians acquired the Wisconsin database.
The motherlode of the DNC leaks was not the DNC emails Wikileaks released; rather, it was the Vertica database that the DNC used and which had files on the voting behavior of all listed voters (hence the BernieBros that disappeared from Twitter – they were designed to suppress the Clinton vote). The Steele Dossier, which sources say is true in all important respects, states that Russian moles in the DNC leaked the files to Russia – they were as much hackers as Snowden was at the USA. Because there are too many states to place leakers in, Chayanov was forced actually to hack the state voter registration databases.

The Trump server was washing these two databases together for targeting by the campaign as I exclusively reported, with further exclusive reporting on the precise method by TeaPainUSA, here.
Some of you will say that stealing the voter databases is hardly the same thing as hacking the vote itself. True enough. But once you're in, you're in. Do you recall those counties in WI where the number of votes counted exceeded the number of voters?

The secret of ballot tampering is that you can't rig the results unless your candidate has already gotten within a few percentage points of his opponent in any given county. A boost of anything more than, say, three percent is likely to arouse suspicion. (Bernie's unlikely big win in Michigan was far too obvious.)

Yes, yes, yes, I know: Too much of what Mensch has to say is backed only by "sources say." Once more we face the problem of non-falsifiability. Nevertheless, my gut -- which has had a pretty good record of late -- tells me that this is important.
The useful rule of thumb that Trump is guilty of whatever he charges of others implies that millions of votes were indeed stolen, in a vast rigging of the election, for his and the R party's benefit.

This would include many other tactics besides whatever the Russians did (which I do believe was a lot). Oddly, the Russian interference may act as a defense in depth to hide the rest of it, as a limited hang out. Their real crown jewels are what worked for them in other elections, imo: millions of voters suppressed, and the flipping in the compilers, or in the electronic voting machine innards.

What powers may be seem to favor keeping those in place, just as they now unite to support the (third) frameup of Assad for using sarin weapons. I am shocked to see the fairly unanimous charges of the #RussiaTrump IC-connected bloggers that anyone who questions that 'evidence' (really, lack of evidence) is objectively pro-Putin and/or being duped by Russian propaganda. Highly credible people in my view are being smeared for stating the many patently obvious problems with the current official sarin storyline, including by Louise Mensch herself (and all in that twitter group that she re-tweets with approval and endorsement).

I find that very troubling, and it gives me considerable pause about the big casino game afoot. Peeling the onion reveals wheels in wheels, and games within games. It would be a shame if looking under the Russian involvement rock is used to put a lid on the other underlying election crimes, but I am beginning to fear that outcome.


The huge "red shift" of nearly all of the polls - including the exit polls is definitely suspicious. Polls have errors, sure, but all of them? In the same direction? That suddenly appeared in the last few hours of the election?

I very much wonder what happened with the tabulating machines, where the actual counting was going on. Considering the software for the machines had marginal security in the first place (well below banking-industry standards) and the attacks on the other side were coming from high-level professionals of the FSB (using localization data supplied by Cambridge Analytics), it stretches credulity that the counting process was secure.

The polling conducted by many different organizations was systematically not in agreement with the official vote counts, and all in the Republican's favor, while a very proficient state actor, with scores of criminal hackers at the service of FSB, was penetrating the entire political system of the USA. No. That's not a coincidence.
Two types of voter hacking that could be hard to prove. Removal of names from voter lists. Some type of day of the vote fraud, perhaps even throwing out votes before they can be counted.
And there's an election coming up in France too. What if Dearlove's boys and the FSB are on the same side? Dearlove knows France from his days as SIS Director of Operations when Princess Diana was assassinated. Theresa May has done a bit of PR work for Emmanuel Macron. But he won't win. Britain has been totally taking the piss. Like they'd want the EU-head Macron in the Elysée! But they can't be seen to be backing Le Pen or for that matter Mélenchon.

The journal that is mentioned is the Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism Studies. That has been discontinued. By Veruscript. So they say here, anyway. "The decision was made after a range of spurious and completely unfounded claims were made in UK media about a small sponsorship of under £2,000 of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars solely to provide marketing funds."

Well whoever said Cambridge academics weren't cheap?

"(T)he company has retained legal advice to assess the reputational damage caused to the company as a result of such sensational reporting."

Can you imagine the scene in the High Court? "Call Mr Richard Dearlove!"

"May we take this opportunity to re-emphasise our commitment to the values of the UK and the University of Cambridge, which are the reasons personally that we chose to bring up our young family here."

Commitment to what shitty values exactly? The monarchy, NATO, private boarding schools, burning banknotes in front of the homeless, and sociobiology?

Hardly any money is too dirty for Cambridge.
Anybody who has the time might like to pull on some of the strings that connect to the company AGC Partners, which runs Veruscript. AGC Partners lists four officers: Gleb Cheglakov, his wife Nazik Ibraimova, the 74 year old John Alexander Troostwyk, and a company called Finchley Secretaries Limited. Troostwyk directs a company called Track & A Limited, with an Israeli guy called Amos Aharoni, who is the only shareholder.

Could this be Amos Aharoni the astrologer, whose consultation "on various matters" by Leo Leiderman, the Netanyahu-backed candidate for the Governorship of the Bank of Israel, caused Leiderman to withdraw when it became publicly known?

Aharoni is listed on LinkedIn as the CEO of exactly two companies: Alfa Argo, and Actrade Financial Technologies.

"Alfa"....................does that ring a bell?
Aleksandr Spectre, formerly Kogan, is a real Dr - he holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. This is his CV, which contains more information about him than his personal page at Cambridge University. Within two years of getting his PhD, he'd pulled in almost $500,000 in research grants. That's quite a rapid advance to that kind of money.

He notes "before my marriage, I published under the name Aleksandr Kogan".

He has posted a response here to what he says is a 90% false or misrepresentative story about him.

"I'm going to go through a few major points and ideas below (some are about me personally, for those who are concerned, and some are about the psychological microtargeting in general, for those interested in the big picture)."

He says he was on sabbatical in Singapore in 2016, as had been planned for 2.5 years. So 2.5 years after he gets his PhD, he plans a sabbatical 2.5 years in the future. What??? That sounds like a fucking cushy number, and you've got to wonder what he was actually doing in Singapore. Was it "off the books"?

He says he and his wife changed their surname (presumably he means their surnames) when they got married, and they chose "Spectre" as a derivative of "Spectrum".

"We wanted to find a last name tied to light because (a) my wife and I are both scientists and quite religious, and light is a strong symbol in both, (b) we got married in the international year of light, (c) we are a multi-ethnic family (so multiple colors of the spectrum, and (d) we just thought it sounded really cool!"
One voter comparison I have not made yet, but if someone is curious and wants to do it. How did Hillary Clinton do in the 2008 primaries versus in the 2016 presidential election? I recall some of the states that Hillary Clinton absolutely annihilated Obama in 2008, Clinton was then annihilated in 2016 by Trump.
Of course the comparison can't be just about total votes since 4 times more people vote in the presidential campaign then in the primaries. But I am curious if some of the comparisons don't add up.
One more thing: Aleksandr Spectre's work on "wellbeing" probably links closely to the infowar behavioural psychology specialism of "nudging", as for example worked on by the Behavioural Insights Team that works with the British Cabinet Office.

The reason I say this is that Spectre is trying to distance himself from the use of Facebook info to predict behaviour, and he presents many of his own publicly available academic articles in the cuddly terms of "wellbeing"...but we're only
talking about presentation here. "Wellbeing" is an infowar concept.

And oh look...the BIT have an office in Singapore, where one of their people, Serene Koh, led the Ministry of Communications and Information's Research Department’s "behavioural insights work".

I have a feeling we are going to be talking a lot more about this in the near future, and not just in relation to how the US election was won.
I don't know which name I like better, Sir Dick Dearlove or Dr. Spectre. Scientists who are "quite religious?" What a toxic mix. Scientists who can hand over their brains for a "cause." I can't follow the movie. If only it were the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. We'd have Rocky to save the day. OK, time for Cracked Fairy Tales...
just would like to stress quickly but emphatically that we cannot lose sight of the likely fact (i'm all in on this, but i have non unequivocal data at hand at this moment) that those votes in MI, WI, and PA (and FL, OH, AZ, etc) were all bound to be rigged not because of russians, but because the republicans have been setting up this election fraud scheme and exploiting it since before 2000.

just one of their many malevolent methods, but they've taken the death by a gazillion cuts approach beyond the stratosphere.

in other news, my GA bro says TV ads are all against osoff, then one pro-osoff ad will come on, followed by generic superpac republican ads. he suspects the GOP bought out all the time for the next 2 days. sadly, osoff will not likely win the necessary 50%, so won't be able to win in the runoff, as all the republican supporters will back whoever that winner is.

as for the trump-russia concerns, mine is this: i'm worried that we'll all be so focused on getting rid of trump, we'll (as in the generic 'we') let the GOP off the hook, when they are the real culprits here. (cf., nixon; tho the GOP was not so bad at that point, DC and the MIC were heading there.) trump is a 'bad hombre,' for sure, to coin a phrase. heh. but it was the responsibility of the GOP to vet and expose the corruption before he was unleashed on the country. they own this; every single dem or dem leaner on the planet should take every single opportunity to remind the world that every single republican prez since nixon has been involved in criminal activity, including treason. make those suckers wear that dead, stinking skunk around their necks till they shrivel and die in history's dustbin.
wish i'd seen this link prior to posting on the GOP election frauds (plural) and the GA special election:

feeling like we're saturated with an aggressive strain of an ebola-like infection? i know i am.
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