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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Wouldn't Roger Stone look FABULOUS in an orange jumpsuit?

I had not expected to write about rascally Roger again today. (See the post below, which discusses his dealings with Julian Assange, the man currently destroying the CIA.) But the brown-n-smelly has just hit the sharp-n-whirly.
Roger Stone, a Donald Trump confidante and longtime Republican dirty trickster, communicated privately with a Russian hacking group identified by U.S. intelligence officials as the culprit in the theft of emails related to the Democratic presidential campaign.

Stone, who is under FBI investigation for his alleged ties to Russia, communicated through private Twitter messages with the “hacktivist” known as Guccifer 2.0 during the presidential campaign, reported The Smoking Gun.

Guccifer 2.0 claimed to be a lone activist committed to “fight all those illuminati,” and Stone promoted those claims, but U.S. intelligence officials believe with “high confidence” that Russia’s intelligence service, GRU, operated the hacker’s Twitter, WordPress and “burner” emails used to communicate with the media — including The Smoking Gun — and other individuals.

A source told the website that Stone, who admitted over the weekend to back-channel communications with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, exchanged private direct messages with Guccifer 2.0, in addition to exchanges on their public Twitter accounts.
This news explains a lot. It explains why the right-wing sites have recently made such a pathetic attempt to claim that Guccifer 2.0 is not a front for Russian intelligence. (Oh yes he is, and so was Guccifer 1.0.) It also explains Stone's recent bizarre online behavior. Quite a few people have accused him of tweeting while tipsy.

Could this news lead to an indictment of Roger Stone? Possibly -- if he lied to the FBI.

Trump, however, would remain protected. As you know, Stone and Trump (who have been friends forever) staged a major falling-out early in the campaign. I never believed that this row was genuine. By pretending to have no official part in the Trump campaign, Stone basically became his own cut out: He was free to do the unseemly while remaining plausibly deniable as far as Der Donald was concerned.

Roger considers himself an expert on sartorial elegance -- although for some reason, he hasn't told his pal Donnie that a man's tie isn't supposed to dangle past the knees. Well, Rog, how do you like this approach to men's couture? Yeah, I know...the trousers need to be hemmed, and that V-neck is a disaster. Maybe they'll allow you a bespoke orange jumpsuit.

Lol, you are such a good writer. My daily laughs are here. That's all I wanna say right now.
Hi, Rog! Haven't seen you in a while. What, no "cocksucker" this time?

Hey, did you like the cartoon I did of you?

I kind of regret the teal bowtie now. Not the right choice for you. Sorry.

So now you're backing claims by unnamed intelligence officals? Basically on the same team as the CIA? My, how times have changed.
Because the administration has changed.
The administration may change, but the establishment doesn't. When Trump is gone the CIA will still be there and more powerful than ever.

Incidentally, I see they proved one of your previous theories now that it turns out they have, indeed, been developing the ability to hack cars specifically to commit assassinations.
This is odd. Over on DU, I was chased out because I dared to question John Schindler and Louise Mensch. Now I'm being labeled a CIA apologist, for the first time in my life.

Well...when we were fighting the Nazis, the OSS came in handy, and so did John Edgar Hoover's FBI.

Right now, the Republicans control the power structure. There are only two obstacles: The media and the IC, and the Trumpers are mounting agitprop campaigns against both. (That's what they mean when they talk about the Deep State.) Traditionally, it's pretty easy to get progressives to hate both.

It's not as though I'm comfortable being in this position. Not long ago, Masha Gessen expressed her anxiety with the fact that so much of the Trump opposition seems to commandeered by the spooks. She's right to be anxious. I am too.

But what's the alternative? Are you actually suggesting tossing away the only cudgels we possess, all in the name of progressive purity?

I'll go back to being a CIA critic when Trump is gone.

Actually, I STILL am a critic, insofar as there is a pro-Trump faction within our intelligence community, because Breitbart has long had ties to Spookworld. Nobody else seems to be talking about that. But I keep warning people that the simplistic "spooks vs Trump" formulation is wrongheaded and dangerous.
There was quite a kerfuffle at DU with your 'double cross' post. Which as I mentioned there indicates you must have hit a nerve. Maybe it's because all of this information on Trump and his cabal is so fluid. And confusing and downright unnerving. We want heroes and heroines to come to the rescue, find the the secret elixir to put things right. Casting doubt on the intentions of our newly anointed investigators makes everyone jumpy, as buggy as the Trump team now appears. For myself? I was grateful for the heads up. Still am. Better to be a skeptic than duped by so-called truth-tellers.

As for Roger Stone? May he rot in hell.

Bespoke!? No, just plain orange, and there's only two sizes - too large, and too small.
How do you have the time to blog for the last 15 years? Where do you get your money? You never sided with the cia until we got a president that wasnt in bed with them. Curiouser and curiouser.
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