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Friday, March 24, 2017

Spooks for Trump: Why Stone and Manafort are now eager to testify

My computer is malfunctioning so I must be brief. I've heard what Adam Schiff has had to say, and I've been giving a lot of thought to the actions of Devin Nunes. It is clear to all now that Nunes is as loyal to Trump as is, say, Kellyanne Conway (and maybe more loyal than Bannon or Melania). Everyone understands this.

What we must also understand is that these events make sense only when viewed in the light of my theory that there is a pro-Trump faction within the intel community.

The NSA showed intercepts to Nunes that were not shared with Schiff or any non-loyalist to Trump. Nunes immediately shared what he learned with Trump and no-one else.

Suddenly, Manafort and Stone and Page want to testify in open hearings. 

Think about it. The great trap inherent in such testimony is perjury. What if those three men give testimony which does not conform to information on an NSA intercept? Manafort, Stone and Page would naturally prefer to testify after learning what the NSA had overheard.

Finding out what the NSA had obtained was Nunes' purpose. Now that he has completed that task, the Trumpers know how to game the proceedings. They know what they may safely say -- and leave out -- without fear of a perjury trap.

In all likelihood, Trump loyalists in NSA helped Nunes screw us over.
Disagree. I think its the other way around. The WH tells/shows NSA incidental collection stuff to Nunes to get him to voice their distraction/chaff theories about unmasking. Then Nunes may be running back to them with info on the status of the committee investigation.

The others now want to testify in open hearings because they can smell someone turning witness on them. Flynn? About 8 shoes have dropped on him already (illegal op on US soil to extradite Gullen? WTF), and he's out of public sight. Also, they offer to testify in hearings but I suspect not under oath. That's the key distinction.

They can't back down if requested to testify under oath. Your theory doesn't explain the willingness, the eagerness to testify despite the potential perjury trap.

Clearly the offer was an "interview" in closed hearing, not testimony and not in the open. Some criminal liability applies but not like court.

I think they know they are pretty screwed, and looking for ways to mitigate/cut deals. Might even get so far as personal safety issue for Manafort and Page, who put himself all over tv interviews a couple of weeks ago. Their business partners/contacts/knowledge of dirt are in the life threatening category if they were in Europe and who knows how safe they feel even in the US.

Also, 3 guys eager and silence from Flynn. Hmmmm.

According to (was linked there through a Skydancing comment), the National Enquirer has come right out and branded Flynn a "Russian spy." They surely didn't do that because there were no more aliens-having-sex-with-top-Dem-official stories to flog. They didn't do it without permission from the White House. So they are throwing Flynn to the wolves, and I would think Manafort, at least, got the message they are sending. What he plans to do, whether spill the beans and go down fighting, or try and navigate the minefield, remains to be seen. If I were him, I wouldn't go above the first floor of any building for a while.

Hey Joseph:

Does this sound plausible to you?

"It’s not a secret that most Republicans in Congress, including Speaker Paul Ryan, view themselves as being more closely aligned with establishment Republican Mike Pence than with erratic outsider Donald Trump. So if Nunes came across evidence of Pence on a wiretap, it might explain why his first move was to panic and run to Ryan for advice. It would also explain why Nunes was of the belief that Trump himself might not have been aware of it, and felt compelled to take it to him."
Could Nunes have made his visit to the White House any more obvious? Couldn't he have used a back door or maybe thrown a brick through the window with a note attached? The public nature of this whole episode makes me wonder if there is less here than meets the eye--perhaps Nunes saw tomorrow's weather report, paraded over to the White House with the news that Trump was totally "tapped", Trump declares himself "mostly vindicated" and quicker than you can say Bob's your uncle, it is "truth".

Grant Stern -- "Trump Russia Dossier Decoded: Yes, There Really Was A Massive Oil Deal."

86 paths to Putin.

Devin Nunes has financial ties to Russia. Most of his money is invested in Alpha Omega Winery which has links to a major Russian alcohol distributor, one Swiss company, and no other EU outlets at all.
Kat: That is fascinating! You think it's possible?

Teller: when I saw that on the Maddow show I nearly died laughing.

Gavin: thanks and I will read those links.

Re: Devin Nunes has financial ties to Russia.
I would be a little cautious about this Alpha Omega Winery thing. Looks like the investment is about $100,000 (from which he derives 4-5K a year). Hardly high finance. And said company having wine distributer in Russia, (albeit one that sent Putin a lovely birthday message recently) hardly makes Nunes out as a Russian stooge.

Geesh, I can't believe I'm defending the guy.
My take is Ryan is using Nunes as leverage on Trump. Nunes is a political hack, he knows what this looks like, and he wouldn't be doing it so openly without support from the only guy who matters. And that is Ryan. In Don Corleone terms, Nunes is a pimp, it was Ryan all along. The problem is, Trump is such a back row child in politics class that he isn't playing ball. His antics on AHCA for example. With Nunes broadcasting he will slow walk this, or turn it to Trump's advantage, the decision on a special commission is up to Ryan. Can no one imagine Ryan telling Trump "Nice little presidency you got here, shame if something should happen to it...."
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