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Monday, March 27, 2017

Can you explain this Google oddity?

Here's an oddity. A few minutes ago, I googled epshteyn "source e" to see who else favored the same theory which I had publicized in January. Here's the result (and yes, I know that I slightly misspelled the man's name):

I expected to see an entry pointing to my original post. But the title of that post is "Watersportsgate: Did Trump's inauguration czar "leak" Donnie's dirty secret?" Not: "the one identifying Boris Epshteyn as "Source E" - Cannonfire - blogger"

At no point did I ever type those words. That is, I never typed those words before composing this post.

In all of the other "hits," the header of the Google listing reflects the actual title of the piece.

I'm not saying that something sinister is going on; I'm simply curious. Is this how Google usually works? Have you ever seen anything of this sort before? I have not.

Obviously, an artificial intelligence did not write the words "the one identifying Boris Epshteyn as "Source E" - Cannonfire - blogger." A human being must have done so. Who did it, and for what purpose?
Skynet has been watching Friends a lot recently?

The alternative is that someone manually typed in a label describing the contents of your post, either as an aide de memoire or for the attention of someone else. Presumably it wasn't actually meant to be published to google.
Addendum: Almost all other search results pointing to Cannonfire only have the title "Cannonfire" or "Cannonfire - blogger", rather than the title of the post, on both Google and DuckDuckGo (which doesn't find the result you're pointing out at all).
Crawl error. "the one identifying Boris Epshteyn as "Source E"" string is the first few words in the post immediately after the watersports one, and it probably is how Google found the latter during its crawl. Similar title errors occur in wordpress powered sites during daily crawls as well. They usually get corrected the next few crawls though.
The key is that the string itself is a link; that's how the title got mixed up.
Joseph, This is off topic. You have mentioned Jefferson Morley before in an article from 2012. out
It's hard to keep up with all the excitement:

A few notes about the "wife" that works at Google. Since we are living a spy novel here, she's got to be a quite beautiful, fully qualified Russian agent. She doesn't have to hold a position that high in Google, she just has to sleep with people who do. How many affairs are going on as we speak? After all, he "husband" is--rather was--quite busy with his position in the administration. (I bet the corporation was planning on promoting her based on her "husband's" connections. Similar happened with Michelle Obama at U of C when Obama was senator.)

Another noteworthy posting this AM from Palmer Report. (The blog makes great reading!) This AM Palmer claims that the FISA court approved "tapps" on four individuals, one of whom was--is--Trump. This comes to us by Louise Mensch. It makes perfect sense. Per her, the initial FISA warrant was turned down. This, as far as we the people know, never happens in a FISA court. But in this instance the FISA court must have been very reluctant to approve a tap on a Presidential candidate (and potential future president.) That they may have eventually approved said "tapp" hints strongly that the evidence just kept piling up.

One caution about Palmer's Report. He suggests that recent threats by the Russians to release damaging information means they are threatening to release a tape recording Trump's sexual indiscretions. I doubt that, since it would only confirm the veracity of the "dodgy dossier". I think that it's effectiveness has been completely neutralized. What I believe the Russians are threatening to do is release hacked information from the NSA and CIA. (The later agency was not publicly known to have been hacked until Trump's slip of the lips.) I've said this all along, Trump is not being blackmailed so much as America is being blackmailed. And funny thing, Wikileaks just struck again this last week to aid in proving my point.

Lastly, I suspect I know what Mensch's game is. I believe she is a patriot but her motives are mixed (as all patriots are) and you are right to reserve judgement. Piecing together info from the Palmer Report, it appears that not just Trump but Pence and Ryan have all been compromised by the Russians. This puts us in a position where, if we rid ourselves of Trump, we have a deeply compromised Pence and if Pence is gone, we have another Russian agent in Ryan. But these bits of information are not as publicly obvious (purposely) as Trump's widely publicized connections with the Russians. If Trump is gone, we would have a more stable government with Pence (who I doubt could be more crazy.) But he could be blackmailed not just by the Russians but by our own intelligence agencies. (Remember who's been "tapping" all those phone calls--legally.) Depose Trump and Pence would have just had the shining example of a beheaded traitor. I doubt he would want to go lose his own head to make the Russians happy. If he wants to pardon Trump, he better check with his handlers or he could land in jail right beside his predecessor. And so who is governing? The intelligence community.

The Russians could try to release their own compromising info on Pence but I'm sure we have a plan for that. So if Mensch is representing the intelligence industry her preference for Pence makes perfect sense. Pence is screwed, America lives on.
A Google search for "the one identifying Boris Epshteyn as "Source E"" (in quotes) points to this previous Cannonfire post:
Something's coming - Cannonfire
That result also appears further down in Joseph’s search for [epshteyn "source e"], if you scroll to the end and click on the “repeat the search” link:
In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 9 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.
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