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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weinergate revelation...?

If you're doing hard core research into the Trump/Putin linkage, you probably already know that Louise Mensch is on the cutting edge. Some say that she goes over the edge. To me, that danger is an inevitable part of edginess.

Not many hours ago, she offered a few tantalizing tweets which seemed designed to attract the attention of this blog's readers. To aid comprehension, I'm placing them here in correct order:
I'm going to be able to help @DevinNunes out with @michaelcohen212 later this morning

Senate Intelligence Cttee needs to depose Cohen
Maybe my reporting is going to be more important than I thought.

I can pretty much prove that the Weiner letter was catfished by CWA
that's tomorrow's story.

Russia planted the emails from Clinton on Weiner's computer
Breitbart staffers were almost certainly involved
What does "catfished by CWA" mean? Mensch offers a links to this story on a blog called Patribotics, which seems to be brand new. It's also anonymous, although I'm pretty sure that Mensch herself writes this column.

"CWA" refers to a hacking group called Crackas With Attitude, which targeted the CIA. Mensch thinks that they are a Russian front.

Her basic thesis: The Clinton-related emails on Weiner's computer (which, as you may recall, originally belonged to his wife Huma, Hillary's aide) were placed there by enemies of the Clintons. Some of you may recall that, in an earlier post, I offered a similar theory, although I took things in a somewhat different direction. I suggested that this laptop was hacked in order to get access to Huma's email accounts -- because, as many people forget, the browser stores all the passwords. I doubt that Huma erased the passwords when she gave the laptop to her husband.

Mensch goes on to make the case that the entire underaged sexting case against Weiner was a concoction -- or a honeytrap.
In this story I exclusively report the connections between the USSR-CWA hacker group of North Carolina ‘Crackas With Attitude’ and the “sexts with a 15 year old girl” from Gaston, North Carolina, that started the chain of events that led to James Comey’s forced letter to Congress, including the fact that the “15 year old girl”’s “email to Weiner” is in fact a series of plagiarized texts it is unlikely any 15 year old girl has read, including works by J.D. Salinger, David Foster Wallace, Charles Bukowski, and – yes – “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk.
When I did some preliminary research into this matter, I began to think that this "teen" may not even exist. For me, the big "tell" was the fact that this girl's correspondence seemed far too erudite -- far too literary -- to be credible.

Some of you may recall a troubling precedent -- the haunting case of two "teens" named "Betty and Veronica." Almost members of the general public have forgotten about them, they were the most intriguing aspect of the first Weinergate scandal. Bottom line: These two teen girls did not exist. They weren't just cyber-frauds: Actors impersonated them in real life when investigative journalist Tommy Christopher looked into the story.

The "Betty and Veronica" mystery created a weird subculture of would-be Weiner sleuths who remained fixated on the case long after the rest of the world turned to other concerns. As noted in previous posts, the Breitbarters played a massive role within that subculture, although a few lefties also ventured inside. I never did figure out what was going on there.

At this point, I'm going to take the liberty of reprinting large chunks of what "Patribotics" has to say.
In my first piece of work at Patribotics I laid out a unified theory on Russian active measures against the United States, including as part of it that Russia has a team of influencers inside the FBI Field Office in New York (the criminal division) and I regret to say, the NYPD, who work directly with Rudy Giuliani and General Flynn.
This paragraph tells me that the writer is Mensch herself. For a while now, she has made the controversial -- and, to my mind, unlikely -- assertion that a pro-Trump cabal of FBI agents in New York are actually Russian moles.
I drew readers’ attention to the arrest in Prague of the Russian hacker, Yvgeny Nikulin. He was indicted on charges of hacking Dropbox, Linked in and Formspring in 2012-2013.

Formspring is the little-known sexting app that Anthony Weiner used for his sexting the first time around.

My theory was that Nikulin, on instructions from the Russian state, “woke” or “planted” a laptop of Anthony Weiner’s via a virus which he placed on it through his prior hack of Formspring, and alerted Russia’s moles and agents of influence in the FBI field office in New York, who subsequently “leaked” to all and sundry that the emails had been found, and, by Rudy Giuliani’s own testimony, pressured James Comey into sending the letter he did.
Aside from the "moles in the FBI" bit, this basic scenario strikes me as plausible, or at least possible. Kinda. Sorta.
I can exclusively report that there is ample evidence that suggests that Weiner was sexting not with a 15 year old girl but with a hacker, working for Russia, part of the North Carolina hacking group ‘Crackas With Attitude’, who hacked the head of the CIA, and a great many FBI agents, police officers, and other law enforcement officials.
Using Weiner’s sleazebag tendencies, Russia invented an underage “victim of sexts” actually written by an adult hacker, and thus created a crime. Then, with pliant moles in the NY FBI Field Office and NYPD, they seized the laptop. Nikulin planted Hillary’s emails upon it. Russian moles in the FBI Field Office leaked, tweeted and threatened – and even Lara Trump (from North Carolina) boasted in advance that the ‘October surprise’ was coming.

From start to finish, Russia manipulated the Director of the FBI into sending his letter – which Jason Chaffetz leaked, by arrangement with the Trump camp, I believe, in order directly to swing the election to Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet.
It was no use Yvgeny Nikulin planting Hillary Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s computer, or even waking Weiner’s computer, on behalf of Russian assets in the FBI New York, unless they had a right to look at Weiner’s computer. For that to happen, Anthony Weiner had to have committed a criminal offense that would enable NYPD to have probable cause to go through his computers in the first place.

And for that, Nikulin needed an “underage victim”.
According to the “breaking story” of September 21st, by Alana Goodman in the Daily Mail, this girl had begun to sext with Weiner in January 2016. Her original story is odd and convoluted in a number of respects.

Firstly, the story is dated September 21st, but publishing dates on videos contained within the story appear to indicate that they were uploaded some six days earlier.

Secondly, the story contains a report that Weiner “provided emails that he says proved he was the subject of a hoax” but the journalist does not tell us why Mr. Weiner said these emails proved this.

Of course, there is the one sentence: “You got catfished by a dude.”

But, I can reveal, the “15 year old girl”’s letter was not written by her.

It is full of plagiarized quotes from novels. A second letter, ostensibly written by her to James Comey, appears to contain an odd phrase used by Julia Hahn, a former Breitbart writer whom Steve Bannon brought into the White House, and Michelle Bachman.
Mensch goes on to provide examples of quotes from Weiner's paramour which are, in fact, lifted from various books. Say what you will about the rest of Mensch's post, this part of her argument story is very convincing.

She goes on to discuss a Sputnik "journalist" named Cassandra Fairbanks (previously unknown to me) who became involved in all of this. I did some preliminary Googling on Fairbanks and discovered that she recently regaled YouTube with her summary of how she went "from left to right." During the election, she offered "Why I, a Bernie supporter, prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton." She's young, attractive, and usually shows a lot of cleavage. I think you get the picture.
Meanwhile, Ms. Fairbanks was promoting every anti-American hacker, defined by the IC as Russian state hackers, known to mankind. She “loved” Guccifer 2. She fangirled over Wikileaks and the Russian asset Julian Assange. Fairbanks also pushed out co-ordinated Russian propaganda from Infowars and others during the election, including pizzagate and other Russian-organized propaganda spread by Mike Flynn and other Russian agents of influence. But with CWA she held personal meetings, photographing herself with Liverman and helping fund his defense in court.
There seems to be a strong friendship between the Daily Mail’s journalist Alana Goodman, who wrote the “15 year old girl” story on which the “criminal case” was based, and Ms. Fairbanks of Sputnik. They photographed themselves on multiple occasions together in social settings, such as sabering bottles of champagne at Trump Tower. They defended each other on Twitter. Ms. Goodman appears in many tweeted photographs by Miss Fairbanks. At one debate, Miss Goodman stars in a photograph of herself wearing a ‘Make America Great’ cap pulled down over her head. Sputnik’s Miss Fairbanks points everybody to Goodman’s story on Weiner of the 21st. Goodman is also apparently close to the Trump campaign’s Moishe Lee.
Mensch goes on to note some odd remarks attributed to Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump. Once again, we note the Trump clan's tendency toward blabbiness.
Lara Yunaska, NC, now Lara Trump, NY, boasted on the radio, in advance, that an October surprise was coming – something she had no legal way of knowing. The FBI and NYPD are not supposed to leak information on criminal cases, particularly those ostensibly involving sexual abuse of a minor, to politicians for political purposes. Yet Mrs. Eric Trump was on the radio, bold as brass, saying on October 24 that ‘there are still a few days in October’ and ‘we’ve got a couple of things up our sleeve.’

On 29th October, when the Comey letter had been leaked by Jason Chaffetz, North Carolina native Lara Trump went further, saying on the radio to ABC’s Rita Cosby that Trump had “forced” Comey’s hand with the letter.

“I think my father-in-law forced their hand in this. You know, he has been the one since the beginning saying that she shouldn’t be able to run for president, and I commend him on that” Lara Trump said.

These interviews followed her trip, with her husband Eric, to Gastonia, Gaston County, North Carolina. According to the Gaston County Gazette, Lara and Eric Trump visited the GOP headquarters there on October 21st.

The ’15 year old teen’ and her ‘attorney father’ are ostensibly from...Gaston, North Carolina.
Whew! What to make of all this?

My initial reaction: I can't go along with Mensch on every point. Although many people consider me a wild man willing to consider some far-out ideas, some scenarios are too wild and far-out even for me. Mensch injures her case when she avers that that the initials CWA resemble "USSR" in Cyrillic. Not true: The Cyrillic for "USSR" looks exactly like "CCCP."

(Added note: A reader has informed me that CWA actually resembles the Cyrillic for "USA.")

So we must proceed with caution as we explore this terrain. Nevertheless, large parts of Mensch's argument are difficult to refute, and I remain persuaded that there is something real here.

Nota bene:
You need not remind me that it is seriously vile to "sext" the underaged even when the underaged individual is, in fact, a mere persona.
Pretty stunning. I guess this means for certain that we can't get an independent, objective investigation from the FBI, doesn't it?
CWA in Russian stands for United States of America, pronounced "shah"
In four key states Clinton was ahead in exit polls only to lose to Trump by about 1 %. There may be new and improved ways to manipulate elections but, remember, the only certain way involves counting votes. Putin learned from Bush--it is important to create a credible story for why your candidate "won" but (as Rove learned the hard way) don't rely on them. The American public actually either saw through much of what we now see as an attempt at electoral manipulation--that or they never noticed in the first place. Hillary Clinton didn't lose the election because of last minute Comey moves, she lost it when someone manipulated the vote count. When we create a retrospective narrative that makes claims that this is "why she lost the election", we are just falling for a false trail laid by others as distractions. It is interesting just who is creating these false trails but no one seems to be looking into the treasonous activity of various election officials....
I agree
What lastlemming said in regards to cheaters' needing to hang their fraud on a "credible story." But there are local workers who, for example, remember clearly which election officials had them stripping voters from the rolls (North Carolina) under false pretenses. So if, and this is a big if, enough evidence of Russian interference gains attention and traction, there could be a call for a vote audit. There already is a revote lawsuit being considered at the Supreme Court.

Joseph, look at you following tweets, wow! And I thank you for putting them in readable fashion, because they are fascinating. And I remember how immediately you knew something was ...fishy... about the Weiner case. If he wasn't such a sleazeball, tho, they could not have honeytrapped him. I hope he understands this to the fullest extent, but I'll bet not.

But even if an audit is allowed how can you be sure it's the same machine. People who has so much resources can do anything. Glad your theories about wiener finally are coming to something. The weasel.
Check out James S. Henry's story here:
Sometime in the late September of 2016, Sheldon Andelson announced he was going to donate 25 million dollars in attack ads against Hillary Clinton. 30 days notice has to be given, so Andelson could not make the donation or the results of the donation available for another 30 days, or right around Oct. 25, 2016.
Many scenarios come into play here. One is that Trump forced Comey's hand about the second Comey Letter so that Andelson would not back out of his 25 million dollar promise. Another is that convincing Andelson to follow through was the big surprise. I read a claim that Trump did not even want the commercials, but I doubt that unless Trump's ego led him to believe he could win on his own.
Andelson's commercials were a hoot. They just went for it and were almost comic book style attack ads against Hillary Clinton. I don't know if Hillary Clinton was able to respond to them since they were so last minute. What I didn't like about Clinton's ads is that almost all of them were "productions", like they were trying to make a couple of masterpieces when dozens of ads were needed to keep them all fresh.
Also, ads from months earlier, like the one with Trump selling his fake merchandise, and appearing on Letterman and Letterman stating the products are all made in other countries, that one seemed to disappear and never re-appeared.
I sometimes think the real story that we will never know is how much Trump paid his lawyers to not only object and quash others, but that silence about the quashing was also required. That Letterman ad made Trump look like a fool, it was tremendous and I don't recall seeing it over the final several months of the campaign.
Whether or not the vote was manipulated, the second Comey Letter was the cornerstone to the October surprise that followed. Andelson gave 25 million dollars for last minute attack ads, Pizza Gate, the Police were going to the Clintons home to arrest them, all of these stories did come out over the final few days and there apparently was 10% to 15% of the voting public that still had not decided who if they would vote when the Comey letter came out.
Not at all -- Mensch believes Comey will be the hero at the end of this saga. He's bound by law to not comment on open investigations, so he must give the standard GLOMAR response, ' I can neither confirm nor deny.'
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