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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Let's take a closer look at that ricin story

William Christopher Gibbs, a young Alt-Rightist in Georgia, was hospitalized after he came into contact with ricin. Since he checked himself in and announced that ricin was the issue, and since it is almost impossible to encounter the toxin accidentally, it seems fair to presume that he had acquired the stuff and was doing God-knows-what with it.

In order to figure out what he intended to do with the ricin, we should first look at the kind of individual he is.
Gibbs’ Facebook profile indicates the 27-year-old white man is a member of the Georgia Church Of Creativity C.A and is a self-identified “White Racial Loyalist.” A profile photo on his account writes as the caption, “100 years from now when someone finds one of these trees thay [sic] will know that there was once a White Race.”

Creativity is a white supremacist, white separatist movement, originally known as the Church of the Creator.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has more:
Gibbs was arrested Feb. 2 on reckless conduct and violation of probation charges, according to a police report.

In that report, deputies wrote that his mother said Gibbs suffers from various mental health issues, such as schizophrenia.
So. A schizophrenic neo-Nazi on probation somehow managed to acquire ricin. And people wonder why I have insomnia.

It's fair to posit that this man intended to commit an assassination or an act of terror (broadly defined). More here:
The FBI is now investigating Gibbs after discovering traces of the substance in his car and on his hands. “It turned out to be Ricin. I think it was all contained inside his vehicle, just a small amount of something I think he had been experimenting with. It was inside his vehicle and somehow he claimed he had exposed himself to what he made, got scared, and went to the hospital,” said Fannin County Sheriff Kirby.

To illustrate just how dangerous this substance is, nearly 100 officers in HAZMAT suits swarmed the scene. The 4th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team of the Army National Guard was called out to make sure the situation was under control.
It is quite possible that someone else acquired or manufactured the substance on his behalf. Gibbs (whose Facebook page was removed with surprising rapidity) doesn't seem like the criminal mastermind type, being neither stable nor bright. Of course, ricin is not that difficult to make -- there are recipes online -- and other dimwits have played with the stuff in the past, usually to their regret.

Nevertheless, you have to admit that if some offstage manipulator were involved, Gibbs would be the perfect fall guy. According to current news reports, the FBI found traces of ricin in his car, not in his home. That fact suggests that Gibbs acquired ricin, as opposed to making the stuff from castor beans.

Here's a good question: Is Trump going to tweet about this guy? For Donnie, Islamic terrorists are the only terrorists. He never mentions malefic acts committed by right-wingers, even though the right poses a greater overall danger to Americans.

Now let's take this further. Let's suppose that Gibbs had succeeded where so many others have failed. Let's suppose that he successfully used ricin to murder an Atlanta public figure. Who would have been blamed? What group would have been blamed?

Let's go further still. Given the fact that Atlanta's representative in Congress is John Lewis, the revered civil rights leader who called Trump's legitimacy into question, is it not interesting that our story is set in this city?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Trump needs Big Wedding II -- needs it the way an impotent man needs a little blue pill. Right now, he's flailing and failing. 
I'm curious why Kellyanne kept talking about Bowling Green and yesterday Sean Spicer kept referring to a terrorist attack in Atlanta.

From "The New Yorker":

“Todd Breasseale, the former assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Homeland Security, was also alarmed. “I had a very similar discussion with a former senior intel official on this very issue, before Jack’s column,” he told me. “We both wholly believe that Trump needs a bogeyman. But, more importantly, he needs distraction and a blame source. In terrorists, he has his bogeyman. In his control of the prevailing press narrative via tweet, he has distraction. And, in the judiciary, he has a source of blame for why his way was right from the beginning.” Breasseale added, “I am fully confident that an attack is exactly what he wants and needs.”
Since you're on conspiracy topics perhaps it's worth mentioning the Syrian slaughterhouse report from Amnesty International. It's clearly designed to shape current Syrian peace talks by delegitimizing Pres.Assad and it is debunked here: 1 2 3 4 .
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