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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Is this even possible?
Donald Trump has fired all foreign US ambassadors with nobody to replace them

He demanded they leave their offices by midday on Inauguration Day
While presidents usually appoint their own ambassadors, it is unprecedented for all ambassadors to be dismissed without replacement. If a Democrat had done such a thing, the right would have raised unholy Hell -- and correctly so.

No matter what Dear Leader says or does, his cultists treat him the way the townsfolk treated Billy Mumy in that old Twilight Zone episode. That was a GOOD thing you did, Donnie! That was a VERY good thing!
The diplomat sackings had been announced a while back. Trump has also purged all mention of civil rights, LGBT rights, health care and climate change from the White House website. More here.

It's Pol Pot territory. The memory of the previous regime needs to be expunged in order for Trump's new cult to emerge. Trump can never fail because he is going to write the public narrative to flatter himself. Everyone else is be trashed and vilified beyond measure. Nothing is beneath him. Recall how he tried to confront Bill Clinton by bringing his alleged sex abuse victims to the presidential debates. Trump is a dangerous, vicious nut job. People sense it but they just need a few more kicks to the head to get the message.
The Russian-owned Independent lost its reputation long ago. No-one else has picked up the story. Looks like fake news to me.
Stephen, the issue has been covered by the NYT and NBC.

There are approximately 4100 appointees for the new government requiring Senate confirmation. The vast majority of these currently do not even have a candidate assigned to them, much less have been considered by the Senate. Of 690 senior positions only 30 have been announced leaving 660 without a mention or confirmation. The administration is a hollow shell.

The media will start to notice at some point that the admin is dysfunctional and will be howled down by the Trump team. Government will increasingly be run behind closed doors by a small cadre of cult members with minimal liaison with the public service. Delivering government will be replaced by Trump media releases.
if you think it's bad to be flying w/o benefit of full diplomatic gear, consider the fact that all the folks at our nuclear missile silos have also been summarily relieved of duty.

it all feels a bit like kubrick komedy, until you realize how neatly it reflects patin's style.
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