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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Yeserday (compared to the Obama inauguration):


Heh...a picture really is worth a thousand words!
Just got back. At my age, a 12 hour marathon like this may be my last. And I had to get up at 2 am just to get myself and the dog taken care of, plus make my signs. But a couple of neighbors were going, so I went with them. The train stations were mobbed and the roads jam-packed, so we knew it was yuuuuuge even before we got there. So worth it just to pour salt in Donnie's butt-wounds.

Here's a funny note: yesterday, Trumple Thinskin had the Don's Johns name taped over on each porta-pottie because it's the same as Donald J's. Of course, today the tape was all removed so people were taking pictures of the name alongside their homemade signs in amusing combos.

I was at the last women's march on DC during Dubya's regime, and it was 1.1 million. This one was estimated at 1.3. It was more unwieldy and there were a few bottle-necks so it was hard for me to judge because the last one was just one massive more orderly march. At the least, I would say it was half a million in the morning (when we arrived) and another new half a million as we laboriously made our way back against an unrelenting tide. Spirits were high. Songs were sung. Who needed speakers because all the creative signs were our show. So many pussyhats, too. I made three and gave away two, one to a little girl from Michigan who hugged me and hoped to see me again! The police were awesome, the Amtrak and Marc train workers were helpful, cheerful and thanked us for coming. They must be way more exhausted than I by now.

We saw one lone news station covering the march from the outskirts, and on our way back I stopped a professional UPI photographer who opined we had "somewhat" more than maybe 500,000 to yesterday's 400,000 (seriously NO traffic jams yesterday and empty bleachers) but that the policemen who estimated over 1 million today didn't know what they were talking about. And so the news will paint a sparser picture if they can.

Add to this all the sister protests in cities around the country and the world. We need to let the tin horn and his media mouthpiece know we are everywhere and we're watching. And calling them out.

Trump says he got the largest inaugural crowd ever and that the media are lying when they say otherwise.


"#ProvokeTrump is dedicated to baiting him so that his craziness becomes undeniable"
"Make him go so crazy until he gets locked up"
"Make him launch a Twitter war, not a nuclear one"
A friend who might have been joking (right wing nut job with a sense of humor, really) sent the two pictures with a subject line that said, "Trump did it. He drained the swamp." I replied, "It's OK; they came back the next day, all over the world." Surprisingly, he hasn't responded yet.
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