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Monday, January 16, 2017


My record for predictions has been pretty good recently. I apologize for that. Here's another prophecy: When the Trumpified intelligence community issues a report on Russian hacking, the results will expand upon the claims made in this Alex Jones video.

Not that I've actually seen the video at the other end of the link. If there's one thing I cannot abide, it's the voice of the King of the Fake News -- or, to use my preferred term, Red Journalism.

(We've already seen Trump and his cultists try to appropriate the phrase "fake news." They can't do the same with "red journalism." I trust that most of you caught the reference to the heyday of Hearst. Trump's favorite film is "Citizen Kane," so I'm sure he won't complain.)

These are the last few days of sanity. Savor them. Tick tick tick tick. In four days, the barking, slavering, rabid dogs of Hell with snap their tethers. Imagine the worst: It will be worse than that.

By the way: If you ask me, the best thing that can happen is Trump kicking the press out of the White House. Journalists sell their souls for access. Cut off all hope of access, and we may get journalism with soul. 
I don't like this silence from the Clinton camp on what's going on right now. If this another variation of the hight road fiasco, we all know how that turned out.
Your recent predictions have been accurate?

Since i've started reading you joseph what predictions have been accurate?

Every few days your on to the next not mentioning the past-lol
If you ask me, the best thing that can happen is Trump kicking the press out of the White House. Journalists sell their souls for access. Cut off all hope of access, and we may get journalism with soul.

I hate to say it, Joseph but...I agree with you on this. For months the media gave Ol' Yellow Stain verbal fellatio and flayed Hillary relentlessly, relying on BS fed in by Wikileaks and Assange, never asking why nothing like that was ever done to Trump. They repeated what they did during the Bush years.

Sadly, Trump hates their guts. And now, he's acting on it, with the presser last week being a sign of things to come--calling CNN "fake news", for instance. This despite the fact that most of the CEOs of these media companies are very chummy with Ol' Yellow Stain.

Perhaps now, after realizing that they are going to be treated lower than shit, the press will finally do its damned job and report news and investigate, not regurgitate crap spewed out to them by organizations with links to Putin and Ol' Yellow Stain.

That's my hope, anyway.
Gerry-Troll -- what predictions have been accurate? He said Trump was going to win.
When I went to school, I was taught by dons in academic robes who instructed ex cathedra and always emphasized the distinction between primary and secondary sources while acknowledging that secondary sources were pathetic necessities. These dons always invoked the Hebraic taboo against teaching in one's own name or voice, thereby instilling the respect for citing verifiable sources. Only Yaweh may teach in His own name or voice. Q: Why is God invisible? A: To prevent identity theft.

Journalists, even those with souls, are mere messengers unless they are witnesses and can prove it. Our information, news, and gossip consumptions have tended to forbid or discount out of hand journalists who witness and tell, forbidden in the silly name of objective reportage.

In our time, digital recording in real time via cheap devices has made primary sources ubiquitous and has made secondary sources (journalism)just so many corrals of cherry-picked information, gossip, or "news". You can't trust a weather reporter who doesn't show you the Doppler radar info.

The War Between the States began 16 years after Morse first demonstrated his telegraph invention. Electricity allowed information to travel at light speed. Battlefield reports would be tacked up on telegraph office doors for everyone to see. Then the names of the dead and wounded would follow. Edward R. Murrow got famous for being well known as a WW2 correspondent's radio voice while he was standing on a rooftop describing into a microphone the London blitz.

The first iPhone became available 9 years ago. The gap between Joseph Cannon, or you, and the primary-source Intel folks is no longer infinite.

Most crucial and worrisome, though, is that not too long ago, only nation states and governments had the financial resources to hoard or manufacture information; then large corporations could match that power (and oppress and destroy); but now more than a few individuals have that kind of financial power.

Not a prediction, but alternate history: Had Ralph Nader become president in 2000, he would have had no need or inclination to write his novel in which super rich individuals save the world from predictable catastrophes.

our correspondents got soul!
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