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Friday, January 27, 2017

Donald and Vladimir: Are they breaking up? Or is this just a lover's tiff?

See post below. Looks like I was not the only one to come to these conclusions.

Meanwhile, on the hacking front: See here. Apparently, the person arrested in this case is someone other than Sergei Mikhailov (discussed in a previous post), although one cannot be entirely sure at this point.
But the virtually simultaneous appearance of at least four prominent news reports on the hacking and several related arrests, citing numerous anonymous sources, suggests that the normally opaque Russian government intends to reveal more information about the matter, though it is unclear why.
I've been thinking the same thoughts. In fact, I'm starting to suspect a rift between Donnie and Vladdie.
Novaya Gazeta, a respected Russian opposition newspaper, reported Friday that the internal investigation led to two other arrests, and that all of the detentions were related to American investigations into Russian hacking during the election.

The newspaper’s report, based on unnamed sources, said the F.S.B. began the internal investigation after news media reports that a United States cybersecurity company, ThreatConnect, had linked the election hacking to a Siberian server company. That company, King Servers, was otherwise used largely for criminal and marginal cyberactivities, such as distributing pornography and counterfeit goods, by the admission of its owner.

The report said the investigation led to Mr. Mikhailov, a senior officer involved in tracking criminal cyberactivity in Russia.

Both Novaya Gazeta, an outlet for the liberal opposition, and Tsargrad, a hard-line nationalist publication, reported that the F.S.B. made a brutal show of his arrest.
The hints suggested to some analysts that the Russian government may be signaling that it might, however indirectly through a treason trial, reveal details of election hacking, which have the potential of damaging the administration of Mr. Trump.

“They are suggesting it is true, and furthermore, they can prove as much,” Kenneth Geers, a former cyberanalyst with the Department of Defense and an authority on Russian signals intelligence tradecraft, said of the Russians possibly revealing details of their own operation.
See? Perhaps Donnie, having attained power, is now unwilling to bow before his Russian master.

What could have caused a falling out? Maybe this.
Donald Trump '100% behind NATO' after Theresa May talks
The theory of a rift crossed my mind when I learned of the Wisconsin hack, and of the Russian hackers who literally signed their work. That seemed deliberate.

I think that the ultimate revelation here won't be the "pee-pee" video. I think that the really damning piece of kompromat involves the hacking of the voting tabulators.
Donald Trump is not the only one running a good line in BS. Following her talks with Trump, Theresa May insisted that Russia sanctions would be maintained until it fulfilled the Minsk2 agreement. The commentary out there is substantial: (1) the sanctions are really only hurting EU businesses and not Russia; and (2) the only government sabotaging the Minsk 2 peace agreement is that of Kiev, not Russia. For reasons of diplomacy and national prestige the EU nations and the US all have to maintain the propaganda lies. I doubt the Russians are confused by this PR stance.

Donald says what he needs to on any given day in order to appear to be in charge and have the backing of allies he can't afford to alienate. Other than short term convenience it's hard to figure out what he stands for. Eric Prince's group Blackwater had previously been providing mercenaries to the Kiev government but Prince is reportedly now advisingTrump and indirectly assisting the Russians in Libya.

Prince also has close ties to Breitbart and Steve Bannon. So I'd look to Bannon's views on Russia to identify "what Trump is thinking." Especially since Bannon has been writing Trump's recent executive orders.

I'm sorry but the spy details are beyond me. I suspect Putin can overlook slights and betrayals just as long as his geopolitical interests can be achieved.
Surely the obvious way, if you must make Mexico pay for the wall, would be a tax on remittances. I remember when a tariff barrier was seen as a left wing idea to counter neoliberalism and the practice of undercutting American workers with the near-slavery conditions in the maquiladoras.

Hacking of the voting tabulators would be revealed by a recount, and would therefore rely on the acquiescence of those responsible therefor. Theresa May. I'm starting to think the whole thing might be MI6 playing both sides against the middle. Getting us that trade deal.
I think the Democrats should jump on board the vote fraud investigation. Help steer it, make sure it includes the vote tabulators a paper trail etc... make sure voter roles are kept up, in states passing voter I'd laws make sure they are free and easy for everyone eligible to get one, ensure there are sufficient polling locations...jump on board, help steer the thing, add in the things we are concerned about.
That sounds good but the Republicans will limit it to Cal and NY registrations lists.
The crowds protesting at airports need to grow. And block things.
Steve Bannon is getting a promotion.
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