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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I'm working on something potentially big regarding Trump and Breitbart and the intelligence community. Maybe it will come to nothing; maybe this line of investigation will turn out to be of real significance. While I'm working on it, I'd like to toss out a very general question:

Do you have a theory of Breitbart?

Who ARE these guys and how did they become so important? I never did understand where the money came from.

Trump recently made the news by hiring the Breitbart National Security Editor, Sebastian Gorka. He's no lightweight -- in fact, we should be stunned that a guy like this would align himself with a website most people consider on the fringe. Although Gorka seems to have scrubbed his personal website, the Wayback Machine makes it available.

If Breitbart is just the "gateway to the Alt-Right" -- why did this guy join up?

But this is not the only evidence we have that Breitbart has been seriously spooked up for a long, long time. And that is a matter of serious concern, because Breitbart is also pro-Putin and (many would argue) overly friendly to racists. If Trumpism is an outgrowth of the Breitbart phenonemon, then how do we interpret Breitbart's sub rosa relationship with the intelligence community? Is the intel community truly at odds with Trump, or did they help create Trump?
Breitbart was a small, obscure website until Drudge began driving traffic to it, rather than to AP or UPI et. al. Most often when Breitbart had no distinctive or unique content on that issue.
Hedge fund manager Robert Mercer is the guy. I read that he also sponsored the writing of "Clinton Cash".
Don't forget Katharine Gorka.
Is there a monolithic intel community? Or is it broken up into groups engaging in different projects, the nature of which is necessarily unknown to other groups, and which are likely at time to be at cross purposes? Didn't Allen Dulles continue to function as a CIA Chief-in-exile after JFK fired him? So can't some spooks be at odds with Trump at the same time others are creating him?

One time I was at a Farmer's Market advertising the 9/11 movie "Press for Truth". I talked with one guy for a few minutes and then he went in the market and came back with an apple for me. I ate it. He was astonished. "How do you know I'm not CIA, and know the apple's not poisoned?" I said "Even if you are CIA, you have no way of knowing that I'm not CIA too."

Some of us suspect that an outfit like the loony anti-Israel website Veterans Today would be so useful in keeping tabs on loony bigots, that you have to wonder if the place might be run by the Mossad. Similarly, Breitbart would be very useful in keeping track of the loonies, good for planting useful disinformation, and good for intelligence-gathering because some of the stuff the Breitbarters dig up or make up might actually be right.

According to Larry Solov, CEO of the Breitbart News Network, that network was conceived in Israel.

He says that its conception happened on a "media junket" that Andrew Breitbart had been invited to.

Writing in Haaretz, Chemi Shalev is much more explicit about the meeting:

"(...) Solov accompanied his friend, the late Andrew Breitbart, on a junket for conservative bloggers financed by pro-Israeli hasbara groups. At the top of the article there is a photograph of the happy bloggers, along with one Benjamin Netanyahu, then Leader of the Opposition"

THAT is where the money came from.

(Shalev cites Solov's article, although in fact that article in its present form refers to the junket in Jerusalem but doesn't actually mention "conservative bloggers financed by pro-Israeli hasbara groups". It's possible that an earlier version was more explicit.)

While most journalistic fuckwits commenting on the US presidential election campaigns were repeating absolute bullshit about Trump's operation being run on a shoestring out of Trump Tower, spending so little on "ground game" and TV adverts, doing useless shit such as campaigning in the wrong states, and so on, in actual fact the campaign to elect Trump was designed, steered and managed with exceptional competence and even brilliance, with Jared Kushner playing a key role. Here, my friends, you find out what Twitter is actually for.

Trumpian psychological warfare is way beyond Clintonian "triangulation", and it is also way beyond "nudging". It's interesting that Frauke Petry of the German AfD criticised nudging when she addressed the recent Koblenz conference attended by several European far-right parties including the French National Front. She probably considers that the AfD's use of "targeted provocation" puts it way beyond Barack Obama and David Cameron's "nudge units" - and she may well be right.

I suspect there are guffawing belly-laughs in some quarters when outfits such as CNN call Breitbart "Nazi", "white supremacist", or when, to the exceptionally naive, it is called "anti-Semitic".

Breitbart is a hasbara unit.

There are TWO highly influential troll armies that enjoy enormous scope on this planet, not one. Only one of them is Russian. I reckon they have been working together a lot of late.

Thank you for the link, Michael. Good god, what an article. I haven't finished it yet, but the idea of Oliver Stone having lunch with a vile creature like Edward Epstein...! Epstein is the last of the "old Angletonians" and Angleton was -- as I've said many times -- the true mastermind of the JFK assassination.

Conspiracy theorists eventually become the conspiracy.
Why did you think Chicago? What made you think that?
I find the Raheem Kassam-Nigel Farage links interesting.
@Joe - On a possible Chicago nuclear attack, is it possible that your source was picking up on the May 2002 José Padilla event?

@Denny - Interesting article. I'm not sure whether you know of Gerry Gable, the veteran "anti-fascist" (at least when the fascists are anti-Semitic) who founded the notoriously spooked-up magazine Searchlight. He claims to run agents deep inside the anti-Semitic far right and was long ago exposed as working with the British security service MI5. One of the functions of Searchlight is to spy on anti-fascists who are serious and consistent about their opposition to fascism and racism and who therefore have zero tolerance for Zionism. Anyway Gable claims that one of the people who accompanied Nigel Farage to meet Donald Trump after the US election is a guy who runs a lot of the far-right neo-Nazi scene in Britain. In the short time I spent on this, I reached the view that the person to whom he was referring was probably Arron Banks. But it could have been Raheem Kassam.

I have been expecting a big Breitbart push in both Britain and France, but I must say that Banks's effort <a href=">Westmonster</a> looks pretty pathetic. Although that doesn't mean it won't be used for something big. Certainly France is going to be a key country, and Breitbart is hardly off the ground there. Expect a lot of drama in the run-up to April and May. I could say a lot more about this. Le Pen's campaign officially starts on 4 February.

Maybe I am confusing people but I recall BreitBart coming to fame with their ACORN Expose' back in 2008 in which two BreitBarters posed as poor people trying to get some type of home loan and secretly videotaped ACORN personnel explaining how to "get around" certain rules and regs.
this half hour doc from real news does not look directly at breitbart, only as it pertains to the doc's focus on trump's campaign. but it does give some insight as to where their money has been coming from:

joe, when interviewed b amy goodman at the release of his film on snowden, o. stone (not to be confused with roger) said his next project was a film on putin.

can't even imagine how he's do that; if not total patin-approved material (i.e., propaganda), mr. stone may not survive it's completion.
Polling company YouGov showed Trump voters the photos of the two crowds in the Mall, for Trump's inauguration and Obama's. The Obama photo shows many more people.

They asked which photo showed the more people.

15% of Trump voters said the Trump photo.

Be scared.
anon, I have long thought the world of Oliver Stone and defended him against all critics. Lately...? I'm worried.
b is somewhat obsessed with Israel and Jews, isn't he?
No, joseph, I'm not. That Haaretz article is required reading for those researching where the money came from for Breitbart.

In other news, guess who is spreading the notion of "Penelopegate" in relation to the scandal that may knock François Fillon out of the French presidential race, helping Marine Le Pen?

Edward Snowden!
Well j, we could ask Matthew Gould, a proud Jewish Zionist and former UK ambassador to Israel who now runs Cyber Security for the UK Cabinet. Nothing to worry about there, is there?

According to the Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel, fully 80 per cent of Tory MPs belong to the party’s Friends of Israel group and they work assiduously to implement Israeli government interests in the UK. Former PM David Cameron has written that "British foreign policy is in hock to Israeli influence at the heart of our politics, and those in authority have ignored what is going on."

Shai Masot, a senior political officer at Israel's embassy in London and an officer in the Israeli army, was recently caught on camera plotting with a Conservative British civil servant to target the deputy foreign minister and "pro-Arab" members of Parliament. He planned to "take down" lawmakers who supported Palestinian rights and to create pro-Israel political groups that claimed to be independent.

b mentions Israel because -- duh! -- they're all over UK politics.
Bit late to this, but you may find this piece on Sebastian Gorka's shady background in Hungary of interest:

Hope your piece on Breitbart is still forthcoming.

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