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Friday, January 27, 2017


Trump is considering a 20% tax on good imported from Mexico to pay for the wall.

1. Does this not amount to charging Americans? Would I not be paying for a wall I don't favor every time I buy (say) a six pack of Dos Equis?

2. Nearly 70 percent of our veggies come from Mexico. Isn't Trump condemning all of us to paying higher prices for food, especially in winter?

3. Would not Mexico retaliate by taxing the $316 billion worth of goods we send there?

4. Would this not result in fewer American imported goods being sent to Mexico, resulting in a loss of American jobs? Right now, some 1.1 million jobs depend on trade with Mexico.

5. Would there not be fewer jobs in Mexico, thereby rendering an already-unstable region even more unstable?

6. Instability invites insurrection. Would our purposes be well-served if narco traffickers or a fascistic military junta or Marxist revolutionaries take over in Mexico? If Mexico's (highly imperfect) democracy were to fall, wouldn't we then need to militarize the border at a cost of God-knows-how-many-billions-of-dollars each year?

7. Would it not cost less in the long run simply to pay for the wall (if wall there must be) out of US taxpayer funds?
You don't seriously think Trump thought this through at all, do you?
this is the republican congress adjustable border tax. right now we tax our exports and do not tax imports. this surprised me . i thought imports had some tax.

the plan is to cut corporate taxes and use this tax to replace the revenue

imports would be taxed and our exports would not. this encourages companies not to move out of the country.

Trump however does not want to say adjustable. He wants to just say 'border tax'. this border tax though would affect some countries more than others. Mexico and China would be the most affected.

although i've tried to explain this it probably would be easier to understand with some googling
It's not really about the need for the wall or its financing (neither of which makes any sense). It's about Trump's need to exert magisterial authority and establish unitary executive government, and -- more importantly -- to repeatedly seek to stand over and humiliate anyone who opposes him. He is driven to break people completely. Today, it's Pres. Enrique Peña Nieto. Inevitably he will pull the same stunt with Angela Merkel or Theresa May and then the jig will be up. The public will decide that they don't have to choose between Merkel or May and Trump and he'll have to go. I can't see him lasting long despite current Republican support. The crises are daily, even hourly. Government for Trump exists only so that the public can worship him. He's a nut job.
Right now I am in cin talapa, real Mexico. The Zapatistas have been screaming about NAFTA for years, it has crippled the ocal farm economy. The moron in the White House simply does not understand any of this.
this is a link to the House 'Border adjusted tax' Trump is actually talking about that i posted earlier
There's not gonna be a wall. It'll be long forgotten after a million billion legal challenges. Texas property owners aren't going allow their land to be taken by eminent domain (and they'd probably shoot the surveyors). California will tie them up in court forever. It's just going to get far too expensive in every way.

DT will battle with EPN but it's just a dick waving contest.
that's a hyuuuuge IF a wall there must be.

given all your good points, and then some, the wall must NOT be.
@OldCoastie - We may be leaving the epoch of "the US of the lawyers". Your point about the problems the surveyors would experience is a good one. Trump needs an SS. And for the mass arrests and deportations too.
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