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Friday, December 09, 2016

Three charts. Inarguable.

From Peter Daou's twitter feed:
I repeat: 2016 boils down to Hillary's public image being unjustly savaged by right, left and media. The entire story in three graphics...
I think he means "right and left media." But his analysis is spot-on. Here are the charts:

Good Stuff.
Trump was allowed to repeatedly lie over the airwaves without repudiation by anyone. Every time Trump called Clinton a criminal, he was lying. And lets not forget the National Enquirer, probably 10 million see their headlines in the supermarket over the course of a full week.
Now multiply all the horrific anti Clinton headlines they ran over the past year. Easily shifted at least a million to 2 million votes to Trump. Trump and that National Enquirer are allies.
More important was Jeff Zucker and CNN. Zucker and Trump go way back to 2003, when Zucker was head of NBC Entertainment and Trump had his hit program "The Apprentice." Jeff Zucker literally MADE Donald Trump the candidate. Nobody else. Zucker is totally responsible for this disaster called Donald Trump. He was NOT a serious candidate and wouldn't have made it past Iowa were it not for Zucker pimping for him on his network. Zucker gave this Lonesome Rhodes of the GOP unlimited, unfiltered airtime for months on end. Other candidates were shut out.

Zucker did this for ratings and ad revenue. He completely violated journalistic ethics.

None of this blatant conflict of interest was noted in the primaries.

Jeff Zucker belongs in prison for treason against the United States.
It's a conspiracy!
Wash. Post 77; CNN 67; ABC 63; NBC 63; CBS 61; NY Times 61% unfavorable to HRC.

The so-called "liberal media", ladies and germs.

None of this, of course, will shake the faith of the wingnut cult that those institutions are staffed by "a buncha damn librulz!"

"Once you start to notice that a depressingly large number of our fellow citizens have become reprogrammable Orwellian meat-puppets, the rise of Trump is not hard to understand at all."--Driftglass
The Clintons have been the media's favorite targets for 25 years. What made anyone think that 2016 was going to be different?
I agree with OTE's comments on Jeff Zucker, who blatantly said, 'Trump may be bad for the country but he's great for ratings.' That Trump lashed out at Zucker at the infamous meeting with the press at Trump Tower was either a staged putdown or a bit of karmic justice. Knowing that Trump loves to deceive people, I'd now say the Zucker lambast was strategic: deflect, deflect, deflect.

More outrageous is knowing that the CIA knew of Russian interference in the election, passed that info to Comey who, in his infinite wisdom, decided to sit on the investigative materials. Instead, the man placed his thumb on the scale for Trumpism, offering the press the unique opportunity to launch baseless smears and innuendo against Hillary Clinton. Because carelessness.

And so, we have the next POTUS selected by Putin and his lackeys and a complicit Republican establishment. It's reported that McConnell knew of Trump's Russian connections, the hacking and skullduggery all along but did not want the material released until after the election. Says a lot for an independent FBI doesn't it? Makes me wonder what they have on James Comey. It must be Yu-u-ge!

We are so screwed.
Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America

By Lauren Duca, in Teen Vogue.

Yeah. Teen Vogue is doing a better job of journalism than the "news" organizations listed in the graphic above.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Carter Page is an interesting guy. More here.
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