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Thursday, December 22, 2016

This could be good...

Tom Arnold says that he possesses a video of Donald Trump using the word "nigger" and calling his own child (Baron, apparently) a "retard." Trump's people -- who seem unclear on the concept of "discovery" -- have threatened to sue. Arnold seems overjoyed, not cowed.

My suggestion? Puh-LEEEEEZE release the video --  but time the release just right, to have maximum impact on the congressfolk who must ratify the election on January 6. I would love to see a challenge to this vote, as occurred in January 2005.

Or: Release the video on January 19. That'd be nice too. Fill the Mall with angry people ready to give Donnie the proverbial "standing boo." Pence for President!
Depends on the context. Remember the 'apprentice' had many blacks on it over the years. If one said to Trump 'your treating me like the house N#######' and Trump said I am not Treating you like the house N###### the context might Nullify it.

I would feel sorry for Trump if he said that about Barron.

thats a sign of frustration with a child.


You should stay on Rex wilkerson
His sons Eric and Donald are retards. I hope Barron travels a different path.
The only video that will make my day would be the one that reveal the collaboration between Sanders and the trumps. I am dead sure there is something there
Puh-LEEEEEZE release the video -- but time the release just right, to have maximum impact on the congressfolk who must ratify the election on January 6. I would love to see a challenge to this vote, as occurred in January 2005.

Ah, yes, January 2005! That certainly worked out well! The 2005 challenge, if you'll recall, was based on a Judiciary Committee report alleging voting irregularities in Ohio. I question whether any such challenge is even constitutional - the Constitution doesn't empower Congress to "ratify" the results. It merely states that they should be present when the results are "counted":

The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;—The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.
-- Amendment XII

State governments are in pretty much total control over the method of selection of electors - there's not even a requirement that a state have a popular vote to do so. They could just as well do it by gubernatorial appointment or by lottery.

The more some Democrats insist on trying to subvert the process (and yes, that is what you're trying to do), the more they marginalize the party. Right now, the Democrats are in danger of becoming a regional party with a permanent minority. Democrats are basically irrelevant on the national level. Temper tantrums aren't going to fix that.
There is also the absolute fact of course that Trump is selling access to meet him at a VIP event for (put pinky in mouth), One Million Dollars.

Toby Keith is already booked for the event.
I've been trying to research this but I keep wondering something. Tom Arnold didn't just start hating Trump yesterday AND The Apprentice tapes are YEARS, why would you wait until after the election to bring this up? Probably the same reason why you would wait until after the Electors do their thing and then bring the tapes up?

I just do not know what that answer/reason is...
The options seem to be

* subvert the process

* fight and almost certainly lose a civil war (and if that happens, it will be the enemy that chooses the timing)

* be resigned to fascist victory and mass slaughter and starvation

Trump needs to be stopped, fast, by whatever means are necessary. It is practically an open secret that nuclear war is being prepared.
I'd like to hear Tom explain - very carefully - what exactly was so ha-ha funny about those tapes. Seems to me the only people who found Donnie funny before the election were stupid white guys like him.
Okay...thanks to this post, I have been reading Tom Arnold tweets going back for months and he tweets A LOT. I did see his call for people who worked on Apprentice to "Private Message" him and I think he got a teaser response and the video rumor was born...anyway, more on my mind is

On SEVERAL occasions, Tom Arnold tweets how he knows for sure from a Buddy that Trump has met with Putin in 2013 (See his twitter 12/11/16 for an example).

Conversely, in this video:

Bill Maher hammers Kellyanne about Trump lying about ever meeting Putin as Maher says in the video at 8:25 and again at 11:25 Maher states again it is indeed a Provable Lie.

Okay...Maher and Arnold are pitching opposite messages. In Cannonfire spirit, who is the Ratfuck Lying Commie spreading this fake BS??

Who is the Ratfucker Liar? Bill Maher or Tom Arnold?

They cannot both be honest, quotable and trustworthy now!!

Just sayin'

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