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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Of Trump and treason

In an obvious (and laudable) attempt to put the psychological squeeze on the electoral college -- which decides our fate within hours -- there have been a flurry of articles accusing Trump of being unfit for office. The video embedded above offers one volley. (Note: I usually embed only YouTube videos, but this one comes from MSNBC. If there are technical problems, such as autoplaying, I'll take it down.)

Also see John Shattuck in the Boston Globe:
A specter of treason hovers over Donald Trump. He has brought it on himself by dismissing a bipartisan call for an investigation of Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee as a “ridiculous” political attack on the legitimacy of his election as president.
There are several possible explanations for Trump’s position. They are not mutually exclusive. First, he may be trying to shore up his political standing before the Electoral College vote on Monday. Second, he may be attempting to undermine the credibility of US intelligence agencies in advance of his taking office so that he can intimidate them and have a freer hand in reshaping the intelligence product to suit his objectives. Third, he may be testing his ability to go over the heads of intelligence professionals and congressional critics and persuade the American public to follow his version of the truth about national security threats. And finally, he may be seeking to cover up evidence of involvement or prior knowledge by members of his campaign team or himself in the Russian cyberattack.

In each case the president-elect is inviting an interpretation that his behavior is treasonous.
I vote for the last-named option. To me, it's obvious.

Look, we all know that Paul Manafort remained part of Team Trump even after his official dismissal, while Ivanka remains BFF with Wendi Deng, who -- by most accounts -- is Putin's girlfriend (although she denies it). Trump has major assets in Russia. The Tillerson nomination for Secretary of State indicates that the plan all along has been for Trump to broker that half-trillion-dollar Exxon deal with Russia. Russia's deputy foreign minister admitted that there were contacts between the Trump campaign and Putin's government.

On another front: There are renewed attacks on Trump's mental health.

The question before us: Will any of this sway the electoral college? The majority of Americans would prefer to delay the vote, but I see no constitutional method of doing so. The other question in that poll is a bit frustrating:
Given these intelligence reports, to what extent do you agree or disagree that members of the Electoral College should change or withhold their vote on Monday, and instead allow Congress to review the allegations and appoint the next president?
Forty-six percent say yea, 54% say nay.

The problem here is the wording. See, what I want to know is whether the people support the right of the electors to change their vote -- period. Count me among those who would like to see the EC decide in favor of anyone but Trump. Why? Because the EC can go off the reservation entirely and pick someone like Romney or Kasich. The Constitution forces the House (dominated by Republicans) to choose between Trump, Clinton and Johnson.

The prospect of a Johnson presidency amuses me no end, but I don't think he has much of a chance -- and neither, to be ruthlessly honest, does Clinton. Even if Donald Trump were to fill his Twitter feed with videos of his sexual escapades with Putin, the House would not choose Clinton. If the EC is going to say "Let Congress do it," they might as well just give it to Trump.

It would be nice if the electors were to act boldly and save us from this unhinged traitor. I do not believe that they will; I have no faith in the faithless. But any protest votes will look good in the history books, and will remind the nation that conscience still plays a role in our affairs. (And I do recognise that the faithless operate at some risk.)

Let's gather 'round the Reichstag fire. Trump directed one of his characteristic rampages against Pail Krugman, who committed the sin of suggesting that a 9/11-style attack would "legitimize" Trump's dubious presidency, just as the first 9/11 did for Bush.

"What kind of demented person would say that?" asked Trump, whose expertise in dementia is unquestioned.

Krugman was careful to state that he was not predicting a "false-flag" event. I am. And the motive, I believe, will not be to dispel the taint of illegitimacy but to dispel democracy itself.

The fact that Trump reacted with such fury tells me that Krugman stumbled onto something. One thing we've all learned about the Donald: Psychologically, he's pretty transparent. You see, Trump is a classic conspiracy buff -- and like the other buffs I've known (most of whom were un-corkable motor-mouths), he would rather bite off his own nipples than squelch an unvoiced thought.

I wonder if plays poker? "Holy shit! Another KING!"
The house would choose between the three recieving most votes in the electoral college, so it appears unlikely Johnson will make the cut.

A Scandinavian
Whatever happened to the Bannon/Breitbart connection to the hack. Trump and Bannon are like Romulus and Remus in their closeness.

If you really want to discover who and what the masses of working class and other Americans regard as "treasonous" manipulate the electors into denying Trump the presidency.
If in 2018 people think that things are going well, the Republicans will claim that they should get the credit. If things are going badly, they will blame the Democrats and or Trump. Force the Congressional Republicans to vote for Trump and accept the blame if things go wrong.
(part 1/2)

There should be an organised and peaceful campaign to persuade each Republican elector personally to vote for someone other than Trump. These are the men and women who elect the US president. Do we want them to elect a fascist or not?

Publish their email addresses, Twitter names and phone numbers. Correspond with them. Hear what they have to say. Persuade them. Publicly praise those among them who commit to doing the right thing. Let's get some momentum.

Here are their names (states A-M):

Perry O. Hooper Jr., Pike Road, At-Large
Grady H. Thornton, Birmingham, At-Large
Frank Burt Jr., Bay Minette, CD1
Will B. Sellers, Montgomery, CD2
James Eldon Wilson, Montgomery, CD3
Tim Wadsworth, Arley, CD4
J. Elbert Peters, Huntsville, CD5
Mary Sue McClurkin, Indian Springs, CD6
Robert A. Cusanelli, Carrollton, CD7

Sean Parnell, Palmer
Jacqueline Tupou, Juneau
Carolyn Leman, Anchorage

J. Foster Morgan, Glendale
Walter Begay Jr., Kayenta
Bruce Ash, Tucson - National Committeeman
Sharon Giese, Mesa
James O’Connor, Scottsdale
Jerry Hayden, Scottsdale
Robert Graham, Phoenix - State Party Chairman
Edward Robson, Phoenix
Carole Joyce, Phoenix
Alberto Gutier, Phoenix
Jane Pierpoint Lynch, Phoenix

Jonathan Barnett
Jonelle Fulmer
Keith Gibson
Tommy Land
John Nabholz
Sharon Wright

Tony Ledbetter
Pam Bondi
Sharon Day
Ade Aderibigbe
Larry Ahern
Brian Ballard
Kristy Banks
Michael Barnett
Lizbeth Benacquisto
Robin Bernstein
John Browning
Dena DeCamp
Nick DiCeglie
Jeremy Evans
John Falconetti
Peter Feaman
Kat Gates-Skipper
Joe Gruters
Debbie Hannifan
Blaise Ingoglia
Mike Moberley
Susan Moore
Joe Negron
Clint Pate
Ray Rodrigues
Carlos Trujillo
Robert Watkins
Susie Wiles
Christian Ziegler

Bruce Allen Azevedo
Brian K Burdette
Lott Harris Dill
John David Elliott
James Randolph Evans
Bobbie D. Frantz
Linda D. Herren
Rachel Blackstone Little
Deborah M. McCord
Michael Neil McNeely
Mary L. Padgett
Neil L. Pruitt
Joshua Kirk Shook
Frank B. Strickland
Baoky Nguyen Vu (resigned, will be replaced by alternate)
John B. White

(Bangerter and Smyser will be replaced, because they are federal employees)
Layne Bangerter
Caleb Lakey
Jennifer Locke
Melinda Smyser

Stephanie Beckley, Jamestown
Daniel Bortner, Bedford
Laura Campbell, Carmel
Jeff Cardwell, Indianapolis
Donald L. Hayes, Jasper
Randall Kirkpatrick, Ligonier
Ethan E. Manning, Peru
Macy Kelly Mitchell, Indianapolis
Edwin J. Simcox, Fishers
Kevin Steen, Muncie
Chuck Williams, Valparaiso

James Whitmer
Don Kass
Dylan Keller
Alan Braun
Kurt Brown
Polly Granzow
Danielle Massey

Ashley J. McMillan, Concordia, party vice chair.
Helen Van Etten, Topeka, national committeewoman.
Mark Kahrs, Wichita, national committeeman.
Ron Estes, Wichita, Kansas State Treasurer.
Clayton L. Barker, Leawood, party executive director.
Kelly Arnold, Wichita, party chairman.

Jim Skaggs
David Disponett
Robert Duncan
Michael Carter
Scott Lasley
Walter Reichert
Mary Singleton
Troy Sheldon

Chris Trahan, CD1
Lloyd Harsh, CD2
Charles Buckels, CD3
Louis Avalone, CD4
Kay Katz, CD5
Lennie Rhys, CD6
Garret Monti, At Large
Scott Wilfong, At Large

Richard A. Bennett of Oxford

John Haggard
Jack Holmes
Kelly Mitchell
Judy Rapanos
Henry Hatter
Robert Weitt
Wyckham Seelig
Ross Ensign
Michael Banerian
Brian Fairbrother
Ken Crider
Mary Vaughn
Jim Rhoades — Motorcycle lobbyist.
William Rauwerdink
Hank Fuhs
Joseph Guzman

Ann Hebert
Joe F. Sanderson Jr.
Bradley R. White
J. Kelley Williams
William G. Yates Jr.
Wirt Yerger

Tim Dreste (1st)
Jan DeWeese (2nd)
Hector Maldonado (3rd)
Sherry Kuttenkuler (4th)
Casey Crawford (5th)
Tom Brown (6th)
Cherry Warren (7th)
Scott Clark (8th)
Al Rotskoff
Susie Johnson

Thelma Baker
Nancy Ballance
Dennis Scranton

(part 2/2)

Republican electors, states N-W:

Craig Safranek, Merna
Chuck Conrad, Hastings
John Dinkel, Norfolk
Phil Belin, Omaha
Paul Burger, Kearney

Linda Harper
Charles Staley
Karen Kozel
Martha Jenkins
Celeste Stanley
Donald Webb
Robert Muller
Jennifer Dunbar
Andrea Arterburn
Glenn Pinckney Sr.
Mark Delk
David Speight
Ann Sullivan
Lee Green
David Smuski

John Olson
Duane Mutch
Bev Clayburgh

Marilyn Ashcraft
Curt Braden
Christina Hagan
Lee-Ann Johnson
Ralph King
Alex Triantafilou
Mary Anne Christie
Corey Schottenstein
Jim Dicke II
Cheryl Blakely
Richard Jones
Tom Coyne
Judy Westbrock
Leonard Hubert
Tracey Winbush
James Wert
Brian Schottenstein
Ed Crawford

David Oldham
Teresa Lyn Turner
Mark Thomas
Bobby Cleveland
Lauree Elizabeth Marshall
Charles W. Potts
George W. Wiland, Jr.


Bob Asher
Mary Barket
Robert Bozzuto
Theodore (Ted) Christian
Michael Downing
Margaret Ferraro
Robert Gleason
Christopher Gleason
Joyce Haas
Ash Khare
James McErlane
Elstina Pickett
Patricia Poprik
Andrew Reilly
Carol Sides
Glora "Lee" Snover
Richard Stewart
Lawrence Tabas
Christine Toretti
Carolyn Bunny Welsh

Glenn McCall
Matt Moore
Terry Hardesty
Jim Ulmer
Brenda Bedenbaugh
Bill Conley
Shery Smith
Moye Graham
Jerry Rovner

Marty Jackley
Dennis Daugaard
Matt Michels

Beth Scott Clayton Amos, Rep member of the State Executive Committee, member of the Board of the Estate Planning Council of Middle TN, At Large
Joey Jacobs of Brentwood, statewide delegate, Pres & CEO of Acadia Healthcare), At Large
Jason Mumpower (Bristol), CD1
Susan Mills (Maryville), CD2
Liz Holiway (Harriman), CD3
Lynne Davis (Lascassas), CD4
Tom Lawless (Nashville), CD5
Mike Callahan (Monterey), CD6
Pat Allen (Clarksville), CD7
Shannon Haynes (Alamo), CD8
Drew Daniel (Memphis), CD9

Marty Rhymes
Thomas Moon
Carol Sewell
John E. Harper
Sherrill Lenz
Nicholas Ciggelakis
Will Hickman
Landon Estay
Rex Lamb
Rosemary Edwards
Matt Stringer
Shellie Surles
Melissa Kalka
Sandra Cararas
David Thackston
Robert Bruce
Margie Forster
Scott Mann
Marian K. Stanko
Tina Gibson
Ken Muenzter
Alexander Kim
Virginia Abel
Curtis Nelson
Kenneth Clark
Candace Noble
Fred Farias
John Dillard
Tom Knight
Marian Knowlton
Rex Teter
Stephen Suprun Jr.;
Jon Jewett
Susan Fischer
Lauren Byers
William Greene
Mary Lou Erben
Arthur Sisneros

Cherilyn Eagar
Kris Kimball
Jeremy Jenkins
Peter Greathouse
Chia-Chi Teng
Richard Snelgrove

Ron Foster
Patrick Morrisey
Ann Urling
Mac Warner
Bill Cole

Kim Travis, Williams Bay, CD1
Kim Babler, Madison, CD2
Brian Westrate, Fall Creek, CD3
Brad Courtney, Whitefish Bay, CD4
Kathy Kiernan, Richfield, CD5
Dan Feyen, Fond du Lac, CD6
Jim Miller, Hayward, CD7
Bill Berglund, Sturgeon Bay, CD8
Steve King, Janesville, At Large
Mary Buestrin, River Hills, At Large

Bonnie Foster
Teresa Richards
Karl Allred

@amspirnational - "Masses"? Trump does NOT speak for the working class. Working class people who believe he speaks for them need to be taught a fucking good lesson by their fellows.

The majority who voted for candidates other than Trump or who abstained weren't all high-powered middle class lawyers and billionaire CEOs.

The stupidity of Trumpers I've encountered online makes my jaw drop. They believe, for example, that Trump won the popular vote and that the reason why officially he lost it is that George Soros owned the voting machines. They can't stop sounding off about how Clinton is the bitch of bitches, she got her "ass" whupped, etc. The election was like a sports win for these morons. Or rather, a win for the team they were cheering for while sat on their arses in front of the television. They say Trump is doing great stuff but they can't say what, other than that he has appointed Exxon guy or whatever they heard on Fox that day. Some of them probably think Trump is already president.

I am noticing a widespread phenomenon of "fuckwit pride": cocky public statements by people who can't support the statements they're making because they're too fucking stupid, who are obviously incapable of forming their own opinions, and who have probably kept their mouths shut about "grown-up stuff" for years if not decades. Now they're out and they're proud. And they've got guns too.

We're talking about men who a) can't handle female company and b) probably don't know what the capital of Canada is.

Got to wonder whether if a civil war is coming the fascist side may experience a bit of a problem with the stupidity of their rank and file.

@Amspir: I do not expect the EC to save the Republic, but remember--more people voted for his chief opponent than for him, so the reaction might be less than you think.

I figure what may be more likely to happen is that Pence is a mole for the Establishment, and once Pumpkinhead and Pence are inaugurated, then the proof will emerge that the Russkies interfered with the election, to the point that Pumpkinhead is compromised.

Then the GOP-dominated Congress will be "shocked, shocked" to learn that Pumpkinhead is indeed the dupe of a foreign power, if not a traitor--and the Corporate Media will join in the howls of outrage--and Congress can impeach Pumpkinhead and remove him from office, and Pence becomes President.

Neither major party, nor the media, would have incentive to support the Trump Chumps in a rebellion (also remember, conservatives are disproportionately old folks--it's hard to goose-step on a Hoveround or shoot while cataracts interfere with your vision), so any uprising should fizzle and/or be squelched quickly.

Ascended Madoka help me, I'd even settle for Prez Pence at this point.
It is not going to happen. I despise the so-called Hamilton Electors because they are anti-Clinton assholes. They would consider a third party like Kasich or Romney, which would be totally illegitimate, before they would ever deign to vote for a Democrat, especially this Democrat. Fuck them.
Her campaign made it easier for her haters though, it was almost a cliche.
The haters would have said the same things even if she and her people had run the campaign in the exact fashion that All-Knowing Expert Anonymous 5:31 AM thinks they should have run it.
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