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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Newsfaking (additional material)

I had planned to write a long-ish piece about recent claims made by Craig Murray; unfortunately, my health is a bit iffy tonight, so I have to keep things brief. Murray -- a former UK ambassador turned Julian Assange associate -- says that the DNC leaks did not occur via Russian hacking. Instead, that leaked material was (allegedly) handed to him by a DNC staffer who was angered by supposed Clinton Foundation corruption and the DNC's mistreatment of St. Bernie.

But the Clinton Foundation is NOT corrupt; as discussed in previous posts, these charges are Breitbart fabrications. And Bernie -- as we've established in a number of previous posts -- received absolutely zero ill-treatment from the DNC. None. Zippo.

In other words, Murray wants us to believe that his contact was motivated by "scandals" which do not actually exist outside of Trump/Bernie propaganda.

Naturally, the Alt-Right sites are treating Murray's revelations as if they were Gospel. Forget about the findings of the entire American intelligence community. Forget about the fact that Putin's guilt is stipulated by James Comey, who has not exactly acted in a friendly fashion toward Hillary. Forget about the dozens of indicators that Putin and Trump cut a deal.

And consider this all-important fact: The intelligence community made its assessment even though Obama's term is nearly complete. Trump has signaled that he intends to install loyalists and sycophants. In terms of career advancement, no-one in today's intelligence community has any motive to proffer a fake story which calls into question Trump's legitimacy.

By way of comparison (a comparison which Trump himself drew): The misleading claim that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs occurred toward the beginning of the Dubya administration. At that time, anyone with ambition in the intelligence community had every motive to please the new boss. Yet even then, the CIA never used the words "high confidence" in regard to the WMD claim; everything was kept hazy and speculative. CIA does use the term "high confidence" to describe their finding that Putin's hackers affected the 2016 election.

In order to be a proper TrumpBot, you have to forget all about those inconvenient facts.

The far right would prefer for you to disregard the intelligence services of the United States and its allies (who have also chimed in on this score). Instead, we are supposed to believe an unverified tale told by a disgraced former ambassador named Craig Murray -- a man who is suddenly the new darling of the vile Alex Jones. Surprise, surprise: Murray's fable just happens to hit many of the same propaganda points pushed by the Trump campaign. 

As it turns out, Murray's DNC contact told him a few things which have not yet been published. In a Cannonfire exclusive, I shall now present the hidden part of Murray's description of the day he met his DNC source.
As I questioned my contact further, all of the color left her face. "But I haven't even told you the worst part, Mr. Murray. Pedophilia. Satanism. Podesta. It's all tied in with this Pizza restaurant in Chevy Chase..."

"Are you kidding?"

"I wish I were! But that's not the most unbelievable part. If you stand really close to Hillary, you can see them. The camera doesn't capture it, because she keeps them neatly trimmed..." 

"See what?"

"The horns! I know you won't believe this, but I swear to God, it's true. She keeps them carefully trimmed, sort of like Hellboy, but much closer to scalp. If get close to her, you can can see two flat, boney discs just below her hairline..."
If the name of the game is "Fake News," I wanna play too!

On a related note: Facebook has instituted serious polices regarding fake news. I'm pleased to see that these policies bear some resemblance to the ideas that I tossed out there not so long ago.
Well it is the time of the year to regift, so I guess the media has reforgotten James Comey's role in all of this. Whether or not Comey is connected to Putin, I presume he is not, he still is ground zero for the hacking of the presidency, yet the media is now tailing Putin. Why?

Why can't the media stick to what is important, getting James Comey to answer questions BEFORE the Electoral College Electors, vote. The Fourteen Days of Comey, Questions FBI Director James Comey must Answer before the Electoral College Electors, Vote.
It saddens me to say this, but we can't go on and on about the influence of outside forces on the election and leave out the incompetence of her campaign. I saw the result clearly over a month before it happened. It had nothing to do with hacks or Russians. It was her massaging and her demeanor. The public hear crooked Hillary hundreds of times every day and her campaign retort his sexual conducts,not he is the embodiment of crookdness criminality etc..
People she chose to run her campaign were the same kind of people who ran the first one. She learned nothing. It's amazes me how out of touch her campaign was. They had no clue about anyone that doesn't sing the songs they want to hear. Marginalizing the role of Bill Clinton was a fatal mistake too. He knows how to win election. It's a very sad episode in American history like Carlin in that video few post down, I am rooting for a comet or meteor to wipe everything out.
Anon, this is kind of silly. Bill Clinton could not have done more -- even the late night comics like Samantha Bee had turned against him, after the Republicans trotted out Juanita Brodderick. There were plenty of reports about Trump's corrkedness and venality; none of them stuck. What worked -- what put Hillary way ahead on two occasions -- were attacks on Trump's sexual history and on his character.

That would have been sufficient to put her over the top, but every time she pulled way ahead, the fake news stories (for which the Russians bear at least some responsibility) quickly eroded her commanding lead. Still, she maintained that lead until the end.

The "red shift" is simply a fact, and not just in this election, but election after election. All a Republican need do is keep their candidate within striking distance. THe various vote-rigging tactics -- including caging and the things that Greg Palast discusses, as well as rigging of actual machines -- provides the thumb on the scale. It must be done fairly subtly or the game is up.

The existence of voter machne hacking become obvious when you see the absurd lengths that Trump's lawyers went to stop the recount. The most recent Bradcast (if memory serves) goes into this. If Trump had nothing to fear from a recount, why would he pay millions to those lawyers?
In two occasions if the campaign followed Bill's lead it would have made a difference. The first one early on he was to talking younger people about participation in politics. At some point he mentioned had young people were out for the mid term election things would have been different for Obama which of course was true. But everyone went on his case attacking him for alienating the young crowed. As if we were dealing with toddlers who need to be handled gently not adults tasked with choosing the next president. And guess what all that cuddling didn't work any way. May tough be love would have.
Another just before ACA announced the premium increase, he was talking about it in one of the rallies. He specifically out lined what is going to change in Hillary's plan. Again they all over him discrediting him and accusing him of sabotage. A week later the news of the increase came and trump capitalized on that instead of the dem. Those are the most obvious example. He is a solid politician. The campaign spent a lot of time catering to Sanders children instead of putting them in their place early on in April. A fact no one on the dem dare to mention is that (lock her up) originated from the Sanders campaign. Mrs Sanders in Fox news was urging the FBI to hurry up and put her in jail so to end her campaign. DEM never said anything. But anything Bill says they jump all over him.
I am a Troll. However i totally with you guys that Comey DID want to interfere with the election. However I disagree with his reason.

I think Comey is sure he will indict Clinton for something. Tougher to do with a sitting president.
"Whatever they do to us, we can potentially do to them," says Obama.

Well actually, no the US can't.

The US is looking ridiculous. The country's president supposedly knew the Russians were hacking the election, but he let them, so as not to compromise it. Then, the Kremlin's man safely elected, he tells them they'd better watch out, because the US could do it back to them. "Potentially" anyway. Like fuck! Why doesn't he shake a stick at them too? And what's his message? Not to interfere in the 2020 election?

The US appears to be in total disarray strategically. And as Al-Qaeda lose Aleppo, the US leadership has some kind of a problem with that.

D'y'know what? Someone may take advantage, soon, of the terrible state of the US in the propaganda war. That someone may be China, Daesh, or even Russia - if it pleases the Kremlin to throw a punch at such a weak opponent - or some other country. It's as if the US is lying dead in the street.
Here is how I spot news that might be fake...

If 100% of the posts/comments on a Blog say Hillary is awesome, honest and she has the greatest amount of integrity of anyone who ever ran for office...bla bla bla (you get the point).


100% of everything Trump says or does is dishonest BS...heck even a broken clock gets the time right a couple of times per day.

Another thing that tips me off is people harping on how Russians hacked Podesta emails to get Trump elected...even though it is widely known (Google it yourself) that Podesta was compromised via "Change your password" Phishing (only Russians are capable of that of course) AND this compromised happened back in mid March 2016 WAY BEFORE Trump was the nominee and everyone was still saying he was a loser and would never become the nominee. Everyone knows this public timeline but fakers ignore it.

Just Sayin'

Anyway, back to more productive stuff instead of arguing about an election that is over.
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