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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Michael Flynn Jr. and Pizzagate

I've been doing a ton of Pizzagate research, but haven't the time to discuss my findings in any detail right now. In truth, I'm thinking of writing a small book about this episode -- a case study in how the conspiratorial underground devolves into madness.

For now, let's briefly note that Michael Flynn Jr., son of the Lt. General who will be Trump's National Security Adviser, is a huge fan of right-wing conspiracy theories and a big Pizzagator. He also plays a substantial role in the transition -- a fact denied by Mike Pence, but a fact nonetheless.

Actually, they are now claiming that Flynn the younger no longer plays a role. Ah, yes. Where have we heard that before? This is a typical Trump trick: You may recall how the Donald's campaign at various times claimed to have severed relations with Roger Stone, Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort. All such claims came perfumed by a scent which the French call la connerie.

Flynn the younger uses Gab, the neo-Nazi alternative to Twitter -- and he wants Flynn the elder to use the same platform. Maybe Trump himself will make the switch?

By the way, modern-day hipsters-for-Hitler also have their own version of Reddit, called Voat, which is an intentional -- and allegedly humorous -- misspelling of the word "vote." 

Here's a story I missed a couple of weeks ago: Apparently, Pizzagate has been huge news in Turkey.
In the last week, all Turkish pro-government papers, including mainstream publications like Sabah, A Haber, Yeni Şafak, Akşam and Star, ran similar stories about the PizzaGate, using the very same images and claims from a (now banned) subreddit to convince their readers on how serious and deep-rooted the scandal was. Columnists penned articles that the PizzaGate is a part of the globalist conspiracy against Turkey, and one article even remarked that the “Teenage” in pizza-eating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now makes sense as a pedophilia reference after PizzaGate.

And all of this is very, very popular on Turkish Twitter. A video that claimed to show Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C., purportedly delivering children to politicians and business people (which is not true) went viral in Turkey, just like the video of Vice President Biden on the swearing-in ceremony of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del) was re-narrated in Turkey to claim that Biden was abusing Coons’ daughter in public (which, also, is not true).
As always, the question is: How much of this is intentional deception, and how much is the misguided conclusion-hopping of conspiratards anxious to pull the wool over their own eyes?

I don't think that a guy like (say) Ed Opperman -- a private investigator and an alleged socialist who has pushed Pizzagate on his show -- is a deliberate liar. In fact, I've quite enjoyed some of his less-nutty shows, like the one he did on Scientology. However, he seems to be emotionally wedded to the insane idea that everyone worth more than a million bucks wants to rape a child while shouting "Hail Satan!"

Who's the white private dick that's a lie machine to all the cranks?
You're damn right.
Who is the man that lies like hell 'bout the Clinton clan?
Can ya dig it?
Who's the cat who won't make sense
and helped the guy who ran with Pence?
Right on.
You see, this cat Op is one dumb mother...
Shut your mouth
Hey, just talkin' 'bout Op
He's a complicated man
But no one understands him 'cause he's cray-cray.
Ed Op.

I'll cackle uproariously when he accuses me of being paid by the Great Clinton Conspiracy to come up with that bit of filking.

For the most part, though, I think that the right-wingers who invented Pizzagate are deliberately engaging in psychowar. They are lying and they know it.

On a related note: I've been trying to get my head around the adversarial relationship between Alex Jones and the growing number of avowed, unrepentant fans of the Third Reich. "Out" Nazis all claim to hate AJ. Yet on some level, they seem to understand that he is kin. AJ has linked up with Milo "post-fact"  Yiannopoulos, who is also hated by the acolytes of Adolf, even though most of us feel comfortable classifying Milo himself as, at the very least, a fascist.

It's a little difficult for those on the outside to keep track of who-hates-whom within the far right. This situation reminds me of the old days, when Milton "Bill" Cooper asked his audience of addled UFO dimwits to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. As soon as the Protocols entered his spiel, most outside observers assumed that Cooper had to be a secret Nazi -- after all, Coop was the guy who claimed that the "evil aliens" who had gained control of the world's banks could be recognized by their big noses. I was a little surprised to learn that actual swastika-bedecked Hitler-heilers hated Cooper. Why? Because despite the obviousness of his coded language, Coop refused to come right out and say "It's the Jews!"

(He may have taken that final step into overt anti-Semitism late in his ill-starred career; I stopped following his antics after a certain point.)

I guess that's the main split within the far, far right: The J-word. Those who state their bigotries plainly resent those who maintain a certain respectability by employing euphemisms. Coop could always claim: Hey, I'm not talking about Jews -- I'm talking about aliens! Jones can always claim: Hey, I'm not talking about Jews -- I'm talking about the Illuminati! The most successful American conspiracists offer up every slice of the Nazi sausage except for that really evil bit at the end.
"I'm thinking of writing a small book about this episode [PizzaGate]"

Yes, please! I would buy that book. I've never stated it, but I've always wanted you (Joseph Cannon, that is), to write a book. In this day and age, and you've read my posts, it would be nice to read a book by someone who isn't 'Hard Right'. That is, to say, someone who isn't a complete fucking lunatic that is so Far Right that they don't feel human to me.

I have the feeling that you would consider me much farther 'Left' than you are, but I'm pretty sure that broken down to brass tax, we are both Keynesians. And THAT, fundamentally, is what matters to me. Keynesianism is dead, to be sure, but the Democratic Party of today is entirely enveloped in the language of identity politics, something that doesn't interest me. Like you, I'm focused on economics and economic polity, not identity polity. I recently told my stepfather, who is an exceptionally Far Right extremist, that I don't play party loyalty or cults of personality, I'm interested in economics and policy, because I believe that's what matters.

Any civilization, ANY CIVILIZATION, is going to be the product of its economic policies. I've supported various third parties (the Socialist Party of the United States of America, the Green Party, the Progressive Citizens Party, which is a local party) and the Democratic Party (primarily in my support for Barack Obama AND Hillary Clinton). In 2008, I voted for Brian Moore, the nominee of the Socialist Party USA (SPUSA). I did this because I was hurt and upset that Hillary Clinton wasn't the nominee. I felt, at the time, that the nomination was stolen from her and that Barack Obama was chosen only because he's black. I actually hated Obama for stealing the nomination, as I saw it. I supported the Green Party during the midterm year (2010), both for ballot access in the Spring and for the Fall midterms.

In 2012, I very begrudgingly voted for Barack Obama in the general election, and Democratic Party down ballot (for every single position). I only voted for Obama because of pressure from my boyfriend at the time, who told me that voting third party was throwing my vote in the trash and stoked fears of a Willard 'Mitt' Romney victory. I still regret caving into such pressure and fear. In the 2014 midterms, I once again supported the Green Party, both for the Primary elections in the Spring and the midterms in the Fall.

This year, and only because of Hillary, I supported the Democratic Party. I voted on the Democratic ballot during the State Primary (for Hillary and every female listed on the ballot), and I voted for Hillary and every Democrat down ballot for the general election. This year was my last attempt to get Hillary elected. It's also the last time I will ever support the Democratic Party. I know Joe Biden said he may run in 2020, but I don't give a single fuck if he does or doesn't. I'm not on board for that or with the Democratic Party. Supposedly, an alternative route is running Cory Booker as "the Second Coming of Obama". Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker have been disastrous. The only time they don't look vile is when they are standing next to a Republican.

And so long as Republicans continue to control the flow of information and the narrative, people will continue to buy and put stock into PizzaGate. The PizzaGate pseudo-scandal is far from over, both my mother and her husband believe PizzaGate to be a genuine story. They actually believe that Hillary Clinton was the Madam (or Head Mistress) pimping out soft, feminine underage boys to Washington clientele. Yes, they actually believe such claptrap.

When I've broached the subject, to try and change their minds, they look at me as if I had just come home from fucking a small boy. This is the society and culture that Fox News and Christian fundamentalism has created. We were primed for the rise of American Fascism.
Why do all these conspiratards coalesce around jews? they aren't part of ac conspiracy themselves-they're uncoordinated and mutually hostile so how do they all nudge towards this argument? I woulda liked to hear back from u, pls add a contact field to your 'anonymous' comments. I'll just bookmark for now.
Trump again follows in Hitler's footsteps (1938), by becoming Time magazine's Person of the Year (2016). Don't you just love New York?
"The city getting rich from fake news". It's an interesting article by the BBC. You've got tie city and sock city in China - well here's a fake news city in Macedonia. Pys-ops bullshit on the internet may feel like it's automated, but it still requires a fair amount of labour-power, not all of it highly skilled.

The article is interesting, but toe-curlingly pathetic. Photos yes, interviews yes, but did the question "Who is paying?" even occur to them?
Please do write a book, Joseph. I'll buy it if it's priced within reason. (Don't go all Judy Wood on me.) It doesn't have to be ponderous. You could just collect your favorite blog posts over the years. You could even model it on "Revolution for the Hell of It" and "Steal This Book". Feature your art. Well worthwhile.

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