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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kurt Eichenwald

As most of you know, journalist Kurt Eichenald -- who has broken so many important stories about Trump -- was a the target of a cruel internet assault in which he was sent an attachment designed to trigger his epilepsy.

You may be interested in these items from Eichenwald's Twitter feed:
Look at how many Trump followers seem to think its funny or deserved that someone used my disability as a weapon. Whats wrong with them?
How have so many ppl become such sociopaths that they think its ok to assault someone if they write political stories they don't like?
Folks, if a blind man says things you don't like politically, it is not okay to direct him toward the edge of a cliff. Find some humanity.
A request: Would self-identified Christians please stop telling me they wish I had died from my seizure last week?
This is one of the self-proclaimed Christians who believes that making fun of my disability is appropriate. @DonnaLeaPurcell
That tweet evinced the following response from an asshole who hides under the name Gallant Gallstone:
@kurteichenwald don't forget us self-proclaimed Odinists... we also mock you, your disabilities, and your non-existent police reports.
Although Eichenwald did in fact, file a police report, asshole Republicans keep insisting that he did not. This Donna Lea Purcell person seems to have deleted the offending tweet -- and I must admit: She deserves congratulations for having the courage to operate under her real name. Still, she's a piece of work.

This country cannot survive half-sociopath and half-sane. The feverish bullying of the Trumpian conservatives -- their thuggery, their might-makes-right mob madness -- inevitably reminds us of the brownshirts in their beer halls. This sick behavior bears no relationship to the teachings of Jesus.

What I fear most about the sociopaths is that they may force the civilized to act as they act. We've tried going high when they go low; it didn't work. The appalling thing about fascism is that you've got to use fascist methods to get rid of it.

Rami Elkayam, an Israeli "tourist", is in a Berlin hospital after sustaining serious injuries in the terror attack of 19 December. Let us hope he makes a full and fast recovery.

Question: what was a man who was visited in hospital by hassidic rabbi and Chabad representative Yehuda Teichtal doing at a Christmas market? Stocking up on Christmas gifts? (Watch Teichtal here.)

Does anyone smell something here?

Chabad is a global criminal organisation, involved in drugs (ecstasy) and other crime, which also shows an extreme religious face - for example distributing super-pure matzos at Passover - and which is remarkably often nearby, or on the scene, at terror attacks around the world. Few who want one of those fuckers by their bedside would enjoy attending a Christmas market for innocent purposes.


Naveed Baluch, a Pakistani refugeee, was for a time wrongly suspected of involvement in the attack. German police then released him - not simply because of "insufficient evidence", but because there was no evidence whatsoever to link him with the truck or the attack. Blood found in the truck was not his. Mr Baluch appears to be wholly innocent. He was supposedly arrested after he was followed by a witness, who claimed he saw him get out of the truck. The witness then gave his description to the police. Mr Baluch has now reportedly disappeared.

Question: who was this witness? Were they by any chance connected with an organisation?

Note that for as long as he remains "missing", Mr Baluch won't be giving any interviews regarding who followed him from the scene of the attack and how he came to be arrested.


Dalia Elyakim, the Israeli woman who was reportedly standing "side by side" with her husband Rami when the truck was driven into them and other shoppers at the Christmas market, has now been found dead.

Her status as "missing" was cited as the reason why Israeli "consular officials" visited several Berlin hospitals in the hours following the attack.

This attack wasn't on the scale of 9/11 or a massacre in, say, Gaza. How come the German authorities didn't notice Mrs Elyakim for so long?
Naveed Baluch is missing, but his cousin Waheed, who was with him when he was arrested, has given an interview. He says

"A police officer told me that he had violated the traffic rules while crossing the road while traffic was going on."

"He cannot travel alone due to his mental conditions. He lives in Tempelhof area of Berlin and cannot go back to his house without help."

According to the Daily Mail, the arrested man was flown to Karlsruhe to be questioned and was released 18 hours later. The rabidly pro-Zionist newspaper also states that "Were Baluch still a suspect, there would be no shortage of areas where security forces could search for possible terror links or recruitment in Balochistan."

Was Mr Baluch meant to have been killed on the scene? Was the intention that he would be a patsy, and the plan fucked up?

How come the Daily Mail pins onto Mr Baluch a long article about Taliban networks in Baluchistan?
I do not know whether Dalia Elyakim died in the attack itself or later as a result of injuries she sustained. In either case, she must have suffered very serious injuries in the attack.

It is compulsory to carry ID in Germany.

Explosives weren't used in this attack, so nobody was blown to smithereens. Bodies were crushed. Doubtless some were injured by objects that the lorry displaced or caused to fall. That is how the victims' injuries were caused. I wouldn't be surprised if some people lost body parts, but I repeat: nobody was blown to pieces.

Didn't the German authorities count the bodies? Didn't they count the number of people who were in life-threatening conditions in hospital?

Didn't they look for ID? As every agency operating serious procedures for responding to terror attacks knows full well, terrorists too can be injured in terror attacks.

And we are supposed to believe that Mrs Elyakim remained unidentified? How the fuck did that come about?

Where did she go after the attack? Hospital? Or somewhere else?

Was she carrying ID or not?

Where and how was she eventually identified? Was she alive or dead at the time?

These are the questions that should be asked regarding this attack in which the official story simply does not stack up.

But what do we get? Right-wing conspiracy arseholes and scumbags saying the attack was a "hoax" and didn't take place, that's what.

Those who think about the Berlin attack but who are too lazy and submissive to ask such questions as the ones I've lised have minds that are just where they need to be to assist with the effectiveness of further terror attacks, which could be much bloodier. They will share some of the responsibility for the victory of fascism.

And while I'm here, what is happening regarding the five individuals whom the Tunisian police say they arrested after the Mossad assassination of Mohamed Zouari in Sfax in Tunisia last week? They allegedly entered Tunisia on various countries' passports. Were their passports real or fake? What have those countries' authorities got to say on the matter of Israeli assassins using such passports on murder operations abroad?

In 2010, when in a similar operation Mossad murdered Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel, passport use was an issue.

This time, there seems to have been no public criticism of this Israeli crime by any western country, and Tunisia may well have let the assassins go.
I had never heard of Kurt Eichenwold until you mentioned him a few posts back.

So i decided to watch him on Tucker Carlson tonight.

Although i'm sure many things he said are true some things have eventually been shown to be made up.

That is what i've found for 'tools' both right and left.

They say a lot of things that turn out false so the tendency is not to believe the true things they sometimes say.

b @8:22 -- Both Israel and the US would like nothing better than for Balochistan to be hived off from Pakistan, denying the Chinese port access to the Arabian Sea at Gwadar. This is a major feature of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It would also establish a base for covert jihadist operations against Iran.

The usual suspects are present there: US State Dept, Human Rights Watch, George Soros and various US-backed local "freedom" movements. It's the full regime change team.
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