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Monday, December 12, 2016

Is there REALLY a chance?

Ten electors -- including one Republican! -- want an intelligence briefing before they cast their votes in the electoral college. Now, the switch of one Republican elector isn't going to deprive Trump of the presidency, obviously. But if truly explosive revelations await, the briefing may suffice to cause the other electors to seek a compromise candidate. Kasich is the obvious choice, no matter how much he denies it.
And if they really want to unify the country, how about Kaisch or Pence for Pres., with Kaine for VP?
The repercussions of that would make the civil war look like a friendly shouting match. Count on it.
If it isn't the popular vote winner, then the choice is illegitimate on its face.

I would rather Trump be in there and get removed.

Rightfully the presidency belongs to Hillary Clinton.
Before election-

Trump won't accept outcome. How dare he.

Election lost.

Electoral system should not count.

Popular vote should count.

Fake news.


Russians did it.
Gerry, at least I have been consistent. Before the election, I derided Obama and others who suggested that our voting system was inviolate. I drew a distinction between voter impersonation -- a canard frequently used by the GOP to keep down minority voters -- and vote hacking, which this blog has considered real since 2004.

It is fair to state that only Republicans resort to this device. How do we know? Two pieces of evidence:

1. The inarguable "red shift" (three to five percent) between exit polls and so-called "actuals." This occurs in election after election. You would know the facts behind this if you simply would read Jonathan Simon's book "Code Red" which, as I've pointed out before, is available for free.

2. There have been other inarguable attempts to divert the election -- simple ratfucking tricks that we have all read about: Robocalls telling people to vote on Wednesday, pamphlets in black communities telling people that they cannot vote until they've paid back rent. Things like that. Nobody disputes that these things exist and are a recurrent feature of our elections, although their efficacy is disputable. I presume that they do have SOME efficacy, however minor, or they would not happen.

Here's the point: I've never read about a campaign in which Democrats resort to that kind of election-day ratfucking. It's always the Republicans who do it. This undeniable fact of history suggests that only Republicans have the moral turpitude needed to subvert the system.

Seriously, is there a moral difference between telling black people to vote on Wednesday and hacking a vote tabulator? If you are willing to do the former, you are obviously willing to do the latter.

You can never accuse ME of saying that our elections are un-riggable. This has been one my messages for twelve years. I've been consistent. I have also been consistent in stating that only Republicans steal elections.
More Focus on Comey, who is obviously hiding out until after the Electoral College Electors, Vote.
If I may don my chapeau de Reynolds Wrap...

Some time ago, didn’t another rich (but not-very-old-money rich) dude from the Northeast become President?

In a very narrow election, against a veteran opponent, who belonged to the party which currently held the White House, and who had served the popular incumbent President faithfully?

By all normal political reality, the veteran politician should have clobbered the rich dude-–but the media adored the rich dude, and despised his veteran opponent.

And the rich dude had an elegant wife, and a free-and-easy way with other women?

And the rich dude got into a dispute with the CIA?

Whatever happened to that rich dude, anyway?
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