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Sunday, December 04, 2016


American support for the electoral college has gone UP since the 2016 election. Previously, there was overwhelming support for a Constitutional amendment to get rid of the system. Now, roughly fifty percent of the population supports the current system. I can presume only that there has been continual anti-Clinton propaganda all over social media, where I would not notice it.
I'm guessing that if Trump had won the popular vote and Clinton the electoral vote, rather than the reverse, support for the EC would remain at roughly the previous level. The knuckle-walkers of the Great White Booboisie have retained enough brains to realize that the EC enhances the power of their votes, at the expense of those decadent heathen libtards, and those uppity N-people and other minorities.
Since i'm the resident Troll here i suppose i'll comment first. The current system was put in by the founding fathers to give small states some modicum of power.

2nd. Although Clinton is ahead at least by 2.5 million votes at this time she is AHEAD of TRump by 3.3 million in California

so conversly he is ahead of her by 800,000 votes in the other 49 states.

so given the choice of control by the electoral college or control by California i'll stick with the electoral college
Several states have entered a compact to split their electoral votes as soon as fifteen states sign up for it, most notably New York. So that's a step in the right direction. If only some states do it then it can't work, but it's the best option regarding the EC. Doesn't need an amendment, you know. Makes it worth voting in safer states. I don't think Clinton has comeout aganist the EC, has she?

Weren't you going to do a humourous post regarding the Podesta affair (now PIzzagate)? Given the connection to Correct the Record and Media Matters it may be regarded by some as a fordward defensive by the fake news purveyors. I'm more open to Pizzagate, but I need an actual victim before I become a Pizza Truther.
The current system was put in by the founding fathers to give slave states some modicum of power.

"Since i'm the resident Troll here"--gerry, gerry, quite contrary

Indeed he is. If I were a betting man, I might start a pool on how many days before Cannon casts gerry into the outer darkness.
You would Gerry!
Would you also prefer to give up California as a contributing State to the overall economy of the US?
How about excluding California residents from the military?
Why don't we re-calculate our GDP, federal tax budget, imports, exports without California?
How about we distribute wealth and subsidies(pork) accordingly?
Why don't we make Red States explain why they can't manage to move with global economic trends, climate science, changing social trends, to recognize Fascism when it's staring them in the face, to READ anything other than FAKE news?
How about making Red States come up with one reason to elect an asshole that defies every Christian litmus test ever applied to every other candidate?
Why should I pay for the stupidity of Red States?
Gerry, your hands may fall off after four years of this ass hole, because hand ringing is hazardous after a while.
I give Pence six months.
anonymous-you won't believe this but i was born and raised and have lived my entire life in Massachusetts-i am 65 years old
Oh, good LORD. Looks like our resident troll lost out being "first" to our resident Looney Tune, Woody. And then was schooled by the same. Woodpecker, dude. If the troll amuses Joseph, there must be a salient reason. We all must coexist in such case.

A-hem. Again, Woodpecker. Tree-grubbing bird. Besides slinking back without abjectly apologizing to Joseph, did you at least eat some private crow? Or would that be too akin to cannibalism? Your beatific performance of "blessing" us all via your Sky Buddy, the toxic patriarchal cult Creep (aka "god" by the entranced) as you bid your "final" adieu is something I only wish I could forget.

As a counterpoint as to how the unentranced humans work, I was fully prepared to eat (or imbibe) crow, had I been wrong about the mass media's influencing and broadcasting the victory of their narrative "hero" Trump. I bought Old Crow. I was good either way. You, sir, have some explaining to do, after harassing Joseph for being right all along.

Stephen: interesting. I want to know more.

zee, I haven't had a troll for a while. Maybe I was wrong to scare off the old trolls. I have a sick dog who wakes me up every 90 minutes because he needs to relieve himself constantly. If I can deal with that, I can deal with a troll -- in fact, the two things are quite similar.
Haha, I completely hear you, Joseph! My dog is not sick but overtly unhappy we do not currently have an operational back door.

The troll (and unapologetic Looney Tunes character) do not please me, but given the world situation are tolerable as ballast.
Actually, the Looney Tunes work for Warner Brothers. My showbiz cousin Woody works for Universal.

Mr. Cannon, if I wronged you, I apologize.

The main reason I goofed is that I underestimated the importance of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. If that had happened in 2005 instead of 2013, we'd be discussing the winding down of the McCain presidency. If it had happened in 2009, we'd be discussing the upcoming second term of Romney.

I must express admiration for Prowlerzee's stamina--that ze can hold a grudge for all this time. ;)
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