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Monday, November 14, 2016

Why we should BOO Trump as he takes the oath of office

Feminists have planned a "Million Woman March" in protest of Donald Trump, to be held in Washington DC on the day after inauguration. One writer has said that it is better to march than to boo.

I disagree. I think it would be marvelous for Donald Trump to hear THE WORLD'S LOUDEST BOO as he takes the oath of office. And then, as he tries to speak, the crowd can deliver truly blood-curdling chants. Anything goes: The authorities cannot arrest everyone. To borrow an old Simpsons joke, we can chant the German translation for "THE Donald, THE."

(I presume that you take my meaning. If you need greater clarity, you're too fucking stupid to talk to. In dangerous times, we're all going to have to learn to understand coded language.)

Let the world hear it. Let the historians record it.

Democratic leaders must practice a certain degree of civility, but we should not. The fascist followers of Steve Bannon will never return decency for decency; they are always going to act like monsters and thus must be treated as monsters. Mercilessly.

"But doesn't that make us as bad as them?" I hear you saying. That same question is sounded toward the end of Kevin Brownlow's extraordinary film It Happened Here. The answer: "Of course it does. The appalling thing about fascism is that you've got to use fascist methods to get rid of it."

Does that sentiment give give you the vapors? Does it seem too rough, too nasty, too indecent? Is your pure liberal heart now all a-flutter? I suggest that you read the rest of the afore-linked Daily Beast article:
Bannon’s support for European far-right parties runs far deeper than his interest in Marion Maréchal-Le Pen or the National Front. He brags about his international Breitbart operation as “the platform” for the American alt-right, and has for years been thinking globally, with an affinity for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Alternative for Germany (AfD), and the Party for Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands, all of which have earned glowing coverage on the pages of Breitbart.
Breitbart, which currently has operations in London and Jerusalem, certainly has plans to expand in France and Germany with new bureaus to cultivate and promote the populist-nationalist lines there.

“He has long wanted to work with all of those parties, but that was only in promoting them with Breitbart,” a source close to Bannon told The Daily Beast. “Now he has the power of the White House to do it.”
Barbie Latza Nadeau reports from Rome that Matteo Salvini of the Northern League, who may be the most blatantly racist and xenophobic of all the West European wingnuts, says he’s offered to help Trump make inroads in European politics. “If Brexit teaches us something, if the election of Donald Trump teaches us something,” Salvini tweeted, “it is that today we get going to take over the power.”
Yet another million-somebody march? I'm not against the idea, but it's too conventional, too easily dismissed. The organizers of that march simply do not understand the nature of the foe we now face. Perhaps those organizers should speak with their elders -- with anyone who knows the true history of the 1922-1945 period.

I say BOO Donald. A deafening, long-lasting, earth-trembling BOO. "A standing boo," as George Halas once put it. Ruin his moment of glory. Force him to comprehend that we will never treat him as a legitimate politician. More than that: Make him fearful.

All together now -- 50,000 people, speaking in one voice: "THE Donald, THE." No violence; just words. But the sound should terrify. If the Breitbarters whine about how uncivilized we liberals are, good. That means we've punched the evil, unredeemable, subhuman fascist bastards the way they deserve to be punched. All hope of civil dialogue ended when a fascist thug like Steve Bannon attained power.
I see most white women voted for Trump. Maybe the feminists should work on that first.

Or, if we're using fascist methods, let's just strip them of the vote.

Here is your White Rose, Joseph.
Wow. You just advocated for the assassination of our democratically elected President.

That's cold. I'm no expert on your writing, despite the fact I've been here since the bulge, but I'm pretty sure that you probably came down on Trump's between the lines suggestion of an American gun owner doing something about Clinton only to find you doing the exact same thing here.

I'm ashamed for you that you've fallen so far.
Anon, I would NEVER advocate assassination, although I consider the election of November 8 illegitimate, for reasons which I shall detail in posts to come.

I do advocate making our enemies feel unease -- even fear.

That's what they have done to us. We have to destroy fascism using the only means available. I refer you to the quote from "It Happened Here": That must be our directing principle.

But I was specific in stating that everything should be kept on the level of words, not action.
In dangerous times, we're all going to have to learn to understand coded language.

It would also help to understand the German language, where the word for "the" is pronounced "dee".
You must remember that for the first 4yrs of Hitler the the economy for the majority of Germans improved. He was admired both in England (royalty) and America (Henry Ford & Charles Limburg ). Take immigration for example He and the Republicans are not opposed to guest workers (paid slaves). Guest workers and undocumentd workers are very similar, one has legal status the other does not. The Republicans may propose that the undocument register as guest workers instead of being deported.
Guess i am too stupid to talk to because i had to google the donald the german translation. What an absolutely horrendous idea. Not that my idea will catch on either, but i would suggest "Dump the Trump", which would make a good chant.
Masculine, so

Der Donald der?
@Stephen - Use a large pinch of salt when you read anything that pollsters write about how people voted on 8 Nov. They're trying to say that they have learnt why they were so wrong - and apparently they found out using the same methods that made them wrong in the first place, namely picking a demographically "well understood" sample of people, asking them closed questions, and recording their answers. How reliable does that sound? It sounds like the same old crock to me.

On why many women voted for Trump (and not just white women), Scott Adams is much more worth reading. Like me and Joe, and unlike the pollsters, Scott got the election result right.

A Million Woman March on the day AFTER the inauguration? Is someone trying to have a laugh? Wrong fucking date! Let's all complain about a nuclear holocaust after it's happened too.

Maybe it's time for an end to rainbow alliance politics? The US is pretty much already the laughing stock of the world in that department.

I agree that booing when Trump takes the oath would be great. Undermine. Shout "Fight Donald Trump" whenever anyone recites the oath of allegiance too, from now until the day he leaves office. Or even better, yes, the "German translation of 'the'..." - or "Remove Donald Trump" for those who want to be more "moderate". (Soon there will be no space for moderation - the ground will fall away, as it has done in all other countries where fascism has been installed.)

Appointing Steve Bannon to high office is exactly what I expected.

Prediction: the Breitbart network will develop a powerful influence in the European media, and not just under its own name.

They helped push Pamela Geller's Cologne story. They push "Londonistan" too. Penny dropping yet?

"Colour revolutions"? "Springs"? Old hat. Countries are going to get Breitbarted.

Where will be first? Austria on 4 Dec 2016 sounds like a strong possibility.

Also watch Scotland. Anyone who thinks pro-independence Scottish nationalism isn't essentially xenophobic doesn't know Scotland. I've heard people say that Scots didn't get a vote in the EU referendum. It took me a while to work out what that loony statement meant. I'll leave it as an exercise for the readers of this comment.

France: let's not pay too much attention to what "experts" say about the presidential election next year, and in particular what they say about Le Pen having little or no chance of winning the second round. If she wins a majority in the first round, there won't be a second round.

Interesting quote from the Northern League's Matteo Salvini. What is this - the "Europe of a hundred flags"? It sounds like it.

I've now spent a while trying to find the street address of Breitbart's Black House in London. I'll find it eventually. It's in Westminster somewhere. To save me the bother, does someone know?

Breitbart News Network (UK) Limited has its registered office in Worcestershire. It's wholly owned by a company registered in the British Virgin Islands. But where is their London office?

8 November was the date of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. After 1933, Hitler celebrated it with a speech to the "old fighters" in the said Munich beer hall.

Oh, stop with the illegitimate election thing. That nonsense had some traction in 2000, but in 2016 it's simply not true.

The Democrats, so consumed with their ideas of 3D chess grandmastery, were so busy trying to capture every little microcosm of belief in their grand strategy they forgot the working class whites who backed them for years.

They took their mandate for leadership from front-loaded Southern primary contests, they told anyone who was white or male that any amount of deviancy from the party line meant any number of awful things and marginalized and isolated the very people who could save them.

In an election of two equal losers, America decided that outside the establishment was the way to go in lieu of the most establishment-styled candidate one could muster in the form of Hilary Clinton.

No one stole this election, the DNC gave it away.

Continuing to act out like this won't help you, it's just going to make you look looney. You're one step from telling me that jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

Sorry, friend, but someone needs to tell you to sit down, dry your tears and focus on something useful. I'd suggest you go try and have your party learn how to find what they lost.


V. - Bill Maher said last week

"There are two candidates in this race, one is a hysterical woman, and the other is Donald Trump."

So, feminine. :)

Joe - Anon may have a point - it's been determined that a 147db sound (measured at object, not source) will cause a vibration in the chest cavity which will lead to a fatal heart episode. (Just how loud IS the sound of a million people booing?)

(Side note: perhaps we could get even more people interested in doing it if part of it was to establish a Guinness Book record for Loudest Sound :) )

Actually, such a sound would first literally blow your clothes off _then_ kill you. So it would be an hilarious literal Emperor-Has-No-Clothes moment followed by a terrible What-Did-We-Do? moment.

Maybe "we" should make sure that the sound is directed upward, just in case.

Sergei Rostov

Anon 3:17
How dare you come here and tell me to get over it? And act as if there was a mandate. Hillary won the popular vote (news flash). And if you take all the people that put that Fascist in position of power, you can not fill a major sports stadium. 1/3 of this nation's eligible voters chose to give this monster the power to rule their lives. There is a whole lot more people that did not choose him. He will surely break your hearts soon enough, but that is your problem. My problem is to figure out how I can look my fellow countrymen in the eyes and not slap them for their stupidity. I have to work with people that will have their hearts broken and their insurance and their medicare and their social security taken away. I have to say to the 60+ white Christian guy that there is nothing for him to do any longer despite what the fascist dictator promised him now that he has his vote. I have to listen to him crying about having his truck taken away because he could not make the payments despite holding out on his wife about his last check so he could make his truck payment.
So go "fuck" yourself. I am not worried about my job or my car or my retirement, I am worried about yours, you stupid moron.

Anon 10.31pm - If you view electoral representative constitutional "democracy" as some kind of bulwark against fascism, then it just failed.

Majorities voted for Trump in enough states to elect a majority in the electoral college because

a) they are shitbags
b) they are deluded, or
c) they view what they're doing as similar to cheering on a "face" (or face-heel hybrid) in TV wrestling.

This kind of ~majority (as we know, it's not even an actual plurality, let alone a majority) may have the legal "right" to say "Trump, yeah!"; but that doesn't mean that this "right" should be respected. Fascism has to be stopped by any means necessary.

Do you think it would have been justified to assassinate Hitler in 1932? In 1933? Answer "Hell no! That kind of action would have been terribly anti-democratic, against the law, and very very naughty. Hitler should have been given a chance to lead [© Clinton], and progressives should have worked with him if he was serious about improving the lives of working people [© Sanders]", if that's what you think.
@William - "You must remember that for the first 4yrs of Hitler the the economy for the majority of Germans improved."

I agree. Then one has to reach a conclusion about what should have been done against Hitler before or during that time.
Prowlerzee: Excellent NYD article. Thanks.
Inspired by Steve Bannon and Breitbart I've been doing my non-American dig into US politics and it's opened up some disturbing links.

Breitbart London’s first managing editor and its future editor in chief, Raheem Kassam, was hired away from the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society.... The society’s goals during Kassam’s four years within the group appear to have been to ratchet up public anxieties about Islamic radicals... In a move presaging Bannon’s career change this summer, Kassam stepped down from Breitbart London in October 2014 to become a senior adviser to Nigel Farage.

and... Beyond wealthy kooks like Aubrey Chernick and Robert Mercer, a man who personally financed a million-dollar ad campaign against the "Ground Zero Mosque"; beyond the neoconservative Middle East hawks of the Henry Jackson Society; beyond Trump and the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has catapulted him to the top of the Republican ticket, there was also Mostafa El-Gindy, Brietbart News's DC landlord, an Egyptian businessman and former MP with an axe to grind against the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the El-Gindy weblink...

"You know it is like all the Nationalist right wing supporters are uniting !!"
fred, thanks for this bit of research. I did my own digging into the Henry Jackson Society about a year and a half ago...although I can't recall what sparked it. But I even got in touch with a disaffected former member. There's definitely some scary stuff happening there...
Stephen Morgan,

"I see most white women voted for Trump. Maybe the feminists should work on that first."

Hillary lost white women without a college degree. That's a subset of a subset.

I guess the nuanced interpretation of complex data isn't your strong suit, but thanks for playing.

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