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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Trump, as one might expect, has labeled the recount/audit effort a "scam." He has said that his victory should not be "challenged and abused." This is hilarious, given the fact that he would never have accepted a loss had the election gone as the polls predicted. Remember when he kept insisting that the election was rigged? Trump routinely engages in mirror imaging, projecting his own sins onto others.

Trump and Kellyanne Conway have intimated that the recount effort is a waste of money. They hope to convey the impression that taxpayer money is at stake here, even though donors have freely given their own money to Stein's effort. I'm no fan of Jill Stein, but the suggestion that she would use this occasion as an excuse to make money is ludicrous. Surprisingly, Slate has engaged in the same smarmy innuendo.

Trump says that money so donated is a "waste." Oh really? And who is he to judge how others spend their money? This is the same guy who spent millions decorating his home in the worst possible taste.

Donald Trump would not throw this kind of over-the-top snit-fit if he did not fear that the recount and audit could endanger the legitimacy of his triumph. His rage is our best proof that Trump (or his Moscow puppeteers) hacked the vote. 

The reason WI: It has now been confirmed that no less than four precincts in Wisconsin registered more votes for president than votes cast. News articles attribute the problem to "human error." Funny thing: We have no explanation as to which humans made what kind of error.

Consider: We have four "errors" that helped Trump. An accident?  

If such things occurred truly by accident, then the errors would aid Clinton as much as they aid Trump.

To take the longer view: "Errors" should aid the Republicans no more than they aid Democrats. But that is not the case. Election after election, accidents happen -- and those "accidents" just happen to favor the Republicans, every single time. As Jonathan Simon demonstrates in his important book Code Red (available for free via Amazon, if you sign up for Kindle Unlimited), the "red shift" is a persistent phenomena which always benefits the Republicans to the tune of five-ten percent.

But that's not the only problem. We also have an obscene degree of gerrymandering (in House races), plus the built-in Republican advantage in the electoral college, not to mention the various methods of suppressing the minority vote.

I'm amazed that Democrats win any elections.

Sorry Greg Palast, but I cannot agree. At least not fully.

Here's what Greg Palast had to say about the recount/audit efforts:
It’s not about Russia’s hacking. It’s not about playing games with the software. It’s about machines that were miscalibrated. It’s about the fact that we have about a half million absentee ballots in America which is thrown out for highly technical and questionable reasons. It’s 2.7 million so-called provisional ballots when, especially African-Americans, go in and their name is missing from the voter rolls and their given a provisional ballot which is then thrown in the dumpster. It’s about ballots that are supposedly blank but in fact have a mark on them and need to be reviewed. It’s about machines that are off by one-hundredth of an inch and don’t read a mark on a ballot. It’s about ninety-percent turnouts in rural Trump areas which is just astonishing and unreal. It’s about blank ballots which may not be blank. You have to look at…..this is a technical process, forget the hacking stuff, forget the conspiracy stuff, forget Russians, this recount...this review of the ballots and decisions about which ballots are being thrown out and disqualified by the tens of thousands swamps Trump’s plurality in several states....
Oh for chrissakes. Why the hell SHOULD we ignore the Russian factor?

No less a source than CBS News warned us before the election that Russia could tap into the machines. No less a source than the NSA says that Russia has been helping Trump. The Russians themselves have admitted that they were working with Trump's campaign. It's clear that Putin wants Trump in office in order to bring an end to NATO, thereby allowing Russia to bring back into the fold the states that they lost when they USSR ended.

Sorry, Greg, but this is about Russia. Let's not pretend that we're now engaged in another 2004-style debate over electoral integrity. Such debates are, of course, extremely important. But this is different: We now have a foreign actor playing a role in our affairs. Stop pretending otherwise. Stop pretending that our problems are familiar.

A word about Russia and fascism. Many people are surprised that the American far right has taken a pro-Russia stance. I'm not.

While doing some research into Robert Spencer, the neo-Nazi who pals around with Steve Bannon and Pam Geller, I found some statements which led me to suspect that Spencer has read Frances Parker Yockey's Imperium. This post-war Nazi "Bible" remains unfamiliar to most Americans.

Have I read it? Of course. I've also read Dreamer of the Day, Kevin Coogan's remarkable biography of Yockey. Although hard to locate -- try inter-library loan -- this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand post-war fascism.

Yockey's Imperium attempts to prove that, in ancient times, the white race -- that "hardy band of adventurers" -- traveled the world, initiating every great intellectual leap made by the human race. Pyramids in Egypt, printing in China, formal logic in India, the wheel, cuneiform writing, fire: Thank Whitey. The so-called "Aryans" did all of these things and so much more.

According to Yockey, creativity is a purely Aryan "thing." Many Aryans do not understand this truth about themselves because they've been deceived by a group which Yockey calls the "culture distorters." And just who are they? Yockey usually plays it coy when it comes to identifying these people, although you may be able to hazard a guess.

If you're thinking that Yockey joined up with the American Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell, you're wrong. Rockwell could not tolerate Yockey's obsessive hatred of America. Surprisingly, Yockey favored Russia. That's right: An American post-war fascist sided with Russia in the middle of the Cold War -- not many years after the battle of Stalingrad!

Although Yockey had no love for communism, Marxism was, in his view, just a temporary affliction. More important, he felt, was the fact that the Russian people eschewed racial mixing, Yockeyism's great sin. They were also more chary of those pesky "culture distorters." Near the end of his life, Stalin's drift toward anti-Semitism made many American hate-mongers rethink their attitudes toward him.

Yockey worked within with the first American fascist movement of the post-WWII era: The National Renaissance Party of James Madole. (The NRP also published the works of Eustace Mullins, who later became very popular with conspiracy buffs on both the right and the left.) Yockey's greatest champion was Willis Carto, founder of Spotlight magazine -- a formative influence on the American conspiracy buff subculture.

(Intriguingly, some theorists have speculated that Carto had a hand in Yockey's mysterious death.)

For five decades, Yockeyism has been the "secret ingredient" laced into the giant pot of stew served up by America's conspiracy buff subculture. Is it any surprise to see Trump's conspiracy-addled entourage spouting riffs that sound like passages from Imperium?

Yockey's most radical ideas can be stated simply: Russia = good. Join forces with Russia. Unravel the power of those evil Wall Street culture distorters who run America.

That's pretty much the message of the Trump campaign, isn't it? Allow me to offer a tentative prediction: Before we are done with the Trump movement, we will see the boldest Trumpers endorse Imperium openly.

Most of us view Trump as a man without ideology; I myself held to this view until recently. But more and more, I really do think that Donald Trump is a covert fascist. He may not have read Imperium (or any other book), but he does show every sign of being a genuine "conspiracy addict." The thing about addicts is that they are constantly in search of an ever-more-intense high: Bill Cooper leads to Willis Carto who leads to Alex Jones who leads to Steve Bannon who leads to Robert Spencer who leads to Yockey.

I know what you are thinking: If Trump truly is a fascist sympathizer, what about his Jewish son-in-law?

That question takes us into bizarre territory. Over the years, some truly horrifying anti-Semites have honestly been able to say: "Some of my best friends are Jewish." Consider the relationship of Pam Geller and Robert Spencer. Consider Anders Brevik's professed love for Israel. Consider Bannon's strong ties to Israel. Consider the bizarre linkage between Willis Carto and Mark Lane.

And now consider the following information (from Wikipedia) about Francis Parker Yockey...
Yockey was continuously pursued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for over a decade, which he avoided by adopting numerous aliases. He was finally arrested in 1960 after returning to the United States from abroad, as his suitcase was sent to the wrong airport. When the authorities opened it to determine whose suitcase it was, they discovered several of Yockey's falsified passports and birth certificates. When this was reported to the federal government, the FBI tracked him down in Oakland, California and arrested him. (Curiously, he was staying at the home of a friend who was thought to be Jewish, a Holocaust survivor and teacher of Hebrew at Temple Beth Abraham, a local synagogue.
Incredible! Inexplicable! Unfathomable! Yet true.
"Challenged and abused" even sounds like hasbara. It's reminiscent of "benefits and complexities", and of the need to make Wikipedia "balanced and Zionist".

Where is Stein coming from? Before the election when asked about how to stop Trump, she preferred to talk about how to stop Clinton, which as we know, meant how to elect Trump, not stop him.

The tableau before and since the election looks like this:

Clinton: BEFORE: elect me to stop Trump; SINCE: give Trump a chance;

Sanders: BEFORE: elect Clinton to stop Trump; SINCE: give Trump a chance

Stein: BEFORE: vote for me to stop Clinton; SINCE: try to reverse Trump's win and install Clinton

D'you know what? I don't trust what Stein is doing. Is money for scams to "stop climate change" involved somewhere along the line here? There should be a push inside the Democratic party to challenge the results.
There's so much mindfuck and sealioning on this issue, but the fact is that Zionists have always, always picked and chosen which fascist and Nazi movements and governments they will support, and which they will oppose, according to their own interests.

They don't think for a single moment think there's anything wrong in that.

And if a given fascist or Nazi party doesn't piss them off for some reason, the default is for Zionists to feel an affinity with it. Let's not kid ourselves that they give much of a shit about what happened 75 years ago. The typical Zionist attitude is that the victims were losers because they didn't have enough fight in them and enough racial pride.

Molotov felt warm and cosy in the company of Nazi leaders in Berlin in 1939. Returning to Moscow, he declared that he felt as if he'd been with old party comrades.

Zionism is even closer to Nazism than Stalinism is, and not just because of the role of big business. While Stalinism was red fascism, Zionism isn't just fascist but it is also racist in the extreme. The 14 words of the white supremacist movement - "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" - become a mission statement for Zionism if the race-denoting word "white" is changed to "Jewish".

The typical Zionist view of white supremacists is that they're right but they're pathetic at public relations and left it too late. They think parables like this one are amusing.

Other things being equal, Zionists <3 Nazis. A few decades ago, Trump lied about his father's German roots, falsely claiming his father's family were Swedish, in order to please certain Jewish interests in New York, or at least to please whoever said interests needed to put on a face to. The barrier to openness was just a relic. Racism is racism.

Big Jewish money in the US was once upon a time largely pro-Democratic; then came the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars, blah blah, and before people knew it they got far-right shoot-em-up "shock and awe" "neocons" and JINSA etc. Imagine if there was a think tank called WINSA rather than JINSA!

Now, enter Trump. Trump will start big war. The questions are when and where, and externally first or internally first, or both at the same time?

Geopolitical observation: if Trump does team up the US with Russia, it's curtains for the EU. It probably is even if he doesn't.
Hitler and Max.


"It’s about ninety-percent turnouts in rural Trump areas which is just astonishing and unreal."

Wow, that is unreal. And, as you say, always favoring the red.

Perhaps, to be generous, Palast meant "leaving out" conspiracies, there are multiple other reasons to reject these machines.
Back when Kerry ran against Bush in 2004, CBS had the vote total for each president at the bottom of the screen. Bush would be a million votes ahead, but then Kerry's totals would get closer and closer to Bush's. Just when Kerry's popular vote was about to pass Bush, Bush's totals would jump a million ahead.
Of course there are many explanations for this. But, this quirky vote count continued all night long. Kerry seemed to be gaining on Bush 90% of the time, but Bush's numbers kept spiking ahead by a million or so votes almost all at once, then Kerry's totals would churn closer and closer for the next several minutes. This pattern continued all night long.
If one could view CBS''s broadcast speeded up by a factor of 10 or 20 times, we would more clearly see a pattern that might actually be mathematically implausible.
Mainstream cable media is all against the recount. All of the networks are, CNN, MSNBC, Fox are all against the recounts. Very strange.
I too have noticed the pattern of Jewish friends and Jewish data-point sources among those pursuing the politics of Jew-hatred.

I suspect that the Mossad is funding some of these friends and sources so they can infiltrate and monitor the Jew-hating community.

The Jews-did-9/11 movement seems to rest its case on two incidents: Larry Silverstein said "pull it" and the "Dancing Israelis" celebrated the WTC attacks. The haters seem to believe that Mr. Silverstein admitted on national TV that he engaged in insurance fraud, and that the Dancing Israelis represented a spontaneous demonstration of enthusiasm for the 9/11 attacks.

Those beliefs are ridiculous. The incidents were obviously crafted to create anti-Israeli memes that could then be tracked through the internet.

My brother is a Trumpster who gets all his info from Breitbart, et. al. I know the type. Trump and his children are very clearly white supremacists - like Trump's father. Bannon, Sessions, DeVos - what more proof do you need he's going out of his way to put racists in power? I have no trouble believing Trump gets his world view from these alt-right Web sites.

Here are some simple facts in a generally cloudy political atmosphere.

The left wing of the National Socialist Party (Strasserite) was always pro-USSR. They and the national bolsheviks attempted to impress on Hitler the need to dump the premise of Slav inferiority, and promoted the need for a Eurasian alliance against Anglo-American imperialism. Strasser was purged in the night of the long knives.
Hitler was an Anglophile who wanted the British to keep their Empire and give Hitler a free hand in the East (lebensraum.)
After the war many Nazis sided with the USSR as the lesser evil against the US. Eg Socialist Reich Party, led by one of the folks who had saved Hitler from assassination, in fact.

So Yockey did not come by his perspective without precedent.

Lenni Brenner's works establish that Nazis and Zionists had worked hand in hand on the same goal-getting Jews out of Germany into Palestine which became Israel. But Hitler did not wish to offend the Palestinian Mufti who became alarmed at the numbers involved, warned Hitler, and Hitler cut the flow, while continuing to support Palestinians.

The position of so called Alt Righters leans heavily "isolationist" (non-interventionist) which position takes precedence over contrasting pro or anti-Israeli stances.That is to say, an Alt Righter might be pro-Israel but or she is usually quite opposed to Zionist Lobby maneuvering the US into wars supporting Israel.

Most Alt Righters would, like Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, want the US to cut off financial and military aid to all parties in the Mideast. Many would at the same time like it if significant numbers of American Jews embarked for Israel, but how many would if it became clear the US was not going to stand by Israel is unclear.

The strategic geopolitical reality right now is that Israel regards the Assad-Hezbollah-Tehran axis, aligned with Moscow, as its most dangerous enemy, far more dangerous than assorted stateless jihadi groups. When considering Trump's relaxed policy toward Russia, it's obvious why Israel preferred Clinton's Russophobia and her calls for a no-fly zone over Syria to attempt to oust Assad.

You say, Joe Cannon, you are not surprised the American "far right" has taken a pro-Russian stance.
Are you surprised that for the past fifty and more years the overriding goal of the American Imperial Elite has been to keep Berlin and Moscow from reaching a modus vivendi
even unto soft alliance, making the occupation of Europe by the United States unwanted and unnecessary, and are you surprised when your particularly recent pro-Clinton positions all serve to bolster the ruthless chicanery of the American Elite continuing to justify that occupation-baneful both for the Europeans and for Americans?
Conspiracy theory in service to the Elite is a nefarious way to make a living.

To your point about the Russian factor -

Senator Harry Reid wrote a letter to FBI director James Comey in late August. The first sentence of that letter says: "I have recently become concerned that the threat of the Russian government tampering in our presidential election is more extensive than widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results." See the entire letter here -

I must point out a few things. Precincts with more votes than voters have been known in chicago and several other democratic bastions over the years.

AND more importantly-Stein CANNOT get a recount in Pennsylvania unless she GOES TO COURT-proves alleged fraud-and gets a judge to order it.

Just being willing to pay for it does not get you a recount in Pennsylvania. LOOK it up

I think Stein knows this. This ploy is a money scam by the greens.
Just being willing to pay for it does not get you a recount in Pennsylvania.

And without Pennsylvania, there's no way to affect the outcome of the election - which renders this all an interesting exercise in futility.
"Oh for chrissakes. Why the hell SHOULD we ignore the Russian factor? No less a source than CBS News warned us before the election that Russia could tap into the machines."

CBS News, propagandist for NSA? That CBS News? ROLF
Anon 12.37. What exactly are you saying is ridiculous about what is said about the five dancing Israelis? Do you appreciate the sheer reach of the Zionist terrorism-capable partisan network? Art students, removal vans - was it all merely to create a story that could be tracked?

For starters, here are some suspects wanted for removal fraud. Was the purpose of all of their activity simply to support the circulation of a story about five joy-filled arseholes in New Jersey who high-fived each other as they watched the attack on Manhattan?

Those who have read Victor Ostrovsky know that Mossad operations often involve financial business scams. Sometimes the attitude is "At least if the operation fucks up, we'll still make some money."

Investigators of possible vote-rigging should take a close look at Votecastr, the real-time provider of voting information in a number of swing states. I think they may have been a money-making job peripheral and auxiliary to the real business of election fraud. People need to look very carefully at what counties they had people in on the day, and exactly which outfit they got other information from.

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