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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Together at last!

This news story inspired me to revisit the realm of graphic design. (Actually, it's a warm-up exercise for the project I should be working on.)

Yes, I'm aware that Russia's current Foreign Intelligence Service uses a different emblem (which is actually kind of cool: It has a double eagle). But few in this country would recognize it. I'm sure that older folks will remember the old KGB shield.

Feel free to spread this image around.

On another topic: All of Baltimore was horrified by this tragedy. Having taken that bus route often, I know that the 10 has to thread through some ridiculously tiny streets just past the Loudon cemetery. A driver once told me that she prays every single time she goes through this area. I hope that she wasn't the driver who died in the crash.
Wow, glad you weren't on that bus, Joseph!

And more graphics, please! :)

Why did she need to set up an email server outside the jurisdiction of federal servers, Joseph?
Anon: I'll answer you if you tell me where Putin's paid trolls go for lunch in St. Pete's. Deal?
I cringe every time there is even a hint of linking today's Russia to the socialist it was. A lot of posedoleftists seems to have not noticed the difference. They still pray towards Moscow. No wonder. And Joe apology accepted.
I'm really impressed with your piece about Hillary and the planted time bomb - that insight is worthy of some sort of journalistic award - but you've got to let go of this Russia is evil thing! Your world view is a tad jingoistic and I'm starting to think you've never traveled outside of the USA. Please take a break from this idiotic election drama and write about art, movies, graphics and culture (and include illustrations) for the next few days.
As a Canadian with no skin in the game I'm calling Trump with popular vote by a wide margin and Clinton getting the electoral vote by about 12 votes.

Fred, if a man of dubious sanity gets hold of the nuclear launch codes, you DO have skin in the game.

God help this nation if there is a split in the vote like the one you suggest. Trump commands a neo-fascist movement -- no, that is NOT too strong a word for it -- and they will not accept that kind of result.

I was pro-Russia heretofore, and I remain an admirer of Russian culture. But Putin's support of Trump (and Le Pen) has definitely changed my view of the Russian leader -- irrevocably.
watch this Sam Bee segment & let it sink in...

Posted the graphic along with a recap of the FBI's actions in regard to this election. -
Not sure that link I submitted will still work, Joseph. If not, let me know.
Joseph, please use this link for the comment I posted earlier on where I posted your graphic. -
Joseph-answering a question with a question is avoidance.

If your going to be Secretary of State are you assuming you will never get or receive a classified email.

She would have no issues if she just used the state dept server and just had outside email for personal stuff.

It was stupid
"If your going to be Secretary of State are you assuming you will never get or receive a classified email."

You can presume exactly that. The State Department has a separate system for classified communications.

And it should always be pointed out that previous Secretaries of State used private servers. We ll know that millions of Bush administrations messages went missing.
Joseph-previous SOS had private email accounts to be used for personal stuff. None had their own private server except Clinton
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