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Friday, November 11, 2016

The White Rose Resistance

I announce the creation of a movement which I have no desire to lead. The White Rose Resistance is a movement dedicated to eliminating the threat of American fascism.

An inchoate, amorphous mass movement has already begun. It needs a name. It needs leadership, guidelines, a manifesto. These words are not that manifesto. These words are meant to inspire that text.

The White Rose Resistance must remain wedded to the principle of non-violence, for tactical reasons as well as moral reasons. Fascism is inherently conspiratorial, and the Reichstag fire was the most important conspiratorial act committed by the German fascists. We must expect our enemies to stage crimes attributed to those they wish to discredit and demolish.

The White Rose movement must NOT be wedded to libertarianism, socialism, anarchism, environmentalism, atheism, utopianianism or any cognate "ism." We stand against fascism, racism and misogyny. Even those we hate can be allies, if those we hate also hate fascism.

The movement dies the moment it becomes hijacked by a specific interest group, even if that group favors a cause which you or I consider laudable. This movement also dies when it becomes hijacked by the politics of identity. This movement thrives when people of differing views and diverse backgrounds unite against a common enemy.

Each and every one of us has specific ideas on "How I would run the zoo." This movement is not a place for you to insist on having your personal vision fulfilled. This movement is about the preservation of democracy -- not an idealized democracy of some utopian dream, but the actual, imperfect, compromised, unfair and often infuriating democracy we once took for granted. Once that democracy is safe again, then we must seek ways to perfect it. Until then: If we let the ideal be the enemy of the good, we will have neither the good nor the ideal.

For example: Let us say that you favor the idea of ending corporate personhood. So do I. But that goal is not the goal of the White Rose Resistance. We must be willing to work with those who believe in ideas which you and I might consider objectionable, as long as those others do not seek to impose their personal visions on the entire movement. You are encouraged to work separately on issues which you consider vital.

We have faith that, in an atmosphere of reasoned discourse, all other issues become resolvable. We seek the return of normal politics. We do not despise the mainstream; we must never disdain those who seek a conventional existence.

We want a political culture without smear campaigns, absurd propaganda, demagoguery, intolerance, bigotry, extremism and cults of personality. We cannot accept a "president" who admires dictatorship, who allies himself with underhanded schemers, and who lies his way into power.

We also seek the clearest possible definition of that which we oppose. Fascism is like pornography: Hard to define, but (usually) easy to recognize when encountered. 

I would argue that, in their germinal states, all forms of fascism rely on

1. Demonization of enemies

2. Aggression

3. The elevation of the irrational

4. The worship of Might

5. The cunning appeal to the average person's legitimate grievances

6. A belief in conspiracy theories.

The last item warrants special attention. Fascism feeds on fear; thus, fascism requires the spread of conspiracy theories. Yet fascists are always the first to practice conspiracy. This seeming paradox is the key lesson we learn from a study of the Nazi rise to power. Nazi propagandists convinced a generation that any critic of Hitler toiled on behalf of an international Jewish conspiracy against Germany.

Conspiracy theories kill. Anyone who doubts this precept should visit the concentration camps.

Yet who can deny that the masters of the Third Reich attained power through conspiratorial means? The volumes of the Nuremberg Trial transcripts are titled "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression."

Conspiracy theories kill -- yet some conspiracies are genuine. If you cannot understand the preceding sentence, if you consider those words an insurmountable contradiction, you cannot mount an effective resistance to fascism.

Streicher, Rosenberg and Goebbels were the spiritual fathers of Alex Jones and Steve Bannon. A mindless belief in unproven conspiracy theory has addled many Americans, rendering many of our fellow citizens incapable of civil argument or decent behavior. How can we speak to those who lack all standards of evidence, and who automatically presume that their opponents are operating in bad faith?

When asked if conspiracies exist, the White Rose Resistance can only point to the Nazi example. We say: "Yes, some conspiracies are real. History proves that far-right conspiracy theorists are the conspiracy."

Let us now address the question of structure.

The Occupy Wall Street movement once again proved the failure of that unkillable left-wing delusion, "consensus politics." A strict consensus is impossible. The mirage of consensus wastes time and resources. The mirage of consensus insures inaction. The mirage of consensus will inevitably encourage those who would destroy a movement through diversion, division and infantile narcissism. There must be leadership and structure -- but that structure must always remain fluid, and the leaders must always remain both humble and (if necessary) replaceable.

Let a hundred flowers bloom; let gardeners prevent weeds from killing the flowers.

These are my initial ideas. I do not seek to lead this movement. By nature, I am a recluse, a pessimist and an outsider.

Ideally, the leader of the new White Rose Resistance will be a young woman of intelligence and vision. Why a female? Because the first White Rose movement was led by a brave young woman named Sophie Scholl. I am convinced that her spiritual daughter is somewhere among us; I am anxious to learn her name.
Like Ulrike Meinhof, Sophie Scholl was from a left-wing Protestant Christian background. Got to admire the attitude: just say fucking no; do something. I bet they had acquaintances in common.


"Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did."


"Everybody talks about the weather... We don't."

(Originating in an advertisement by the West German national rail company, that line was detourned by the SDS and by Meinhof in a 1969 article in Konkret.)
Young people are on the streets. This is eloquent, but since this generation reads on mobile and/or tweets, I think emblems or symbols would be the way to start.

I just read, for the second time, about the wearing of safety pins. To symbolize you're a person of safety for those being abused or in need.

I think that's in England, but we could do something similar. We need white rose emblem. Or many white rose emblems, as the idea is the thing.

And your resistance points could become a practice. Like a pull-push. Resist hate/practice love, to put it in its simplest terms. The i ching said one can not meet evil head on, for evil will meet you at every step. One can only make energetic progress in the good.

I think the White Rose needs to symbolize making energetic progress in the good. My practice is being tested every day. I am confronted with people who think Hillary is a liar/as bad as Trump, and those who think Bernie would've won. I remind those that Bernie's own state now has a Republican governor and then bring them in on working to improve things....because we need those people, all people, even Berniebelievers.

What you said about isms and those we don't agree with is key.

If you want a hopeful sign that can happen, this morning my ornery dachshund (who loves people and dogs his size and hates puppies and large dogs, especially the herding breeds) played with a German Shepherd!! And I was all friendly to a Bernie believer.

If it's true that Obama plans to make his post-presidential project going local to undo the gerrymandering maybe we can finally start repairing from the ground up.
So what do you actually want? A non-idealised democracy is what you've already got. I don't think Trump will be abolishing the electoral college or electronic voting machines, so it won't be getting any more idealised either. So before anointing Ketchup as your leader, you should come up with some concrete demands.
Sign me up!
The closest Obama will come to trying to reform the gerrymandering rules will be if those rules will come in conflict with his favorite 18 holes! It is almost is laughable! Obama has One Goal. Make as much money as possible with as little work as possible. He was counting on having a monied Foundation to fund his and Michele's opulent lifestyle. Losing to Trump has caused many problems with that plan. Staying in Washington to oversee the money going into his foundation doesn't seem as easy now. What will he do? Oh yes, he is going to spearhead a movement to revamp the gerrymandering problem!😄😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂NOT!
Stephen, you can't ascend the mountain while mired in the tar pits. First get back on solid ground -- THEN you can go upward.

Fascism depends on left-wing idealism. In a coming post, I'll write about the stupidity of the left-wing parties in Weimar. They ignored the rise of Hitler and did everything they could to weaken the centrist parties, particularly the Social Democrats. The KDP was the best friend Hitler had outside the Nazi party, just as Bernie was Trump's best friend.

Trump and Giuliani will go after the Clintons. They will leave Bernie alone.
It wasn't that long ago: Naomi Wolf published a book and toured the country, more or less describing the conditions of genuine (Nazi-style) fascism that had already been solidified in the U.S. Long before that, George McGovern compared the Nixon administration to Nazi Germany. Some of us remember that Ronald Reagan laid a wreath at the grave of a Nazi SS True Believer.

Are symbols important? On the wall to the right of the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a fasces, like the one on the reverse of the old Mercury dimes.

Whatever the ideals, beliefs, politics, and philosophies that the Occupy movements held, it was fascist, police-state power that eradicated them.

There's widespread worry that Trump will eradicate most of the government programs and agencies that Ralph Nader gave birth to. Hahahahaha.
Surely there are two or three, or more, Republican U.S. Senators whose terms expire in 2018 or 2020, and who will be approached, or already have been, by sources intimately close to billionaires who will have their re-election backs (plus interest), if they flip and change their affiliation by January or February at the latest. It's not original but it will be revolutionary while saving democracy.
I have my own little blogspot that I use as a journal because I don't tell anyone about it so nobody but me reads it. Anyway, this is my journal entry today.
There is a new movement afoot, The White Rose Revolt. I have a few thoughts on this movement. The White Rose was originally a student led revolt against the fascist HItler, as opposed to the present movement against the fascist Donald Trump. The leaders of the original movement were Hans and Sophie Scholl. One of the most intriguing verses of the “bible is,
“Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt – how…he surprised you on the march when you were famished and weary, and cut down all the stragglers in your rear. Therefore…you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!” Deut. 25:17-19 The worst that we can do to someone is not to merely kill him, but make it as if he never was. We can do that by blotting out his memory, yet we forget Sophie Scholl and remember Hitler. As I look at my life, I feel comforted that I am better than some people, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Donald Trump, other sociopaths, but then I think of how I am not close to the real mensch that I could have been. I realize that in my greatest fantasies I am not the person that Sophie Scholl, Fred Mayer and Louis Zamperini were. There are many, perhaps almost all, people better than me. There are not only those more courageous and admirable in actions, but those much wiser. I’ve always understood that in each generation there will be a prophet who will tell us what we need to know. There are those amongst us now, but we stopped listening in 1980. Now the prophets we listen to are the Gordon Gekkos of the world. Politicians now treat the public as complete idiots. The question is whether the public is generally stupid because they are or because politicians treat them like they are. I think any new movement should start by telling the truth. It shouldn’t make silly promises, crude insults or lies but rather simply tell people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear?
Look at Wexford and Iosco county results in Michigan.

This election was stolen:

NC's AG Cooper might be the state level official to investigate this. Only Dem AG in swing states that were fishy. That or DOJ. McCrory is demanding recount, if it flips result, Cooper has right to demand hand recount of state paper ballots. But he should launch an investigation to forensically examine vote machines and memory cards.
Still numb and stunned, but too stubborn and too much of a nasty woman to give up. Being on the Left Coast I'm somewhat protected but that also adds obligation to the drive to resist.

A white rose charm on a safety pin. Sometimes a symbol helps comfort the wearer.

WA state made a few local gains. Small steps for more sensible gun laws and living-wage measures passed, and there is a majority of women representatives in the state legislature.

NW Luna
more thoughts...."disrupt" is the jargon of the day, which is closest to "resistance."

We should "disrupt" not "resist."

Also, you were 110% right that Hillary fell for the "rigged" trap and now can't complain.

Please let's see the voter suppression stuff...
Joe, Yoko Ono posted something this morning that subtly said much the same as what you did(to all that want to resist Trump) The opening lines from her 1985 song "Hell in Paradise". (I've been a fan of Yoko since I was 12 in 1978, and she's been kind of a spiritual mentor for me) The reminder made me go watch the official music video she made for the song. Just hearing those lyrics today hit me like a ton of bricks- it's even more true now than it was in 1985. The second listen through tonight made me realize she is encouraging united resistance to Trump and it just fired up my will to resist Trump. Here's the link to anyone that curious. (The song also shows the truth that she's actually a pretty good singer- an alto that's always sounded kind of maternal to me.)
Here's a concrete demand: Trump not to take presidential office; and if he takes it, to stand down from it. No respect for that office until it goes to someone else.

Hold street parties all over the country to pour shit and filth on pictures of Trump on the day of his inauguration. Insert the words "To fight Donald Trump" in the pledge of allegiance, and always shout them out whenever it is recited.

Don't allow any normalisation, any legitimisation of the Trump regime. There is a lily-livered chorus of "Accept it" and "Get on with your lives". Don't.

Characterising a Trump regime as fascist is important. As great a parallel can be drawn with Spain as with Germany, even if it's true that Trump models his presentation on Hitler's and that Trump, like Hitler, was helped by democratic elections whereas Franco wasn't. The right wing in the US is extremely well armed. Its male sickos practically have sex with their guns. Many are psychotic and probably think George Soros is out to get them. I came across one guy who thought Clinton only won the popular vote because Soros "rigged" the election with dodgy voting machines. These men, who have long been screaming to themselves that they are not "losers", would enjoy nothing more than to take part in an orgy of killing. Egged on by their fuckwit women. The great Caudillo or Fuhrer or has made them feel like "somebodies".

Much of the US left is whackball in the head too. Despite what many of them seem to think, the strategic position isn't essentially about "gay rights" or about Trump wanting to crack down on transsexuals and have only two kinds of toilet, male and female, rather than five or 17. (Talk about an opposition being spooked!) And climate change is a real mindfuck! There's as little chance of getting a left-wing climate change fool to see sense as there is a Trump activist. Armed conflict looms, in conditions of widespread mental disorientation. A conflict where one side can't get its shit together. Another word for that is "massacre".

There wasn’t any “left-wing idealism” in Germany after about 1921. During the period when revolution was possible - from 1918 to 1921 at the latest - the SPD leadership and what became the KPD leadership BOTH played counterrevolutionary roles. By 1933, working class people had been completely demoralised for more than a decade. The battles that let the Nazis come to power were lost in 1918-21. Maybe in the US the relevant battles were lost in 1965-72?

All the way through, the KPD leadership were interested above all in supporting trade deals with the (German-backed) (red fascist) Bolshevik regime in Russia. They loved Lenin's denunciation of "left-wing communism" and his shitty "21 conditions". Their position shifted, but when "class against class" came it was far too LATE and the working class by that time were about as out of it as they are in the US now.

Nor should the SPD be let off the hook. Noske and Scheidemann were no better than the Kaiser and Ludendorff. That's why the resistance took the form of groups such as Sophie Scholl's.

A successful counterfactual resistance to the Nazis can’t be conjured up from the premise "if only the KPD had allied with the SPD". The leaderships of both parties did what they did on the basis of what had already happened before.

(That said, a look at the KAPD, AAUD and AAUD-E may bear fruit.)

Although Clinton as SPD, Sanders as KPD doesn’t work well as an analogy, it is true that Clinton and Obama won’t support any resistance to a Trump regime. They will support its legitimacy. "Give him a chance to lead", says Clinton. If they change their position it will only be when it's far too late. Giving Trump a chance to lead is EXACTLY the opposite of what should be done.

Saw this on Twitter @leahmcelrath. What do you think?

Read this by a cyber expert who previously keynoted at Davos about what he observed ON ELECTION NIGHT: …
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