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Sunday, November 06, 2016

The entire world should thank America's Latinos

I caution people not to count their unhatched chickens. As you read stories about the early vote counts, always remember one key fact: The Clintonites are coming out early and the Trumpers are waiting until election day. The big wallop will hit on Tuesday.

Still, we have excellent indications that a surge in Latino votes will place Nevada in blue.

If this is true, the Clinton firewall can stand the loss of New Hampshire, which may well go pink. With Nevada on her side, Hillary can win this thing even if she loses Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and even part of Maine. However, she must hold on to PA, MI and CO.

If Latinos win this one for Hillary, then everyone who believes in democracy and civilization will owe them a lifelong debt. The world will owe them a lifelong debt.

Here's a message to the Brits who burned Trump in effigy (and to the British spooks who have been leaking information about the Trump/Putin connection): It's not enough to disparage the Tangerine Monster. You should also say thank you -- humbly -- to all Americans of Latino heritage. Their support for Hillary means that the nuclear launch codes might not fall into the hands of an unhinged man-baby.

Oh. And you know those "taco trucks on every corner" that the Trumpers warned us about? Bring 'em on! Words cannot express how much I miss the awesome Mexican street food one can find so easily in Los Angeles. (I also miss these heart attack specials. Authentic Chicago dogs are great, but let's face it: Latinos invented the supreme embodiment of Hot Dog Godhead.)

In other news: Trump was rushed offstage after a kerfluffle in which an anti-Trump Republican raised a sign and some idiot shouted "Gun!" even though there was no gun.

Not long after, Trump -- ever the blowhard -- pretended to imitate Teddy Roosevelt, delivering a speech despite an assassination attempt: "Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. We will never be stopped."

An hour later, the Trumpian blowhardiness reached epic proportions:
Dan Scavino Jr., Trump's social media director, and Donald Trump Jr., the nominee's oldest son, retweeted Jack Posobiec, a supporter who wrote: "Hillary (Clinton) ran away from rain today. Trump is back on stage minutes after assassination attempt."

But the Secret Service statement made clear no weapon had been found. Neither has deleted the retweet.
So whaddya think? Staged? One of Roger Stone's devious little tricks?

Or is Trump just another cult "messiah" feeding self-important BS to his easily-gulled acolytes?

(On a related note, see here.)

Pecker trouble: Trump seems unruffled by the revelation that he had an affair with former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal in 2006, while Trump was married to Melania. Moreover, the National Enquirer -- owned by David Pecker, a solid Trump friend -- paid to keep the story covered up.

Remember when this kind of revelation would have destroyed a politician? Remember when people would talk about such a thing for weeks? Remember a time when our news media would investigate every molecule of this kind of story?

"Although Pecker denies a quid pro quo, we spoke today with his Lawnmower Guy, who offers a unique insight into..." "Coming up: An interview with Karen McDougal's childhood dentist!" C'mon, why aren't we getting any of that? If Pecker had protected a Democrat's infidelity, you know damned well how the mainstream media would react.

It's not funny. The most recent episode of Real Time was stunning. For the first time in ages, I watched all the way through instead of forwarding to "New Rules." Although Maher was clearly drunk, he was nevertheless more eloquent than are most sober people. And he seemed genuinely terrified. Whenever Martin Short tried to inject some humor into the proceedings, Maher would slap him down.

His grim demeanor reminded me of certain films and novels produced just before the outbreak of World War II.

Like him or hate him, Maher is right about this one. Trumpism is fascism. We've known since the 1930s that a successful American fascist movement would call itself anti-fascist. It's not going to come goosestepping toward us bedecked in swastikas and whistling tunes from Wagner. It's going to look what we're facing now.

Screw Godwin's law. And screw anyone who says that Maher is over-reacting.

Meanwhile, comic Samantha Bee does the kind of reporting that more of our investigative journalists should do. Perhaps you've already seen the segment (broadcast last week) in which she interviews a couple of the paid Putin trolls who've spread lies and whipped up hysteria throughout our country. If you haven't seen this important segment, I embed it below. And below that you'll find an online-only piece which is equally eye-opening.

We are under attack from without. Simple as that.

Added note: I just caught the beginning of Michael Moore's Trumpland. One interviewed Trump supporter says -- on camera -- the following about Trump's fortune: "You know, he didn't get it handed down to him, like Hillary did from her parents."


Some of his best friends are Jews? More of his best friends are Nazis.

Agreed there. So what the hell is the deal with Sheldon Adelson?

Honestly, I just don't get it.
Something you may have missed about the "assassination attempt": what he was saying immediately beforehand. How confident he is of winning the latino vote. Don't expect a high latino turnout to save you. He's up to something.
Well, there is Haim Saban. But the unifying philosophy of the Republican party is more money for the rich. Adelson may support Israel, but greed is his main motivation. By the way Israelis support Clinton
It would be too easy to argue that the U.S. has been fascist for a very long time, its federal government dispensing policies that ensure the controlling powers of large corporations and the military. After the Citizens United ruling how can there be any doubt?

Maher and Frum maybe impressed the public, which Maher says is stupid and ignorant, with their cherry-picked dialogue about Hitler's electoral triumph. Maher: Hitler was elected. Frum: But only with 20-some percent of the vote. Maher: And then he burned down the Reichstag. Where was Martin Short's great Nathan Thurm? "I know that. Do you think I don't know that?"

No one pointed out that Hitler had been imprisoned for leading a failed violent coup and all was forgiven, or that the German 'middle-class' were foraging garbage for food, that Germany had been defeated and disgraced, and that inflation was beyond counting or worse. I, for one, failed to see any basis for comparison; there could hardly be a greater contrast of conditions.

I guess it would have been distracting and disruptive for anyone to explain that Hitler modeled his military conquests and economic policies on the history of America's Manifest Destiny with its slave labor and its genocidal wars to acquire territory.
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