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Friday, November 18, 2016

Remember when "progressives" were calling Donald Trump "the peace candidate"?

Not so very long ago, certain allegedly progressive Clintonphobes were telling us that a vote for Trump meant freedom for Ed Snowden to come back home, as well as an end to our "regime change" policies in Syria.

Well...guess what?
Michael Flynn has a Turkish government conflict of interest.

There's also something wrong with his thinking processes and political assessments. As the Head of the DIA he had access to a wealth of material on ISIS. Yet he has gone on to claim that ISIS has links to North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, claims that have been rejected by other intelligence analysts as 'unhinged' and 'a Tom Clancy novel.' His co-authored book with Michael Ledeen places Iran as a source of Islamic terrorism, apparently making little distinction between Sunni and Shia forms and inflating Iranian links to al Qaeda. And his Muslim extremists fixation has pleased the Islamophobes.

Flynn is an Irish Catholic who has been in the military since his ROTC days. He's a general, not a politician. So he is inclined by his life background to seek simple explanations and simple solutions to complex situations, often with conflicting results, especially where political and not military solutions are required.

Flynn would have no problem going after Obama over Centcom intelligence issues.
I always wondered why Flynn's appearance (along with Jill Stein) at the dinner in Moscow honoring the anniversary of the Russian propaganda outlet RT was never mentioned during the presidential campaign.

Flynn was seated at Putin's table. What was Flynn doing there?


Flynn picked up a gig with Gazprom - a non exec board seat. Of course this had made him a suspicious figure among intelligence types. The Russians certainly wanted him as am agent of influence. Shame is that most accounts support Freds comments - Flynn is a bit "simple". That said, if you don't assume Russia is evil its not really a big deal. I tend to assume KSA is evil which means I tend to view their patronage of Brennon as questionable. But all I can really assume is that he had a bias to look sympathetically on Saudi interests.

Of course,mn you know that the FSB would have targeted and approved Flynn as suitable for the Gazprom gig.


Russia played a role in the destruction of Clinton's candidacy and the elevation of Trump. No assumption is necessary; Russia is de facto evil.

Insider baseball esoterica doesn't interest me at this point. Russia, Wikileaks, and the FBI engineered the hijacking of an American presidential election. The press stood by slack-jawed and watched it happen, egging on the shit show for higher profits. There are plenty of anti-Trump protests, but no one seems to be noticing the protracted, gleeful virtual slut shaming that that the first woman candidate is still suffering thanks to the concerted efforts of the media, the bros, and the trumpsters with the help of Russia. There are many victims here, but first and foremost is Hillary Clinton.

"If I don't assume that Russia is evil," all in the service of your pontification. No thanks. I don't feel like playing.
Well let me leave you with a thought. I note that Russia may have hacked into DNC networks and may have collected those emails. They also would have left behind traces which might be attributed to them including a username which was the same as that of the founder of the Cheka. Not very subtle.

However we also know that the FBI had access to all HRCS email and all the DNC email.

Wikileaks may have got the emails through a cutout. But they themselves suggested they did not come from Russia. Not that they would know either way if a available cutout was used. But anyone can use a cutout. My guess is that someone in the US security establishment leaked the emails.

I saw Brennons latest comments. Looked like he was softening his stance on Russia being the source.

For what little that is worth.

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