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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Remember Lord H.A. H.A.?

Remember H.A. Goodman, the fanatical Clintonphobe who established near-total control over how Salon (formerly a progressive site) portrayed the the former Secretary of State? You may have wondered what happened to him. Well, he has come out as a Trump supporter. And -- this is sublime -- he also insists that Hillary Clinton benefited from fake news sites.

But that's not all! She has orange skin, small hands, and she cheated on Melania with the Playboy Playmate of the Year, just as Melania was giving birth to her son.

Good thing she didn't win. You know damned well she would be packing her cabinet with Goldman Sachs alumni.

Irony. Check out this Lord H.A. H.A. story which appeared on October 21 in Huffpo (yes, they kept publishing him): "If there’s evidence of election fraud on November 8th and Hillary Clinton wins, then Donald Trump has every right to peacefully contest the results."

Notice that Lord H.A. does NOT support the ongoing recount/audit efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. By the way, if you have any knowledge of the way Hillary got screwed -- or, to use the Trumpian term, "schlonged" -- by the caucuses in 2008, you'll be flummoxed and flabbergasted by the way Goodman rewrites that history. The gods of irony created a masterpiece when they named this evil bastard.

From an anti-Sanders Reddit: This person makes a damned good point.
Why is it that Hillary did a lousy job convincing Sanders voters, but Bernie didn't screw up the primaries by not appealing to minorities and centrists?
Yeah, there's a lot of this going around. "Hillary lost the general, admit she was a horrible candidate. Bernie lost the primary, we should have chosen him!"
They refuse to acknowledge that minorities even exist. Every Bernie loss they attribute to DNC collusion and nothing else.
That's because when Hillary lost the general, it was her fault and no one else's. On the other hand, it was everything and everyone's fault that Bernie was "robbed" of the nomination.
I love how they accuse the DNC of shoving Hillary down our throats, but apparently the DNC nominating Bernie, who got his ass shellacked in the primary, would not be the same thing.
And now the real answer:
Because one has a penis and one does not.
Don't leave us hanging - which one has the penis?
isn't that the point-pardon the pun.
if your pro-clinton the recounts should continue because they might give her the presidency.

if your pro-trump you do not-why would you.

did you worry about hacking in 2008 or 2012.

this same equipment was there in most states.
Yes, gerry, we did worry about hacking back then. The working hypothesis was that Obama would have to win overwhelmingly in order to overcome the hacking and resultant red shift. Remember how stunned Mitt Romney was on election night? Karl Rove?
Rumor has it--and I cite nothing more than rumor--Karl Rove had set up a VPN to fiddle with the results from afar. The VPN got "taken down." The Russians clearly did most of their work pre-election--a little rogue software in the voting machines. That's why they needed state voter registries.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Some of us have been worried about hacking since 2000. Others have observed the apostrophe since fourth grade.
Let me chime in here as someone who has been worried about hacking since at least 2004. There are a lot of, I suspect. I'm not sure hacking was needed for Obama to win either of his terms, since his cult of personality was/is even stronger than Trumps (though I've certainly seen a lot indicating that right leaning people tried to put the fix in for Romney, but obviously failed). Lucky for us he was not a completely terrible President, at least domestically.
this will give you hope-the final pennsylvania count was Trump 46,000 votes not the 68000 originally thought.

Seems Philadelphia took a long time to finalize it's vote totals. Hillary actually only got about 4000 votes less than Obama's 2012 number.

However 46,000 is still .8 percents. It has to be .5 for an automatic full recount. about 30,000 votes..

So you know who to blame. Looks like the white working class to me. Although Washington state had a bunch of "turncoats" that might be Berniebros.

Oh I should have said. This is a map of counties who switched from Dem in 2012 to republican in 2016.
Nobody expects the recounts to give her the presidency "gerry". I'm just a little concerned that a bunch of WI districts had 90%+ turnout for the first time ever. Why Trumps' margins were so consistency different in districts where machines had paper trails vs. those that did not. Why the exit polls were so wrong (as they were in 2000 and 2004). Add gerrymandering, voter suppression, vote caging, removal of hundreds of polling stations in Democratic areas, the racist and undemocratic electoral college and the fact rural voters are overrepresented in Congress - yeah, thinking maybe a recount should be mandatory every cycle.
Gerry, PLEASE go to apostrophe rehab. You're triggering me badly and I can't follow your trolling.
hey prowler-LOL's

you's just's wanted's to's call's me's a's troll's
gerry, I've enjoyed your schtick. But you will leave Prowlerzee alone, or you won't be published here any longer. Not arguing with you on this one: I'm TELLING you. Capice?
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