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Friday, November 18, 2016

Now hear this

On several occasions during the life of this blog, people have made attempts to take over the place. The most obnoxious swarm occurred in 2008, when the Obama bots showed up. They couldn't stop me from expressing anti-Obama sentiments (and from defending Hillary against the smears of that era), so they tried to take over the comments section.

A rather heavy-handed comment moderation policy ensued. At one time, this blog eschewed moderation altogether -- but that was before certain political evildoers figured out that they could control online debates using bots and paid comment spammers.

I lost a number of friends in 2008. Progressives hated me when I told them that Obama would do nothing about NAFTA and that he would do little to leash the Wall Street malefactors. They hated me for not drinking from the same Kool-Aid cauldron they fancied. 

A couple of years before, the 9/11 conspiracy clowns -- by which I mean the "controlled demolition" freakaziods -- tried to take over this blog. I don't know why they fixated on Cannonfire -- after all, this is but one small site, and the conspiratards have an entire internet in which to romp and scamper. Apparently, they considered me an important "get." For years, they waited outside my home, desperate for any chance to dash in through a cracked window or an opened door.

Are they still there? Probably. Whenever I think of them, I visualize the last scene of The Birds -- if you replace the birds with conspiracy buffs.

Every so often, I run into one of those guys "in real life." They always insist that this time, this time, they are going to wow me with some brand new information -- as in NEW NEW NEW you-never-heard-this-before !!NEW!! information, the sheer newness of which is going to blow my mind and change all of my thinking and toss my very soul into a hyperdimensional wormhole where I'll spend the next thousand years dancing with the pookas and sipping tea with Dr. Strange. Guess what? Invariably, this NEW NEW NEW info turns out to be the same old guff about the melting temperature of steel and Larry Silverstein saying "Pull it."

Back in 2007, I had to come down hard and completely disallow the 9/11 buffs from commenting. Sorry, but without that policy they'd still be filling the comments with "conspiracy cliches."

Now it's the BernieBots and the Clinton-Haters.

I don't care who you are or how long you've been reading this blog. My message to you is simple: FUCK OFF. You are my enemy.

I was right about Obama.

I was right about the "bombs in the buildings" myth.

I am right Bernie Sanders. He's just plain evil.
I have started the mission to Re Audit Trump. I believe if everything came out about all the FCC, FTC, IRS and FBI violations, public demand could be so high against the tainted 2016 results as to delay Trump's inauguration. ReAudit Trump
For those of you who are not on facebook, ReAudit Trump link won't work.
However, still works as does However the content on will be a copy of what is on

Too many people want to fight in the wrong way, it is very suspicious. Change to a popular vote from an electoral college, Occupiers protesting in the streets who don't give a crap about Hillary Clinton, Sanders supporters already gearing up for 2020. You true Hillary Clinton voters, you have to do it, no one else will.
@Alessandro - Good stuff. Are you looking at the NY State charity fraud case against Trump too? The NY Attorney-General's office set back the date by which Trump had been ordered to supply documents. He was originally ordered to come up with them by 18 October, if memory serves, and then, with little media fanfare, he was granted an extension. Collecting money saying you are a charity when you aren't is surely quite a serious crime. It's fraud. That the date was set back was one of the indicators that confirmed and strengthened my view that Trump would win.

I also have the feeling that the NYT wasn't really - as in really really - anti-Trump. Nor are they really against Marine Le Pen. They say the most ridiculous supposedly favourable stuff about Alain Juppé, who in my estimation may well either fail to make the first two in the Republicans' primary or, if he stays in, will fall behind François Fillon who will win support from those who backed Nicolas Sarkozy.

I also reckon that the memes of supposed anger against anti-Semitism detected in Trump's speeches and the Breitbart scene are very pro forma and tongue in cheek. If the ADL and CPMAJO had wanted to take Trump out, he'd have been toast. Same goes for Breitbart.

The indicator I'm looking for now is a big Breitbart presence in France in the run-up to the election. To elect Le Pen.

I reckon Le Pen could get support from both Russia and the US.

That would mean curtains for the EU: the end of the EU, no more EU.
White rose, Wedgewood blue lettering...
Looks like a site where you'd buy supplies and services for your upcoming wedding.
Michael, the white rose is the symbol of anti-fascist resistance. What other color goes as well with it?
The white rose you selected is perfect on many levels, not the least of which is that the rose is emblematic of the female. (Look at the bud in the center of the rose in full bloom in the picture. Play the association game.)

How about blood red lettering?
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