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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How is this possible?

Trump refuses to put his worldwide interest in a blind trust. Instead, his companies are to be run by his children -- all of whom are now to receive top secret security clearances. They are thus going to receive information which can be used to maximize Trump's profits.

(None of the Trumplets have any experience in government or the military, of course.)

And yet there are still assholes out there who thought that Hillary's emails were somehow unethical!

If you hit the link and scroll down, you'll see a comment offers which some insight as to how counterintelligence works:
Be assured that Donald will receive a false but very important-seeming piece of ultra-confidential misinformation. Our people will then watch for it to surface through our assets in Moscow. If it does, bad fears are confirmed - possibly the worst imaginable, that Trump himself initiated the leak.
I am sure that this has already happened. But if Obama won't do anything with it in the small amount of time he has left in office, all is for naught. Trump will make sure that the intelligence community is run by loyalists.

The great mistake that Democrats are making right now is the pretense that Donald Trump is just another president who won legitimately. Professor Sabl's infuriatingly wrong-headed piece in the WP will one day be considered the crystallization of everything the Democrats did wrong in this time period.

Understand: Trump and Bannon are not Republicans. Trump and Bannon are fascists.

Fascism never has legitimacy. Fascists have no rights. Fascists are subhuman filth. You do not deal with fascism by debating over how best to win the next election.

If you are unwilling to use the F-word -- if you want to waste our time with otiose exercises in casuistry as you argue over definitions -- you are aiding the enemies of democracy.
There is one last chance, the electoral college. They could say that they won't vote for Trump unless he fixes this conflict of interest. That would allow the House to vote for another Republican.
There's another way fo rthe intelligence services to deal with this. Lone nuts on standby. More likely than being saved by the electoral college.
If that other Republican is Pence, I'll choose Fascism. See The Handmaid's Tale. Anything but godbaggers.

Good post, Joseph. You will be joined in this fight.
USA Today says differently.
Far better -- and far more usefully pessimistic than the Sabl article -- is this, by N. Turkuler Isiksel at Columbia University. Written before the election, chillingly apposite afterward.

(please edit previous comment to correct suggestion the piece was written before the election. thank you.)
This post presents some interesting issues. The first is to define fascism. fascism doesn't really have a dictionary definition and in generally defined by its features. The primary feature is the suppression of dissent and ruling by brute force. Trump says he will immediately deport 2-3 million undocumented workers while Ryan says he will not provide the funds for a national deportation force. My fear is that Trump, and Bannon, will create a private force to do the work. It is one small step from there to an army of Blackshirts.
Howard, I can't edit even my own comments. Blogger does not work that way. But people will get the idea.

joseph, I will agree that the eternal question of "How to define fascism?" is fascinating. Unfortunately, some people become so wrapped up in trying to come up with exactly the right definition that they become afraid to apply the F-word to any real-world situation.

On the other hand, others are too quick to apply the F-word. Anthony Burgess wrote in his autobiography that his students would call him a fascist whenever he suggested that they might want to do a little reading.
Howard, that is a GREAT article. Thanks for passing it along.
I'm imagining a thousand air horns at the inauguration. I hope Trump never gets a good night's sleep again. That he is afraid in his own bed.

Joseph, I'm sorry I was so wrong about this election. I shoulda known that we can't elect a woman to the presidency. Pelosi will be the next to go.
I am sure that this has already happened. But if Obama won't do anything with it in the small amount of time he has left in office, all is for naught. Trump will make sure that the intelligence community is run by loyalists.

Why do you assume Obama would be aware of any of this? I find it more likely such a trap would have been set by deep statists/shadow governors in the intelligence establishment and is waiting to be sprung at one of the first high-level briefings with President Trump. And thus does the intelligence community ensure the executive branch is run by loyalists....
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