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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Godwin gets it

The inventor of "Godwin's Law," Mike Godwin, approves of Nazi comparisons when discussing Trump. He advises us to "know what we're talking about."

Well, before I lost my library, I used to have a floor-to-ceiling double-wide bookcase brimming with books about the rise of Nazism in Germany, World War II, and the persistence of fascism after the war. If I met Mike Godwin face-to-face in a game of "Trivial Pursuit -- Adolf Edition," I bet I could whup his ass. Thus, I feel qualified to offer...

CANNON'S LAW: Any lengthy discussion of Trumpism which does not refer to fascism is naive.

On a related note: Donald Trump's pick for the DHS is terrifying. When Trump was tweeting that the election was going to be stolen from him, David Clarke called for riots. But when peaceful protests erupted in Baltimore after the election, Clarke called for the National Guard and tear gas. What a fucking hypocrite!

Worse, he thinks that this country holds perhaps a million people who should be sent to Gitmo for the sin of using "jihadi rhetoric" online. A million? I'm pretty sure that this guy defines "jihadi rhetoric" broadly enough to include the things that you and I and all other Trump opponents are likely to say.

I can't believe that this is happening. For decades, Chicken Littles have screamed "Fascism is coming!" or "fascism is here!" every time Congress passed a law that someone didn't like. People reflexively reached for the F-word every time some nitwit mayor sought to impost a nitwit regulation (such as that nonsense about the size of soft drinks).

And it is. The real thing. The beast has roared back to life, during my lifetime, in my home country.
Long term host of 'the apprentice' who has multiple business that depend on 'consumer goodwill' plotting fascist takeover of the USA
Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm. Democracy is not the norm, authoritarianism is. Democracies are being threatened by the descendants of the Luddites, who really have lost any sense of meaning because of alienation from production and society. Kind of like Marx said.
Hey why diss the Luddites? They were our boys.
I had no idea David Clarke said that, about the million who have to be detained at Gitmo. The only thing he didn't call for were gas chambers. But you know he'd personally install the overhead sprayers if given the chance.

He is an American Nazi. He's also a powerful sheriff! And the possible pick for Homeland Security. Everyone needs to start thinking about contingency and/or escape plans. This is not a drill.

Click here to watch David Clarke. "It is pitchfork and torches time in AMERICA", he announces approvingly. Yee-ha!

Most of the video shows his interview with Don Lemon of CNN. Look how he conducts himself. He keeps asking Lemon to "condemn" things, and to answer HIS questions. The guy can't play his role, and he can't keep to the subject.

He is a fucking loony and as stupid as dogshit. I doubt that he knows the meaning of the word "rhetoric". He is an example of someone who shouts out one or two statements in an infantile way and who "knows" they must be true because he's shouting them. He knows that everyone who doesn't want him to shout what he's shouting is a "liar", a criminal, or a public enemy. He's another case of an individual who should be locked up in a mental hospital for the public good.

Watch this video.

There isn't going to be any "dialogue" under Trump. The leash is off.

Listen <a href=">here</a> to Clarke calling for a million people to be rounded up and interned in Guantanamo.

jerry, if there is one thing we can glean from Trump's business history, it's that he doesn't give a crap about 'consumer goodwill'. Otherwise, why create so many outright scams (or put your name to them, at the very lease)?

Also, it should be obvious, but if you are dictator all money, all power, all business, belongs to you. Why would he care about 'consumer goodwill' under such circumstances? You clearly don't know much about Trump. Or fascism.
Fox News is playing a curious role in Trump policy setting. First it did a piece on flag burning right before Trump tweeted against flag burners. Now Fox is reporting that Islamic groups are arming themselves against Trump. This appears to have its origins in a story from the Clarion Project written by Martin Mawyer & Ryan Mauro. Martin Mawyer is the founder and director of the Christian Action Network. He has links to Robert Spencer, Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion, and its later UK product the Henry Jackson Society. Ryan Mauro is the National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project (nuff said).

The Islamaphobes have decided to move. How will Trump respond?
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