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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Drain the swamp" my ass!

Looks like Steve Mnuchin of Goldman Sachs will be the new Treasury Secretary. Drain the swamp? That guy is the swamp. Call him Secretary Swampy.

Mnuchin has an "executive producer" credit on Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. I tried to watch both of those films but couldn't get very far -- and I grew up reading comics. On my second try, I got a full forty-five minutes into Suicide Squad, as reeky a concoction as the superhero genre has ever given us. Does the movie get better after that point? Maybe you can tell me.

Here's the lesson I took away from the first act of Suicide Squad: If you're going to follow the Dirty Dozen template, you have to give us reasons to care about the bad guys. With the exception of Will Smith's character, none of these outlandish badasses motivated me to give a shit. Even Harley annoyed me, despite my affection for the (much better) version of the character in the animated series. Yes, Margot Robie is a goddess, but even she couldn't make me like this poorly-reconceived pseudo-Harley. The Enchantress could have been intriguing in a movie of her own; wedged within this overstuffed mess, she was simply Way Too Much.

End of movie rant. Back to politics.

Funny, innit? Conservatives are quick to denounce Hollywood's Democrats as the embodiment of sin and debauchery, but they haven't one word to say against Trump's choice for Treasury. For that matter, they haven't any complaints against Trump himself, a Hollywood TV star with a well-earned rep for sin and debauchery. In Republican eyes, Barbara Streisand and Michael Moore are the quintessence of Hollywood decadence; Steve Mnuchin and Donald Trump are not.

The hypocrisy is infuriating.

Oh. And did you know that Mnuchin is a longtime crony of George Soros? Ya think Alex Jones is gonna make something out of that?

I doubt it. Alex Jones is the God of Hypocrisy.

Are you happy, BernieBots? You endlessly besmirched Hillary Clinton, who merely gave speeches to Goldman Sachs (and thereby earned millions for charity). By weakening her, you helped put Goldman alum Steve Mnuchin where he is now -- not to mention Goldman alum Steve Bannon. Way to go!
Kellogg company has pledged to stop advertising on Breitbart. We need a list of companies which advertise there so we can pressure them to follow Kellogg's example (I won't go to that site.)

Sorry, I meant to sign Kellogg post -
Joseph-aren't most people qualified to be Treasury Secretary going to be from the financial world.

Your not going to put a cold cuts maker in charge of Treasury dept.
Mnuchin is Jewish. I think he can look in the mirror and see a scapegoat.
Wesley Snipes wasn't actually in that movie.

Batman vs Superman was better in the extended version. The cinema version cut out the plot to make room for action sequences. The extended version was still bad, but less incoherent.
Stephen: ARRRGH! I can't believe I wrote that! I even went into that paragraph thinking: "Don't say Wesely Snipes...don't say Wesely Snipes..." And of course, EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell myself not to do something like that, I make the very mistake I hope to avoid. God DAMN this is embarrassing.

Thanks. I've made the correction.
gerry - if we have to have a finance guy for Treasury - could it be one who didn't foreclose on 35,000 homeowners during the housing collapse?
Apologies for the lengthy post, Joseph. There's more on Mnuchin here.
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