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Saturday, November 05, 2016


Perhaps my earliest memory: The Missile Crisis. Mom made me go to bed during the day. As the sun started to go down -- I'll never forget that strange half-light -- I sneaked into the living room and heard her crying uncontrollably. She kept asking my Dad: "They wouldn't actually do it, would they? They couldn't."

Now I know how they felt.

THAT laptop. TPM calls Trump's current line of attack "unhinged":
“Can you imagine Anthony Weiner has probably every classified email ever sent," Trump said, drawing attention early and often to Clinton's email scandal that has plagued her campaign. “Probably studied every single one.”
Okay, that is crazy, but it also fits in with Trump's pattern of "predicting" things that he knows about. In a previous post, I outlined my reasons for believing that Brietbart-related hackers placed what we might call "contraband" on that very laptop back in 2011.

I outlined my reasons for believing that Brietbart-related hackers placed what we might call "contraband" on that very laptop back in 2011

I agree with you about this - Weiner was pretty obviously set up by someone who was aware of his predilictions and wanted to exploit them. This, by the way, is an excellent reason why a State Department employee with a security clearance shouldn't be transferring work emails to a personal email account.

Another Clinton hit?
To Joseph and to everyone (yes, you!),

The time to panic is now. The Democratic Party is teetering on oblivion. It is the Democratic Party which is in peril, not the Republican Party. I am the only, THE ONLY, person I know that doesn't despise Hillary Clinton. I am the only person I know of that voted for Hillary Clinton (I chose early voting via absentee ballot, which I found to be a very convenient process that I will choose for every election going forward). When I try to explain or defend Hillary, people will not listen to me, they become visibly agitated and angry, like they are getting ready to assault or mame me. I can't defend Hillary anymore, people get violent with me. Once I start defending Hillary, I can literally feel their hatred growing for me. If they didn't hate me before ever hearing me speak, they hate me the moment I say something neutral, NEUTRAL, about Hillary.

Hillary Clinton may be the most hated person in America, over conspiracies spouted by psychopaths of the American Right. The facts don't matter in America, all that matters is "feelings", and in America, if you repeat something often and loudly enough, it becomes accepted. This nation has descended into full blown psychopathy. With a Manchurian candidate like Donald Trump at the helm, receiving his marching orders from Vlad Putin (a sociopath), I'm fucked. Donald Trump's motto is "Make America Great Again", but really it's "Make Russia Great Again". With the exception of Christianity (and Islam), this is the greatest con perpetrated in history. If Trump wins, I'm finished, the goose is cooked, pigs will fly and the fat lady sings.

I no longer have any confidence that Hillary Clinton will win. This should've been the easiest victory in Democratic Party history, instead, we got ratfucked.
Many of the websites i go to think the opposite. That Clinton will win and how could the republicans nominate Trump.

In reality they BOTH are disasters and are both hated.

I also think it's actually a tossup.

Either one could win-and AMERICA will lose either way. Yes the republicans nominated Trump with all his baggage and the democrats nominated Clinton KNOWING what baggage she had. Both stupid.
Trump has just been taken off the stage in Reno by Secret Service guys. He's said to have studied Hitler's speeches, but has he or Roger Stone studied Mitterand's "Observatory Affair" of 1959?
Where are you from, JSL?

I'm from Baltimore city and the lines were long for early voting, all blue.

If you paid attention to the 2000 election you would've not been confident at all that this election would be "easy." Media screwed us then and are screwing us now.

We still have a better than even chance that Hillary will win, but they've sown the seeds of hatred and fake scandals. We have to learn how to "love" our enemies via the "high road." Down South, I believe the operative phrase is "Bless your heart." As in "Why, bless your heart, I hate to see you so deceived and misinformed." Smile in a smug way.

The road to victory will be unconventional. Donald did ,anage to enrage the latino vote, which used to skew Republican.

I'm down to leaning on superstitions. I have a 1970's pants suit, which I've donned and will wear every day till the election.

rThe latest news is that we have hacked the Russians. Here's what I want Obama to say: "We have found emails in the Russian government that confirm our belief that Trump is being blackmailed. They are convinced that Comrade Donald is well in hand because of the pictures at the orgy. They are grateful for his removing the plank calling for Russia to leave the Ukraine before sanctions are lifted. I say this not to discourage voting for Trump but to prevent his blackmail. I encourage Trump to tell all bout the pictures so that he will not be subject to blackmail." It's time for Democrats to play hardball, truth be damned. And if Hllary is elected, I expect her justice department to begin investigations of every single Republican senator and congressman. Oh, and by the way, Max Blumenthal? I frequently read and occasionally post on pro-Israel blogs. There are Republicans there who encourage votes for Trump. I fail to see how the destruction of the American economic system is good for Israel. Moreover, HIllary will absolutely be the most pro-Israel president, EVER. She made clear in her book, and Bill in his, that the impediment to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is the Palestinian leaders. Hillary is a studious realist. She will make a better president than I had even imagined.
I just had this conversation with my mother. She was driving, I was in the passenger seat, looking out the window as we came up a residential street. This street was filled with house to house, yard after yard, of signs for Trump & Pence.

I observed, "Good grief, there's so many Trump signs."

My mother said, "And they are all over the East Side, too. I would prefer Trump over Hillary because Hillary is evil."

I said, "Why is she evil? Because she used a private email server?"

My mother said, "No, because she doesn't care about people, only power. And she doesn't care when people get killed, like all that Benghazi stuff."

I said, "The Benghazi attacks? She had nothing to do with that, that was a terrorist attack in which the American ambassador and CIA staffers were killed. She's not responsible for that."

My mother said, "Well, whatever, all she cares about is power. She's evil and wicked."

I said (as we pass MORE Trump yard signs and banners), "I cannot imagine any women supporting Trump after what Trump has said about women, for example, what he said in private with Billy Bush. It's disgusting, it's talking about sexual assault."

My mother says, "Yeah, but all men talk like that, Trump is a man, all men are like that."

I said (absolutely disgusted), "That's not excusable. If I was running for public office and said anything about sexual assault, outside of condemning it, I would be disqualified immediately."

My mother didn't respond.

Joseph, this is my own mother. This is what Americans think and talk like. We've fallen into decay, despair and outright lunacy.

Trump is poised for victory and I'm fucked. Hillary is hated and is the subject of the most intense vilification campaign in American history. I'm scared, I'm scared of Donald Trump, I'm scared of Michael Pence (who is the governor right next door to my home state). I don't know what to do anymore. I can't reason with Americans anymore. I can't. I've failed. I feel like my whole life is a failure.
JSL, thank you for calling this out. I was just watching Trump live at a rally where he was ever so conveniently moved by Security officers following 'threats' (I'm wondering how many times and in how many varied ways this tactic might appear in the future -- too dangerous to run Congress?)

Everything Trump said was bombastic, sweeping, and totally unfettered by any idea that protocols, practical limitations or the rule of law might stand in his way. Defeating ISIS? -- simple. Bringing jobs back from China? -- no problem. Bigger and better defense budgets -- for sure. Everyone who had a positive thought about Trump was praised to the skies. Everyone else who might either oppose him (or merely disagree with him) was dismissed as worthless, contemptible and criminal, as people who would be ignored or forcefully overcome.

This guy is an absolute A grade f-ing menace. A real threat to the stability of social order. If he loses the election he will scream the house down. If he wins he will use the power of the State to go after his enemies. No-one would be safe. If the election is borderline he will bluster his way into office. He is flat out dangerous.

.... btw Jospeh I wrote up your views here. (Hope I got it right.)
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