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Monday, November 07, 2016


From here. I think that this Reuters poll substantiates the point made in my preceding post: The Trumpers went a smear too far. Several smears too far. When you start accusing your opponent of devil worship and pedophilia -- with NO evidence -- you end up making yourself look bad.

To paraphrase Nietzsche: "If you sling too much mud, the mud splatters thee."

Comey has confessed what many suspected: Nothing on that computer made Hillary looked bad. Yet the Trumpers are still spreading insane stories of child porn and an NYPD raid of the Clinton residence. At some point, even Trump's goofiest, least-educated supporters have to say to themselves: "Maybe these guys have been lying to us. Maybe you can't believe everything you read on Facebook, Reddit and 4chan..."

A few days ago, I offered the theory that hackers planted fake emails from Clinton on Weiner's computer. Looks like I was wrong. (Either that, or someone in the FBI studied the metadata and spotted the fake as a fake.) However, the Clinton camp is warning us that a bogus document might well hit us tomorrow by way of Wikileaks. (If Assange won't push it, "Guccifer" surely will.)

The Trumpers -- or should I say the Stoners? -- have spewed many lies over the past months. By this point, the majority of Americans must feel disinclined to take any last-minute "damning revelations" at face value.

Added note: Kurt Eichenwald's twitter feed has some gems tonight.
Dont know why I go 2 the painstaking trouble of developing sources. Every Trump supporter seems to know every secret fact about everything.
That's modern conspiracy theory for you. When you possess the illumination of paranoia, you don't need evidence; you just swallow whatever Alex and Milo are dishing out.
Now that we know HRC email story is gone again, let's ask Trump why he deletes emails in violation of court orders.
Left eye open, right eye blind.
I was able 2 vote in 10 mins. The nurse's aide who helped my mom took 3 hours. Guess what race each of us is & what part of town we live in.
I suspect that we're going to be hearing quite a few stories along those lines. We're already getting some reports from Ohio which indicate that it's 2004 all over again. Maybe worse.
I am really getting terrified by the number of senior defense/law enforcement trump people showing they know nothing about computers.
Correct. For example, we know that Hillary could not have deleted any work-related emails, because -- as mentioned in a recent post -- those emails exist in multiple copies. (If I send mail to you, we both have copies: I can delete my copy, but I can't touch yours.) The Trumpers never tell you that part. In fact, Donald is still peddling his Big Lie about "30,000 deleted emails" to the gullible rubes who attend his rallies.
I got a glimpse of the news at a pub last night. Sports bar near my work. Multiple TVs. but only two tuned to news, Fox and one other. Simultaneously, two different news channels showed Hillary. One of them had the tickertape reading about how Comey essentially just said "nevermind" or "psych!" While the Fox news channel had some grotesque film sequence of Hillary images being manipulated. Truly a new low for a media I already detested.

So this is what normal people get, while chatting, eating, following sports (ugh). Hillary and the FBI again, and outright mocking distorted images of her.

At lost last, no. They have no shame.

I was more furious at Comey's "nothing there" than the vile images. Pure electioneering from the news. It's long past time to reign them in.

My feelings are so mixed.

I suspect HRC might win big despite the polls, because there are a lot of women who are hiding from the pollsters but are ready (finally!) to vote their own consciences and to hell with what their husbands told them to do or vote for. That's the best scenario, and may well justify the DNC's shoving Hillary down our throats.

If Hillary does win big tomorrow, that's a good thing because it repudiates Trump. But its also a bad thing because she'll claim it as a mandate for her uber-cautious, centrist, moderate, incrementalist, triangulated (with a heavy dose of war-mongering) Wall-Street-approved style of politics. That's assuming she is not obscructed by a GOP Congress.

But I could be wrong, and the election comes close (bad thing) or goes for Trump (much worse thing). Bottom line, the best I can credibly hope for is that I won't live to see the first use of nuclear warfare since 1945.
Correct. For example, we know that Hillary could not have deleted any work-related emails, because -- as mentioned in a recent post -- those emails exist in multiple copies.

Yep. Spot-on, Joseph. Of course, you know which emails don't have multiple copies? The 22 million emails deleted by the Bush Administration. But from our media, and from the GOP, and from such trustworthy folks like H.A. Goodman....crickets. Not a damned word.
Such a disgusting male pig comment, Michael: "may well justify the DNC's shoving Hillary down our throats."

Have a seat and/or go explore your homophobic reason/s for misogynistic hyperbole.

Yeah, women and non-homophobic men don't find having an overqualified woman as our candidate as something foisted down our throats.

This looks good...we should all sleep well tonight.

I'm always trying to think outside the box so I have a hypothetical query:

Let's say some guy had been looked at for an Art theft but eventually "cleared"...never charged and certainly not convicted. Can a president on his way out (like Obama for example) pardon that guy to make sure all is well in the future?

I don't know where you get "homophobic" from what I said.

Regardless, the Democratic party establishment decided years ago that it would be Hillary in 2016. They made it eminently clear that she was to be coronated, warning off any other "well-qualified" Democrat from even trying. The Democratic voter wasn't given a choice or say in the matter. When Bernie Sanders tried to offer a choice, DNC executives worked behind the scenes against him.

Qualified? Maybe, in two ways: she has memorized her briefing books, and knows the White House floor plan. In other ways, like having a progressive vision: not so much. In terms of electability, she is the second most UNqualified candidate to ever be nominated. A recent poll found that if she were running against Mitt Romney she would lose by a mile.

If Hillary loses tonight, it will be the end of the Democratic Party as we know it. Millions of heretofore Democrats are going to want blood.
Before anybody beats up on me, I'd better clarify: I don't blame DNC for Bernie's loss. Yes, they put their foot on the scale, but they weren't determinative. Bernie lost because he didn't connect with the black voters (who were intensely loyal to Obama, hence Clinton).
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