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Monday, October 31, 2016

The big one is coming

I'm going to have a big post coming soon, as soon as I do a little more research and finish organizing my thoughts. Let's bottom line it now: There's a damned good chance that the election is over and Donald Trump won -- dirty. It really is rigged. That's why he is now campaigning in blue states -- he knows that he will soon have all of the battlegrounds. 

I now believe that Comey did not screw over Hillary. In fact, there's a good possibility that he's been protecting her. You see, there really are incriminating emails. She didn't write them: It's a frame. I suspect that Comey knows that she was framed. But Comey may not be able to keep the evidence under wraps, because the New York FBI office (looking into the Weiner situation) is leaky. That's why he had to cover his ass.

I also now think that Trump may have been right all along: The hackers aren't Russian. 

Weiner. Brietbart. Bannon. Trump. God-effing-DAMMIT, the truth has been right there in front of us all along.

The only thing I can't understand is why the Breitbarters got Weiner tossed out of Congress in 2011. It would have made more sense to keep him in place. He wasn't the main target; Hillary was. Perhaps the late Andrew Brietbart was guilty of short-term thinking.
Chess mastery consists in forcing your opponent to make a fatal move. At the highest level of play, that fatal move would have been destined many moves earlier. Media pundits never get to see the game board, which renders their opinions and assertions equivalent to lucky guesses or nonsense, regardless of their petty insider status. 'The media' was a neologism when daily TV news programming expanded from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in the early 1960's. 'The media' eventually supplanted 'the press' as the term of art denoting the Fourth Estate. TV's influence was and continues to be disruptive to deliberate governance and justice.

Here's a hypothesis about the Comey dilemma: He and his agents and prosecutors have learned far too much and suffered more for having to contend with a largely chaotic and anarchic cybersphere (and maybe he used to love The Police's "Ghost In The Machine") that includes electronic secrets and public blog effects. The destined leaks that quickly followed his letter came from the Justice Department and his bureau, all of which were first published in 'the press' of old: NYT, WP, WSJ, LAT, of course displayed on the Internet, but still, you know? It's as if Comey wants to rehabilitate the authority of print journalism and all its (self-righteous) safeguards, while also exposing the Internet with its Web, email, and server protocols as the Tower of Babel it has become.
You don't have it, Amelie, but at least you are attempting original thought. Your first three sentences are certainly on the mark.

Comey, I am now persuaded, is the best friend Hillary Clinton ever had.

But the FBI team in New York -- the ones examining Weiner's computer -- are not playing for Comey, and they've been chafing under his attempts to restrict them.

Remember when Trump -- months ago -- was talking about Huma sharing information with Weiner? That riff was really weird, then. Now, it seems predictive.

Trump KNEW.

He knew what I've known since 2011. It came to me via deduction, but it was confirmed for me privately.

People laughed when I said that Weiner's system was hacked. What a strange world we live in! People have an easy time believing that John Podesta was hacked and that the DNC was hacked. But god help you if you say that Weiner was hacked.

What I did not know then was that Weiner used a computer given to him by Huma.

What EVERYONE forgets is that the browser stores all the passwords -- including Huma's. (And even if it didn't, keyloggers are marvelous things.)

Huma was one of the very few people with an account on Hillary's server.

Think of the damage I could do to you if I had your passwords. For example, I could hijack your account and, posing as you, mail illegal material such as child porn.

You would know that you've been framed. But how would you convince the cops or the feds?
'Trump KNEW'

No he didn't. What's the old saying about a broken clock?

He isn't prescient, or even of average ability. Like NEEGAN, the producers want you to see him as invincible in his path of idiocy.

He's a genius, a visionary....a God. Lol He's flesh and blood and not even a very good example.

Stop making mythology.

Ben, you still haven't figured it out. I've given you all the clues you need. Hell I've told you.

Allow yourself to think a new thought -- and then, prepare yourself for the worst. Because there is a reason why the Trump/Breitbart campaign has been harping on the email thing all this time.

There's something genuinely incriminating in there.

Consider: We know that Podesta was hacked -- and Powell, and the DNC. What do you think hackers DO to you if they don't like you? Just copy your emails and pass them to Wikileaks? You think that's IT? Seriously, that's IT?

For chrissakes, use your imagination. Imagine how you could ruin the life of your enemy if you had his password.
And by the way, Ben -- it ain't Trump. He's no mastermind. Hell, he's practically blown the operation time and again with his blabbiness.
joseph; Craig Murray met with Assange (I'm not saying he's the source and Craig isn't talking) and he says he knows who did the hacking. He fears for his life but I ask you...

If the Shadow People hacked all this cloak-and-dagger shit, why would they share it with Trump ffs? Surely Hillary is less likely to upset their applecart, but Trump is a loosely-boweled cannon.


Sure he's won the election. In your dreams.
I think I at least get the gist.

- there was a "long con" plan initiated by the reactionary Right, against Hillary (as she was a presumptive presidential candidate, whether it be 2008, 12 or 16).
- These actors identified Weiner as a weak spot, a way in. They hacked his social media and vould then set him up for whatever.
Sorry, hit the send button early, please delete that last one
Joseph, I respect your thoughts and enjoy your blog, but in this narrow case I think you've fallen victim to a kind of binary thinking. Comey has not been protecting Clinton in any way shape or form. At the same time, one can imagine that there are those in the FBI who are Republican partisans who wanted to selectively leak information. It's a sort of incompetence, but only because he is unwilling to stamp out politicization from the direction in which he leans (he is a Republican and was kept in a show of national unity by Obama). Look back at the testimony he gave to Congress. He was careful to be clear about all the important legal points, which completely exonerated Hillary, he even said it wasn't a close call, but he didn't do anything to really impede the relentless GOP partisan witch hunt either. Little things, like when they asked him "did she lie under oath," and he responds "to the FBI? No." This is not a dense man, he knows what they're doing and if he had any sense of truth or decency about him he would call the whole thing out for the farce it was. But he can tell himself he did his job because he didn't lie. It's simply a case of moral cowardice.

I trust Hillary at her word. She said today "there is no case here" and she is a person of her word. My personal opinion is that this was pushed out, perhaps including by the threat of leaks, to preempt the story about the Trump server and the FBI investigation of Trump's campaign bombshell that Harry Reid dropped. You can notice a hint of it in what Trump said today, "she's the one that operated an illegal server" did anyone else catch that?? Did anyone else hear the quote after they read the article in Slate about the Trump server and its communication with the Russian bank Alfa, and the way the traffic ramped up during times of intense political activity like the conventions, before the RNC platform committee. Very very interesting stuff. This story isn't over. I don't think it's going to end with child porn Joseph.
You might be right. A lot of us figured it wasn't the Russians though.
Well, some of us have been pretty skeptical of Putin involvement from the beginning..
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