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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

No surprise

I believe the term for this is "Rick-rolling."

But don't breathe a sigh of relief yet. Remember, Roger Stone tweeted that the fall of Clinton would occur on Wednesday, not Tuesday. So we still have another day of angst.

Just now, Stone retweeted an offering from Captain Nutball (a.k.a. Alex Jones), linking to this article on, which claims that the coming Assange blast will reveal secrets of "the Deep State."

Oooh! Illuminati stuff!

Captain Nutball's source is none other than Roger Stone himself. There aren't many jerkers in this particular circle jerk.

In the accompanying video, we see Stone looking like -- well, like a stoner, dressed in a t-shirt and a beanie (Roger!!!!) as he poses in front of his collection of Nixon posters. Nice visual, Roger -- this is a perfect time to remind people that you were once a young and particularly amoral dirty trickster working for the guy who came to power through smears and lies, not to mention deep-sixing Johnson's efforts to negotiate an end to the Vietnam war. Roger, I know someone (a very respectable and well-known someone) who heard you brag about creating the fake group "Gays for McGovern," back in '72. You're a fucking liar. Always have been. Why should we believe anything you have to say now?
“Too many people are onto the mainstream media and they correctly identify them with the rotting fetid New World Order,” Stone said.
Stone -- the man who first smeared the Khan family as terrorists, the man who almost certainly played a role in the 1980 "Debategate" scandal, the man who co-wrote one of the all-time worst JFK assassination books, the man who has bragged about his mastery of "brutal" and "psychological" politics -- has plopped into bed with the right-wing batshit crazies. He's been romancing them for quite a while, but until recently he has kept the affair limited to kissing, groping, and heavy petting. Now, it's all swallowing and choking and plow-me-hard-baby-and-never-mind-the-hemorrhoids.

(Forgive me. I've been reading a lot of Robert Morrow, and it seems to have affected my language.)

By the way: You know the rumor that Hillary Clinton called for a drone strike against Julian Assange? Utter bullshit. The only source for the rumor was a right-wing conspiracy site called True Pundit, and they supposedly got the story from unnamed State Department insiders. Riiiight. As if Clinton insiders would go straight to True Pundit instead of, say, the Washington Post. My guess is that the true source for True Pundit is a guy named Roger.
As if they'd have needed a drone to take out Julian Assange when he was under "country house arrest" at Ellingham Hall in Norfolk. (For another picture of the house, go here.) That 600-acre estate is owned by Vaughan Smith, founder of the Frontline Club, whose guests at discussions have included John Simpson, Robert Fisk, Jeremy Paxman, David Aaronovitch, Alan Rusbridger, Benazir Bhutto, Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Litvinenko.

But of course they have the latest state-of-the-art security equipment shipped to them free of charge by Russian intelligence, and there's no way for SIS or the CIA to penetrate their sterling efforts in support of "human rights" and "press freedom". Even when these motherfuckers house Julian Assange in one of their mansions, they make sure that all gardeners, domestic servants and maintenance staff are super-vetted so that the only possible way for the CIA to whack Assange would be by sending in a drone. And not one that they bought at Maplin. I'm talking about one painted in special paint that makes it almost undetectable by radar. With special Illuminati markings only visible to lizards and Merovingians.

It really is about time for the youngsters who buy into this shit to learn what bullshit smells like. No-one considered sending any drones to Ellingham Hall, and Wikileaks are part of the show.
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