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Friday, October 14, 2016

Melania: Molk je znak priznanja

Melania Trump's lawyers have demanded that People magazine retract three tiny, insignificant details from the now-infamous story of Donald Trump's behavior toward Natasha Stoynoff. The bits which Melania considers objectionable have nothing to do with the gist of Stoynoff's claims.

People magazine has refused to make any changes or to retract any portion of Stoynoff's story. I don't see how Melania can sue for damages, since the tiny passages in question do not defame her in any way.

Here's what's really odd: Melania has had no other response to the charges against her husband, even though most of the incidents occurred after her marriage to The Donald. Throughout the current scandal, she has remained a Slovenian sphinx.

What's going on? You'd think that Team Trump would have asked her to issue a boilerplate "stand by your man" declaration. Nothing. She stands aloof, silent and mysterious.

There's a Slovenian saying: Molk je znak priznanja. Silence means consent.

Added note.
After giving the matter further thought, I can understand Team Trump's strategy. They were hoping to force People to offer up a tiny and inconsequential change in the story, just to make Melania go away. If People had done so, Trump could then argue that the entire piece had an iffy factual basis.
Perhaps the irony of condemning Hillary Clinton for standing by her man has come full circle. Trump can't accuse Hillary Clinton of intimidating other women if his own wife begins doing exactly what Hillary Clinton did even though what Hillary Clinton did was basically standing by your man.
Perhaps standing by your man means Donald can't admire his wife's ass or tower over her from behind so it's not allowed.
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