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Monday, October 31, 2016

He who lives by the email...

...DIES by the email. Newsweek reveals that Crooked Donald Trump has routinely destroyed emails, documents and other evidence which various courts have demanded, over the course of his many, many lawsuits. He has ignored discovery, filed false affidavits, shredded documents, and lied to court officials.

But, but, but...

Before you hit that link and read up on Trump's adventures in legal deception, take a look at the post below. Here's the gist: While FBI Director James Comey may be bound by the Hatch Act, two men in the executive branch are exempt: Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Therefore, they are at liberty to reveal what the intelligence community knows about Donald Trump's relationship with Russia.

As you probably know by now, Harry Reid says that the hidden details are "explosive."

Let's send a message to Obama and Biden (and even Michelle). Go here and paste in this plea (or a similar one of your own):
Senator Harry Reid says that the intelligence community possesses "explosive information" about Donald Trump's relationship with the Russian government. If this is true, the public has a right to know -- BEFORE election day. The time is now. Please reveal whatever you can find out about Donald Trump's campaign and the government of Vladimir Putin.
I think the White House should receive a thousand such messages before the end of this day.

If you're as frightened as I am by the menace of Donald Trump -- and honestly, I've slept very little over the past 48 hours -- this is the single most important step you can take right now. Are you tired of talk? Are you looking for something to do? Do this.
Joseph, once this election blows over, would you please do a post (or even a multi-post series) about climate change? I consider it a grave issue, more grave than Chairman Trump (let's be honest, Donald Trump is evil, I hope he gets sent to his own grave very soon), and I like your posts about climate change. You've been mum on the subject for a very long time.
Sent mine, and added the line: "Also, please call off the attack on Native Americans trying to save their land and water from that ill-advised pipeline."

I posted your suggestion to a Hillary group on FB as well.
I can't remember reading a single article in which the author has shown that they understand that security leaks - and pathetic online sexual behaviour such as Anthony Weiner's - can enable or facilitate blackmail. Blackmail by business interests based wherever; but in particular, blackmail by foreign powers.

Most of the people who are complaining about Clinton's emailllsss seem to have already decided that they hate Clinton. The emails are ammunition for them. The emails are like digital Monica's dresses. They care little about Trump's business links with Russia, India and elsewhere. They care little about the real ~KGB or its influence in either of the major campaigns in this election,

Which judge issued the FBI with the search warrant in respect of Huma Abedin's emails? Surely she is entitled to know, because she's entitled to see the warrant with the judge's signature on it, right?
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