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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Sorry I've been away folks; had to attend to a few other things. I'll have a piece up later today.

Isn't it nice not to have to worry so much about the Trumpian Menace? I mean, don't count unhatched chicks, and all that. But still....isn't it nice?
YES. And I saw the strangest thing. I was at a sports bar (for the taco special!) and they had a ton of TVs, and one was tuned to CNN, muted, luckily. Still, it showed Donald, speaking live in Florida. Before he came on the ticker tape read, "Trump admits he probably can't win without Florida." About as negative a view as I've seen from them.

Then he came on, and directly behind Donald was an LBGT sign. The guy holding it couldn't seem to hold it straight so I couldn't tell if it was a protest sign, and then another person, held up a lone "Blacks for Trump" sign. So there was a single LGBT (Trump) sign and a single Blacks for Trump sign allowed immediately behind Donald in the middle of the televised screen.

I honestly couldn't tell if they were props meant to show diversity, or tools to disgust his base and suppress his vote.

I mean, it was Florida! If he really were trying to show diversity he could've had several Latinos for Trump signs lined up and it might have actually helped him in Florida.

Anyone else see this and have an angle?

Here it is known that if opinion polls show Labour winning, it's often because people are too ashamed to admit they are voting Tory.

So what's more likely, that "grab her by the pussy" convinced Trump voters to vote for Be'elzebub, Lady of the Flies, or that they are just slightly too embarrassed to admit who they plan to vote for.

I have decided for the first time that I think Trump will actually win. Stop being optimistic.
She 'mulled' it over so maybe she will amend...

Bloomberg has T @ 2 points in FLA. Nightmare thoughts...2000....8 justices split.....chaos.

Ebersole has a Counterpunch on what won't change no matter WHO is elected.

Donald may lose, but Roger will burn to the socket:
Clinton still says she is "horrified" at possible Trump actions which would be no more "un-American" however, don't believe the bullshit, than those of Thomas Jefferson during his run for the presidency.
This is for prowlerzee:

There was also a guy with a white lab coat and stethoscope back there too. I'm sure he was a real doctor.

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