Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A poem for Ivanka

I've never seen a "mulatto" dick.
I have no desire to see one.
But if I were to have my pick,
I'd rather see a dick than BE one
like your dick of a father, Ivanka.

Someone says they've clocked Stone in the front row; I haven't IDed him yet. Clinton is in white; Trump in black. Trump pumping the 2nd amendment.

Trump: Putin has no respect for Clinton.
Clinton: That's because he'd rather have a puppet.
Trump: You're the puppet.

The first time they're getting heated is on Russia.
Clinton says 17 US intelligence agencies say the hacking is by Russia.
Trump says it might not be.
He says Putin has outsmarted Clinton.
Trump: "Look at the Middle East; they've taken over".
Trump says the nine women who claims he assaulted them were either seeking 10 minutes of fame, or, more likely in his view, put up to it by the Clinton campaign.

Mostly low energy so far.
Summary: mostly boring :)
The biggest event was probably that Trump said he'll wait and see what happens before he decides whether or not to accept the election result: "I'll keep you in suspence."
His nuke was made in North Korea.
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